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On this day in 1964, British rock group the Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan’s TV variety show. This entry was posted on Sunday, October 25th, 2009 at 6:45 am and is filed under MUSIC NEWS, NEWS OF THE DAY, VIDEO CONTENT. In addition to the time-machine feel of witnessing the world's greatest rock band as it rose, the shows, which span from 1964 through 1969 (when, by then, at least a few members of the band look to have discovered LSD), offers great context. By their last appearance in 1969, the band had longer hair, more attitude and freakier clothes.
Richards and Jagger began writing songs together, and after 1966 they wrote almost all the group’s material.

They sing “Gimme Shelter,” “Love in Vain,” and “Honky Tonk Women,” Jagger wears an amazing flowered choker around his neck and Richards is more … laid back.
Founding Stones Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met during grade school and ran into each other when Jagger was studying at the London School of Economics and Richards was at art school. Those five years had done a number on the band, and the band had done a number on culture, and the result is a fascinating look at a group coming into its own. They formed the Rolling Stones in 1962 and were soon playing a steady series of nightclubs and bars in London. In the 1980s, Jagger and Richards both released various solo albums but continued to work together.

Before long, the Stones became known as the anti-Beatles: They were long-haired, grungy, and wild, while the Beatles seemed wholesome and safe. Steel Wheels, the group’s 1989 album, sold two million copies, and the tour grossed $140 million.

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