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Join us April 2 at the Salesforce1 World Tour Boston to learn how leading nonprofit and higher education innovators are using Salesforce to build lifelong relationships and connect with their constituents in whole new ways.
Northeastern University has developed several student-centered applications on the Salesforce platform over the last 6 years. Nonprofits are transforming the social sector and philanthropy by connecting their communities in powerful ways.
Before Keith Block takes the stage, Seamus Harreys, VP of Business Strategy Planning at Northeastern University, will share with Peter Coffee, how they are using Salesforce across the entire student lifecycle.
Discover how innovative companies and organizations, including City Year, are using technology to connect their customers and constituents to accelerate their goals.
Wrap up the day by sharing your thoughts and lessons learned with your nonprofit and higher education peers in the Cloud Expo. Please note: Our sessions do have a limited capacity and we will try and accommodate as many attendees as capacity will allow.
Imagine a unified view of every interaction prospects, students, alumni, donors and affiliates have with your department or institution.
Salesforce for Higher Ed is a set of end-to-end solutions that allow you to connect with constituents in new ways using social, mobile, and cloud technologies. Through the Power of Us program, makes Salesforce products available to higher ed institutions at a deep discount.
Maintaining lifelong alumni relations, finding new donors, and growing gifts from existing supporters requires attention to detail. Deliver content the way students want to consume it and create 1:1 campaigns like never before. Students, prospects, and alumni are vastly empowered with broad access to the most information ever. App Cloud – the evolution of the Salesforce Platform – is at the heart of the Connected Campus. Higher education institutions use Salesforce in robust ways and the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business is no exception. My on-going joke is that I use my PR degree every day trying to convince people I’m making their lives easier with technology, not harder! One of my favorite professional development books is Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath. See: Lots of user acceptance testing (UAT), how-to videos, quick reference guides with hands-on practices and hands-on training for Go Live.
Feel: Dashboards have been my success in getting people to believe that my hassling and hounding them to get data in the system really does pay off when they’re able to produce never-before-seen metrics and data points with hard facts instead of educated (or, not-so-educated) guesses.
Change: Once the snowball starts rolling, make yourself available, as the administrator, to listen to all of the amazing – and sometimes really ‘pie-in-the-sky’ – requests your users start to bring to you. Walk the Halls: If you’re in a location where you can easily access your users, physically, then walk the halls!

And, if you’re on an IT Service Management tool, like we are, there’s no better way to get some First Response Resolutions!
Since 2011, Joanna Iturbe has served as the Senior Software Applications and Project Manager for Leeds Technology Services where she is the senior technical expert and manager in leading the development, configuration, installation, upgrade, delivery and day-to-day management and maintenance of a suite of 15 applications at the Leeds School of Business on the University of Colorado Boulder campus.
Before coming to CU, Joanna received her bachelors degree from Baylor University in public relations and business administration and worked in marketing and recruitment in the private sector and at Baylor. Joanna serves on the Salesforce Higher Education Advisory Council and on the Girlforce leadership team. Did you know that offers product discounts and donation program for nonprofit and higher ed institutions!? With a grant from Salesforce, students in Concepcion Ixtacapa, Guatemala have a new place to learn.
Check out our agenda of nonprofit and higher education focused content that will be happening throughout the event and register today. Learn from innovative nonprofits that are leveraging social, mobile and cloud strategies to disrupt the status quo and revolutionize how they connect employees, supporters, partners and programs to accelerate the pace of change. And hear from Health Leads, who is using Salesforce to transform healthcare for low-income patients while delivering a holistic healthcare system for America. Hear from a panel of nonprofit and higher education customers who share practical tips on how to best implement and drive adoption throughout your organization. Break down the silos and empower your entire organization to make a case for giving with a complete picture of your donors, volunteers, members and other constituents in one place. Built for the social and mobile era, Salesforce for Higher Ed enables you to become a Connected Campus, place students at the center of everything you do, and achieve breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle. Salesforce for Recruiting helps you find the right prospects, learn what’s important to them, and engage them across multiple channels of their choice so they ultimately enroll. Get a complete 360o view of each student with Salesforce for Student Success and place the student at the center of everything you do. Salesforce for Advancement can help you stay both current and relevant with alumni, creating content and events that connect with their interests. Salesforce for Marketing allows you to easily combine digital channels like email, mobile, and social to engage students throughout their lifecycle.
From programs to marketing to fundraising, many higher ed institutions struggle to get real-time answers to key questions: Which programs make the biggest impact? As a fast-talking, multi-tasking technologist who embraces change, my lessons learned over the years have been around networking, user adoption and change management when rolling out a new process, product or tool.
Although I personally take the “analyze, think, change” approach, what I’ve come to discover is that change management is much more successful with the “see, feel, change” approach. On-going support for your users, old and new, as they navigate their way through the different stages of acceptance of a new system is critical to success. It typically doesn’t have a great initial adoption rate because it’s one more thing to learn, it’s a ‘social’ tool, etc.

She supervises a team responsible for deploying and supporting Salesforce which is central to the key functions of student success and retention, communication and outreach. Come learn how different types of advisors are using Salesforce to manage their student caseloads, including case management tools, customized notes, and online appointment scheduling. With social, mobile and collaboration at its core, Salesforce is helping nonprofits like City Year cultivate and grow life-long supporter relationships. Leverage Salesforce for recruiting, student success, advancement, marketing, and community engagement. Boost recruiter productivity and performance by automating recruitment processes and optimizing interactions with accurate data. Create a one-stop-shop for students to easily find answers and empower students to help themselves anytime, anywhere. Manage the donation cycle from pledge to payment and execute multi-channel fundraising campaigns.
Listen and engage in social conversations and deliver the right message at the right time with customized constituent journeys. Salesforce for Community Engagement breaks down traditional silos and facilitates collaboration amongst students and faculty for improved success and retention. Her certifications include Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, Database Management and Project Management.
At CU, she serves as Co-Chair on the Boulder Campus Staff Council (BCSC) and is a representative on the University of Colorado (System) Staff Council (UCSC). Also learn how the Office of International Study Programs manages their application process through Salesforce, resulting in downstream benefits for crisis management. Gain complete insight with powerful analytics and make smarter decisions about where to invest and show the impact of your recruitment effort. Identify at-risk students and proactively engage them, interacting with personalized and relevant communications. Salesforce gives you the flexibility to test multiple variations of content, channels, timing, and frequency to see what works best. Marry transactional data with social discussions and curate unstructured information across campus with Salesforce Communities. Establish a breeding ground for idea generation and spur meaningful interactions on topics of interest.

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