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I used vett manifolds then cut off the flanges and used v-band clamps , angled in tighter to the block.
I used f body Camaro manifolds on my LS2, bought some 180* and 360* exhaust builder tubes and v-band clamps.
I see that mcutler1 has completely altered the exhaust routing in his build so I guess it was needed.
John - I guess you wanted yours shorter (seems you cut a good chunk of the down pipe from your LS1 style manifold)? The Academy offers a seamless combination of work and study for apprentices, and typically saves two years of on-the-job training. The Academy regularly has open days to encourage young people from schools in the region to learn about the steel industry. In addition to facilities to learn practical skills such as welding, the Academy has its own classrooms and workshops.
The Academy teaches many aspects of day-to-day work, like maintenance and mechanical engineering. The science of steelmaking is taught at engineering institutions, but the skills and knowledge required to run a steel plant require a different kind of learning.
The Academy, a government-recognised learning centre, has provided the template for vocational training across the Tata Steel group. With branches in Jamshedpur, India, and in Port Talbot, the United Kingdom, the Academy has led the way in educating present and future Tata Steel employees. This might sound weird, but here goes: Now might be a pretty good time to think about law school. Earlier this month the National Association for Law Placement released its first look at how the J.D. Some would argue that I’m painting too rosy a picture, because law schools themselves have been pumping up their employment numbers by hiring their own graduates for yearlong jobs, for example, or funding fellowships for them at nonprofits. First and most importantly, just because law school might generally look like a better decision doesn’t meant that all programs are worthwhile. Second, we’re still not heading back to the heady days of the Big Law hiring binge that ended with the recession. Third, nothing I’ve written should be interpreted as a positive reflection on law schools as institutions. Pupils at the Academy are taught many of the basic skills they will require to work in the plant’s mills and workplaces.
The Academy offers the employees of these businesses the support needed to complement their skills with the training required to run a steel plant. It has played a crucial role in helping the company unlock the potential of steel manufacturing, and been at the heart of the Tata Steel’s continuous drive for innovation, differentiation and value creation. In IJmuiden it has its own classrooms, workshops and other facilities and offers apprenticeships in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering and logistics. Founded in 1939, the Academy has become ever more relevant for Tata Steel in equipping and nurturing the talent it attracts. Thanks to the historic enrollment crash that has shrunk law school classes during the past few years, it means that graduates might soon be looking at a shockingly strong job market. Among all graduates who reported their job status, 32,775 found full-time, long-term work, meaning the job lasted at least a year. In that case, we can expect that about 91 percent of the class of 2016 will find long-term, full-time work, compared with about 72 percent last year.

Some lower-ranked schools will continue to deliver miserable job prospects for their students, just as they have for years. The era of mega-firms fighting tooth and nail for their pick of graduates and pushing entry-level salaries ever higher are dead and gone. The only reason the class of 2016 is looking at a relatively upbeat future is that enough students gave up on the idea of becoming lawyers amid a market that was flooded with jobless young people. If things are looking good for the class of 2016, consider this: The class of 2017 is on pace to be even smaller. COURSE DETAILSGame Designers merge creativity, technical skills and a passion for gaming to create cutting-edge games.If you love gaming, and have a desire to learn the latest programming, art and media production skills, then video game designer is the career path for you. We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come. About half of all current employees in the mills of the Dutch site came through the Academy. Getting to that figure is pretty straightforward: In the fall of 2013, 39,700 students enrolled in law school. About 73 percent would be in full-time, long-term legal jobs, compared with 58 percent last year.
Rather than hire from notoriously problematic institutions like Golden Gate University or Thomas M. For 2013 grads who went to work at law firms, the median salary was just $95,000, compared with $125,000 in 2008.
Depending on your interests and employment goals, the video game design job market offers a wealth of opportunities. They seem to be exactly what I was looking at and according to this thread I just found the LS2 and LS3 are pretty much the same unit. For the sixth year running, the employment rate fell, as schools produced a record number of graduates for an industry without the room for them.
Employers might not have been able to absorb the crush of lawyers who left campus, but hiring seems to have at least stabilized. Given that about 10 percent of each law school class generally drops out, we should expect no more than 36,000 to reach commencement. For one, many judicial clerkships run only that long.) Of those jobs, 26,337 required passing the bar, meaning they were typical legal jobs. Essentially, employment rates would look similar to those in 2007, when the mid-2000s legal hiring wave crested. About 88 percent of all grads would have full-time, long-term work, and 71 percent would be in legal jobs. Cooley Law School, some employers might choose to hire underemployed attorneys who graduated into rougher job markets over the past couple of years. That year, about 92 percent of graduates were employed, and 76.9 percent obtained legal jobs.
Many of the jobs available now, meanwhile, are in less prestigious corners of the industry, like legal technology companies. Finally, 1,724 were in jobs completely unrelated to law, which sounds bad, but the reality is that a certain number of graduates always do something unconnected to their degree. The game design career track you choose will determine your daily activities and responsibilities, as well as the skills and education requirements to get hired.
Learn about video game designer skills by discipline below.All video game designers spend a lot of time in the classroom - or virtual classroom for online students - learning new skills to keep up with the gaming industry's rapidly evolving technologies, trends and emerging platforms.

Game designers: Devise the missions, challenges and puzzles that will be encountered in game play. Work closely with game programmers and artists to ensure that the design is being followed.
Are skilled in traditional art concepts and techniques, such as line, form and color theory.
Some game artists use motion-capture software to incorporate live-action actors into the video game.
Collaborate with game programmers and designers to ensure finished product is consistent with original artwork. Marketable skill sets and daily activities for Video Game Programmers include the following. Game programmers: Are fluent in the popular video game development programming languages, such as Java, C and C++. Develop the artificial intelligence (AI) that dictates reactions of computer-controlled elements.
Write and fine-tune precise computer code that control the difficulty level of a video game. Develop game physics, which controls how objects interact within the video game environment.
Work closely with game artists and designers to accurately incorporate their visions into the game. Game design training programs focus on three main disciplines - design, art, and programming. Your personal interests, passions and employment goals will determine which video game design training program is the best fit to get hired for the job you want. Here is a breakdown of video game designer education requirements by game design specialty:Video Game DesignerA college degree or certificate in game design or creative writing will help you get hired as a video game designer.
Video game programmers should be fluent in the object-oriented programming (OOP) languages commonly used in video game design, such as Java, C and C++.Video Game ArtistEducation requirements for game art jobs ideally include a specialized 2- or 4-year game art degree, however a traditional art school degree is acceptable in many cases. A prospective video game artist's most crucial asset is his or her design portfolio; the stronger and more relevant your portfolio, the less you will have to rely on your formal education to land the job. Strong problem-solving skills are key for game designers, as the video game creation process is ripe with challenges and pitfalls. To succeed as a video game designer you need to be patient and willing to work long hours and overtime to solve these problems. Successful video game designers need the ability to work well as part of a team, as video games are an intensely collaborative medium.
The multi-billion dollar video game industry has more than tripled in size over the past decade with no signs of slowing. Beyond the booming market for video games on PCs and the major consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii) the increased popularity and sophistication of mobile technologies has opened up a new world of career opportunities for video game designers and developers.
Game designers with mobile development expertise will be especially sought after as smart phones and tablets, such as the iPhone, iPad, and a host of Android devices, continue to change the way we access and play video games.

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