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Mars is also know as Ares.VenusThe Ancient Roman Goddesses Venus was know to be the Goddess of love. Pluto is also know as Hades.NeptuneThe Ancient Roman God Neptune ruled the seas and all the water of the earth. Neptune also went by the name Posiden.ProserpinaThe Goddess Proserpina is the daughter of Demeter and is also queen of the under world, Pluto's wife.

Proserpina is also know as Persephone.MinervaThe Goddess Minerva is know to have wisdom and is well in handicraft.
Minerva is also know as Athena.JupiterThe Ancient Roman God Jupiter is know to control the heavens and is king of all gods.
Diana is also called Artemis.ApolloThe Ancient Roman God Apollo is know to be the god of light and music.

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