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Loki Natarajan was trained in pure mathematics and has over 10 years of experience as a statistical co-investigator on multiple studies and clinical trials in cancer.
Emily Pittman was trained in Natural Product drug discovery with an emphasis on cellular biology, in addition to chemistry and anthropology.
Dr Li has seven years experience in statistical analysis and is interested in diverse application areas including oncology and medicine etc. Aziz Boxwala's research interests are in clinical decision support, medical knowledge representation and knowledge management, and patient safety and healthcare quality. Previously, He was involved in the development of GLIF and GELLO , knowledge representation formats for clinical practice guidelines. He has collaborated on clinical trials, sample surveys, and basic research in biological and medical science, particularly genetics studies. Gamst also works on problems in informatics and directs the activities and research of three local data centers, one of which -- the California Smokers' Helpline (CSH) -- is a Cancer Center group. She has provided statistical expertise and data analysis support for several Moores Cancer Center projects including the WHEL Study, and a biomarker validation study, GcSTn Antibodies in Carcinoma Diagnosis and Immunotherapy. White is an experienced statistical programmer and data base administrator with over 20 years experience with SAS®. She now works on problems arising from collaboration of investigators within Moores Cancer Center including analysis and design of clinical trials, study protocol development, observational studies, and genomics data analysis etc.
He is a member of the Advanced Cyberinfratsructure Developement group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC).
He is a member of the Advanced Cyberinfratsructure Developement group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. His current work is focused on statistical issues in the genomics of gene therapy and target preference for mobile DNA elements like retroviruses.
He has also worked on mixed effects models for the analysis of cancer clinical trials data, including quasi-likelihood and proportional hazards mixed effects models. He has worked on problems in computer and computational science since 1991, and has an extensive background in clinical- and bio-informatics.
She develops nonparametric Bayesian models and Markov chain Monte Carlo techniques for the analysis of high-dimensional data, as observed in the analysis of gene expression data obtained from DNA microarray experiments.
Finally, he has worked on resampling techniques useful, among other areas, in the analysis of data of high dimension (as worked with in genomics, proteomics and other areas).
He is also a member of the Advanced Cyberinfratsructure Developement (ACID) group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). Flatt is an applied statistician who supervised the data management resource in the Women’s Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) study for 12 years. Jain is interested in Bayesian mixture models and the flexibility they provide in modeling complex data structures Dr.
White worked as an analyst in environmental monitoring, and was primary analyst for several large-scale ongoing environmental monitoring programs.

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