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Accidental Digital Marketer: One who gets into Digital Marketing because they have no choice. Passionate Digital Marketer: They are the ones who ‘Walks the Talk’ – tests new things, blogs, video blogs and strikes a conversation with the chord all across the world through amazing content strategies. Sorav spearheads echoVME, a self funded organization which aims at delivering world class Digital Media Marketing skills and expertise, and reached its zenith when it was recognized as ‘The Best Social Media Agency of 2013' by CMO Asia.
Such an informative post, I liked the info graphic you have shared with the post as it covers and explains all the points. Reading is essential, I agree it not only help you in gathering more info but also helps you in being updated about the latest trend going in the market. You are most likely familiar with lists of key personal, transferable and study skills, such as those in the RSC Undergraduate Skills Record which you are encouraged to complete.
Well, you cannot make a judgment on the usefulness of business skills without defining them first. The previous lists are remindful of the type of language used by management and industry but the skills themselves are still very close to those found on most transferable skills lists. The strong overlap between transferable skills and what might be identified as business skills was reinforced by the 2010 survey, Skills Required by New Chemistry Graduates and Their Development in Degree Programmes, conducted by the Higher Education Academy with the support of the Royal Society of Chemistry. We asked some industrialists to tell us what skills they found made the most employable graduate chemists, and which skills are essential as opposed to beneficial. However, some interesting "skills", which are more related to commercial awareness of the chemical industry, were also flagged as very important to have, and these are shown on the right under "Commercial awareness identified by industrialists". This demonstrates how difficult it can be to distinguish clearly between generic transferable skills and knowledge of the inner workings of the industry, because a good industrial chemist should be well developed in both areas. Although the need for transferable skills is no different from any other sector, the uniqueness of the chemical industry, and therefore the situations in which these skills will come in handy, require a good understanding of the whole industry.

In this resource, we try to separate the business and commercial awareness aspects from the business skills. Every marketer will require a digital marketing edge; every PR person will require a digital marketing story and every entrepreneur will endorse digital with time! Content and Creative Excellence:  This is the most important skill required to become a self made digital marketer as this skill will immensely help you attract audience base on internet. Your English must be right!  – Vernacular language can be entertained on search engines and social media – but the crowd searching using the vernacular language is really less.
Designing Skills: Not that you will have to become a pro graphic designer or have to learn all the tools. They get some certifications and gets into the industry or gets into the organization and learn some basics to become a digital marketer – they are not driven by self the force drives them. You might think these are the skills required to run a business; some think it is in-depth knowledge of the stock market, others think it is to do with accounting and financing, or marketing and selling products, and the most pessimistic people might think it means having a natural entrepreneurial talent which they will never have.
Which areas of skills and business awareness do you think are most important in each of those roles? Content can be of any format – you can be a visual genius – create some magical pictures and videos on internet or you can be a subject matter expert and create some fabulous blog posts! So get your English basics right and add some creative touch to your style of communication.
A not so passionate digital marketer just follows what the passionate digital marketer says. My Free Digital Marketing Course can help you become a digital marketing professional who is passionately driven. It is likely that you, as a chemistry student planning to work in a lab in academia or industry, don't think you need these mystical business skills anyway.

Whilst all are agreed that employees with good business skills are essential to the effective running of a business, different people have quite varying views concerning just what exactly they consist of.
In fact, they rate these skills as more important that an in-depth knowledge of chemical terminology, and even analytical techniques. People on Internet do not come to just consume the promotional content about your business – you need to teach them, guide them and provide so much of information that they come back to your website again and again! If you think you cannot design it, I would suggest you to learn and analyze how visuals work and stay updated with the latest trends and associate with some freelance graphic designers who can help you get your creative side rolling.
There are many free and paid tools that can help you analyze these data, which will eventually help you, make some conclusions. So practice digital marketing at your personal level and then let the world know that you know it all. I am not saying you to ready novels or self-help books but resources that matter to become a digital marketer. If you search online for what business skills are, the result is likely to look like the list on this page - these are the business skills that seem to resonate with the views of most people.
It takes hardly 10 minutes to register a domain and establish a wordpress blog and about 30 to 40 minutes to customize your wordpress blog with free themes available on the Internet.
In Tips section below I have mentioned resources that you should subscribe to – make this as a mandate and it will immensely help you climb the ladder.

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