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Reliable, affordable and easy to use, the TC70001 makes a great addition to any home garden. With over 1,500 positive reviews, the Earthwise TC70001 is a best-seller and our top pick for corded small garden tillers. The GreenWorks 27072 is a powerful electric tiller that’s easy to start, lightweight and versatile.
With an adjustable tilling width and depth, the 27072 ensures that you dig the right planting depth every time. Troy Bilt tillers are some of the best on the market, and the 6.5 amp electric model is no exception.
While tilling depth isn’t adjustable like the models in our previous electric tiller reviews, the Troy-Bilt does offer adjustable tilling width, so you can easily get in between plantings.
This model has a motor that’s more powerful than our top pick, but it lacks some of the adjustable features that make the other picks so attractive. If you need a cultivator that can make quick work of just about any type of soil, the Sun Joe TJ601E is the right option for you. When it comes to gas-powered rototillers, it doesn’t get much better than the Mantis 7225-15-02. The Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator may be compact, but it’s powerful enough to dig 8” deep into soil. This model offers numerous options, so you can choose the right planting depth and speed for the job. Light in weight and easy to assemble, this is a rototiller you can start using right away – and continue using for years.
The Husqvarna DRT900H offers a powerful engine and a wide tilling width, so you can get the job done faster.
Even when tilling hard sod, this machine can make soil plant-ready in one to two passes max.
No matter whether you’re looking for a corded electric or gas powered rototiller, these models are your best bets.
Let’s see what the purpose of the best garden tiller is and how to choose the right one for your needs. Now that you know why you need to till your soil, let’s talk about how to choose the right rototiller for the job. Electric models are pretty powerful and work just as well as gas models, but you will need to be near a power source or rely on batteries. Heavier tillers will not jump around as much when you hit a rock or other obstruction in the ground. A tiller on the heavier side is normally easier to control when cutting through heavier soil. Most tillers have wheels so they are easy to move from one location to another when not in use.

Generally speaking, you will pay a more for Gas Models, Extra power & Special Features.
Change the tiller to the deepest setting and make your first perpendicular pass through the garden. Note: Always read your model’s instruction manual and follow their recommendations for best results. Wear proper attire when using a tiller – goggles, gloves, long pants and good sturdy shoes. As you get used to your machine, you’ll know when the engine is struggling and will be able to hear when something needs to be adjusted or repaired. Let soil set for a day or more before you actually begin planting crops – weeks is even better. The best garden tiller will prepare your soil and ensure that when you plant crops, your soil promotes an optimal growing environment. When looking for the best garden tiller, you’ll be able to find models in every price range that will get the job done.
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Whether you are turning over last year’s vegetable garden or creating a garden bed from scratch.
It’s not quite as powerful as the EarthWise TC70001, but it offers adjustable tilling depth and width, so you can choose the right planting depth for your needs. With an affordable price tag, generous warranty and over 100 positive reviews, this rototiller is hard to beat.
It may not offer the same tilling depth as the previous model, but 8” should more than suffice for tilling jobs. One satisfied customer said they were able to till their entire garden plot in less than 30 minutes.
Each one has numerous positive customer reviews and enough power to tackle even tough soil. If so, you’re probably wondering why your crops aren’t growing as fast or why people keep talking about garden rototillers. A strenuous task, people used to have to manually till the soil to get the crops ready for the next planting season. Ideal for small and medium gardens, these tillers have tines that propel the machine forward while digging. Most household models will weigh in the 20 – 30 pound range, heavy duty tillers can be several hundred pounds.

So if you live in an area with rocky, clay soil, a heavier tiller will be easier to manage. There are some entry-level models that cost around $100, and some high-end models that are close to $4,000 or more. There are a lot of options from electric to gas, but choose one that is perfect for your yard. Don’t wear loose clothing and always prepare your ground by removing debris and rocks to avoid damaging your machine – it’s a necessity. If you don't you will run into problems with the bottom burning well before the top is close to being done.
The combination of a 18650 lithium-ion battery with a revolutionary built in charger, makes for an amazing flashlight.
I strive to bring you the best EDC Knife and Gear Reviews, Small Scale Homesteading, Common Sense Preparedness, and Dutch Oven Recipes.
While you have plenty of corded electric models to choose from, these four are your best options.
Able to tackle sod and clay with ease, gas rototillers are great for tougher jobs and larger gardens. If you not sure which is right for you, check out the Buyer’s Guide at the top of this page and select How to Choose a Rototiller. These are very helpful in ensuring that your plants and veggies are planted into the fertile soil. However, for smaller gardens, a cordless electric cultivator is a great choice. While cordless may be more convenient, the corded models are more powerful in the electric category. These models do not require an external power source, and if you run low on gas, you can simply refill and get back to tilling.
And because it’s powered by gas – rather than electric – you’re free to move around the garden without worrying about tripping over cords or accidently unplugging your machine. This means that you can till without having to worry about running out of power: battery or gas. However if you have a need to prepare multiple garden beds in rather tough soil – you may opt for alot more power in one of the gas powered units like the Mantis or Husqvarna. But you should till the soil deeper for root vegetable or large perennials so they can grow unobstructed by rocks or existing roots.

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