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I may not have much (any?) good shopping where I live and there may not be many super great restaurants, but one thing we have plenty of is SNOW!
This winter isn't looking so bad, only 87 inches so far (last year at this time we'd already gotten 140 or so!). I topped it off with a super cute little wooden decoration that I found at WalMart for under a dollar (okay, so my mom found them at WalMart for under a dollar, but they are super cute!).
Even if you don't plan on having a lot of snow days, these are fun to put together and give away!
Snow survival kit snow brush shovel ice scraper car traction tracks frost cover, View snow brush, MODERN Product Details from Cixi Modern Electric Industrialist Co., Ltd. Ever since we had Winter Storm Atlas, I felt like we weren't prepared like I wanted us to be for winter. Using what we've learned from the years past and what we learned from our most recent storm I put together a brand new winter emergency survival kit for our family and I'm very happy with what's in it. I love the solar lanterns I talked about above for lighting that we can take anywhere but I also purchased a good oil lamp to have for a backup light source as well. One other thing that I failed to think about last time was something special for our little guy. The above is simply the additions for winter that we have added to our regular Emergency Preparedness Kit. Another important thing to do is to put all of this together (the best you can) and know where it is! If you are preparing for winter, make sure to check out all of my Winter Weather Preparedness Tips! I think it would be a good idea to make sure we all have a fire extinguisher on hand with using candles and oil lamps!
We’ve list power in summer windstorms for over a week and several days during ice storms as well.
We lost power 4+ times over a few day period, including on Christmas Eve ?? One thing that’s not on your list that I would recommend is a power inverter! I have been feeling the need to start putting together a survival kit – especially with all of the winter storms coming.
Also, a quick suggestion to add to your list of items to keep handy… any medications that you or your family might be taking (I always keep 2 days worth in my purse just in case), a shovel (and one for the trunk of your car.
If you live in an area where it gets cold I would put a non-electric heater first on your list. I have all the items you talked about but I have added a very large first aid kit to the mix which houses all quick med needs! If you are using a propane stove indoors, don’t forget to ventilate the room regularly to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning (or as suggested in this article, set up a sensor to detect the increased levels of this odourless and invisible gas).
For your generators, if you run out of gas and can’t get out; Disconnect the fuel filter on your vehicles, point hose into bucket, and turn the key on and off! Love the list, I’d add extra blankets, pantyhose for everyone, Gravity water filter, and look into alternate ways to cook that use less energy like a wonder box cooker or rocket stove. Also a way to cover and seal a broken window, storms run the risk of breaking a window in your home and you need to be able to quickly cover and seal it until you can have it repaired. Mr.Buddy Heater is ONLY safe for indoor use with ventilation — specifically an open window or door,this still produces Carbon Monoxide!!!

And please have a functioning Carbon Monoxide detector in any area you are burning a fueled system. Aside from candles mergency lamp is one important things everyone can use in case of emrgency when there is no electricity, put it in a place away from things that can burn easily to prevent a disaster. I know I've probably mentioned it a couple million times, but I'm going to mention it again: I live in the 3rd snowiest city in the United States. Still, we already had one snow day, and I'm pretty sure that there will be a few more, so I decided to make a few snow day survival kits for our friends. Popper's Penguins, Happy Feet, and Happy Feet Two (many of these are actually even cheaper on the Amazon, which are my affiliate links). If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
We did alright but not as well as I'd hoped and I definitely saw some areas for improvement.
We had some supplies before but with moving to our new place in an even more rural location I was very concerned with out safety and what would happen if we were without power for a week or more. In the winter it gets dark so fast and on blizzarding days it's often very dark all day long.
He didn't really seem to notice that the power was out until dark and seemed a little scared when we only had flashlights. Of course I would still recommend having all the regular basics (flashlights, weather radio, first aid kit, ect). It's not going to do you any good if you need a heat source in the middle of the night and you can't remember where you put your Mr Buddy. They light the bathroom for night trips, provide a nightlight in bedrooms and hallways and are fun for the kids to play with. It works great and we don’t have to worry if they play with it and leave it on because all you have to do is crank it to make it work again.
I have three oil lamps filled at all times, a couple of Sterno stoves and a Coleman stove to use outside if necessary, and a Mr Buddy heater. We actually will have no central heat or air so I will only have to worry about keeping my food cool in the fridge and maybe powering our phones (although I want to get a different back up for that). However, my financial situation is extremely serious (I am disabled), so I have to buy only the very basics, and even then, only one at a time.
Also, kitty litter (kept in the trunk of your car, and sprinkled under your tires) will help if your car is stuck.
Yes, it’s crazy how a few days with electric can change your mind and make you realize so many new things!
They sell a kit for them that has a 12 volt motor that will run off of a car battery for a couple of days. Ours specifies no kerosene heaters it would void my policy if I used one and something happened even if the heater wasn’t at fault.
I love to hear from you and love when you are able to add something constructive to the conversation! I already had one of these d.Light Lanterns and I picked up another light from the same company, this Task Lantern for the tabletop. For that reason I also highly recommend putting a Mini Emergency Kit in each room of your house.

I will have to look into some of the other things that you have on this post ?? there are some good ideas. Any time it looks like we have a probability if an outage, we fill the tubs w water for flushing and washing up. What do you think are the absolute best and most necessary (and multi-purpose if possible) items that I could start with?
We had our electricity off for 2 days + this winter and it made us realize more what we needed to do! What I looked into and you have was the buddy heater but after I seen a couple of videos on them exploding. Three wash bins, one with soap, one with clean water and the lady with a teaspoon added to the water! We live in a rural area where the roads aren’t always great, so it’s good to know this stuff! The free-standing kerosene heaters work really well also, the round ones have a rack on top to allow you to cook or at least heat things on them. May not be the best to stand outside and man the grill in the snow but it’s better than cold soup. I bought these little finger puppets (I was thinking we could still put on some fun puppet shows with flashlights!). I had a lantern and candles, and I was using my stove to heat the house ( I know this is not good), I went out and got a Mr.
I was thinking of a way to power (charge) my cell phone and other small electronics, a small indoor stove to heat food, and a way to stay warm. LHL reserves the right to delete any personal attacks, rude or offensive language, or anything not deemed family friendly. They do not need full sun power to charge (any light seems to do) and they last up to 8 hours. Buddy too, the one that holds 2 propane tanks, but what was really bugging me was that I was so bored sitting in the pitch black darkness.
We ended up purchasing one of these Mr Buddy Portable Heaters. For less than $100 you can heat up to 200 square feet with propane. I have a stockpile of unscented candles as well and we could always make Olive Oil Candles as well, these these provide pretty good light.
I had forgotten that even when my tv was on and I wasn’t watching it, there was still noise from it.
Of course that won't heat our whole house but that would make it very easy to heat a blocked off section. Don't forget the propane hose if you end up getting one and wanted to hook it to a bigger tank (like a grill size tank) like we will do.
IF you run it backwards through your electric panel BE SURE to flip main breaker so your not energizing the power companies lines. We've used this in our outdoor shop and inside once when we didn't have any heat and it really is amazing.

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