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If you’ve lived in an older house or apartment, then odds are good you’ve run into the closet conundrum before. Of course, if your bedroom is already on the cramped side, adding a bulky piece of furniture may not be high on your list. If you’re not opposed to hanging your clothes in view of the rest of the room, a clothes rack can be a nice, lighter-looking alternative to a bulky wardrobe.
If you lucked out with an oddly-shaped room, try putting it to use by building in some storage.
Cities face huge challenges: congestion, pollution, blackouts, crime, debt and rising costs - while competing with each other for investment, jobs and talents. At an Internet of Things (IoT) conference here, people are well beyond thinking about sensors and analytics. Of course, in real-life terms, a bedroom is pretty much any room with a designated sleeping surface—storage space be damned. Many houses simply weren’t built to accommodate them, and many apartments have been subdivided and renovated so many times that rooms are no longer being used in their original capacity. Your first thought was probably to go out and buy a dresser—which, incidentally, is a solid idea. Raising your bed just five or six inches with the help of risers can give you all sorts of storage room underneath. Plus, there are plenty of ways you can achieve the same basic function in a way that matches your style.

Dressers keep your clothes neat and out of sight, but they also mean lots and lots of folding.
Try hanging a straight piece of driftwood from the ceiling or getting a decorative screen to separate your rack from the rest of the room. If you have clothes that require hanging, you may want to consider going with a wardrobe or an armoire.
Not only does this give you more room for a dresser or wardrobe, but it can also give you a lot more floor space in a small room.
Whether you go with rods and floating shelves or stacked crates, you can create exactly what you need and still tuck it away behind a curtain.
Toss items that are no longer edible, and move newer foods to the back so the older stash is eaten before it expires.Now it’s time for the fun! And remember, even the pantry can be aesthetically pleasing!Be RealisticDoes your pantry look like the one below? Neither does ours… While you may not have enough space to display your food artfully, you can take a hint from this pic and strive for a general sense of tidiness! For example, many companies, such as elfa, specialize in adjustable shelving that can easily conform to your space. Install it yourself! [from The Container Store] Walk-in pantry organizational systemBelow we see a similar shelving system, this time with a touch of wooden flair. Aim for a range of shelf sizes, and remember that many first-rate shelving systems incorporate drawers.

The White Reach-In Pantry below has a built-in wine rack, as well as a place to stash trays and baking sheets. Containing these items in the pantry frees up room in cabinets and on counter tops. [from Todd Adler Construction]Organized pantry storageAccommodate canned goods and spices with compact shelving, like the wall-mounted side rack below. Note how the silver tone of the metal below blends with the drawer pulls and the overall fresh, clean-lined feel of the space.
Narrow items such as bottles of dressing and sauce are easily contained by compact shelves. [from Shelterness] Pantry shelvingDecorate, Decorate, DecorateWho says you can’t decorate a pantry?! For example, Diane of In My Own Style transformed a coat closet into a pantry, decking it out with neatly appointed baskets and canisters.
Some of the decorative touches can be viewed below:Pantry decorDo you have a pantry system that works well for you? Do you keep items such as wine, trays and other small appliances in the pantry, or is it strictly for food?

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