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These are among the best phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find online. Read this short passage about going to swimming lessons, then answer questions based on the text. Subscribe now now to instantly download this content, plus gain access to 1000s of worksheets, learning packs and activities exclusively available to members.
In this worksheet, your child can practise the -ing rule and add it onto the ends of words. Help your child get used to using adjectives by turning these plain sentences into ones that are interesting to read.
With this worksheet, have your child answer questions after reading about how to grow their own vegetables.
In this worksheet, your child can learn how to spell words that end in -tion, and write them in sentences. Whatever your favourite ice cream flavour is, you'll love our fun ice cream wordsearch!

Use this wordsearch during half-term to help your child with vocabulary and spelling while recognising words that are all about having fun! Help your child understand how instructions are ordered by having them fill in the blanks on this worksheet to complete the recipe.
This phonics worksheet helps your child segment words into sounds and then practise blending the sound together to read the words.
Use this worksheet to help your child understand that sentences need to make sense, by matching the sentence halves. Download and print this complete set of English SATs papers from 2003 to assist your child in preparing for the tests. This downloadable worksheet will help your child to develop their English skills by encouraging them to be imaginative whilst creating their own story. This worksheet is designed to help your child understand how to say the singular and plural versions of different animals' names. The has everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it.

Just enter your list of words and this website will create bingo, dominoes, crossword, memory games, etc. The list includes some of the most commonly occurring examples that children are likely to encounter in early reading exercises. This worksheet mixes reading and writing correctly spelled common verbs to give your child lots of practice honing spelling and grammar skills.
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This activity will help your child to get ready for SATs by teaching them some ways to remember spellings.
It introduces students to basic grammar principals and is designed to aid language development.

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