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The just-right-sized Edge, with its daring styling, relaxed ride, and sizable cargo bay, is a crossover worth considering. Overview: Forda€™s mid-size, two-row Edge occupies a sweet spot in the crossover marketplace, being both larger than the predominantly two-row compact offerings (Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, and Mazda CX-5) but more wieldy than longer three-row family haulers such as Forda€™s own Explorer.
Whata€™s New: Since we last tested a base-engine Edge EcoBoost, a mid-level Edge with the naturally aspirated V-6, and the hot twin-turbo Sport EcoBoost when the Edge was updated for 2015, the vehiclea€™s formula has stayed largely the same.
What We Like: The 2016 Edgea€™s Sync 3 touchscreen display is a big improvement over the MyFord system it replaces. What We Dona€™t Like: In spite of its name, there isna€™t enough edge to the Edgea€™s front end, making it tough to discern where the vehiclea€™s corners are from the drivera€™s perspective.
We also experienced a notable issue with our specific test car: After a spirited but not full-throttle acceleration up a hill (and after the car had been running for a few minutes), the engine began losing power before quitting entirely at around 45 mph. When you move selections to your Ford Saved Items, you can come back any time to review models and features you want, and the local dealerships where they are located.
The overall craftsmanship and attention to detail can be seen both inside and out of Edge Titanium. Contact your local dealer to determine their level of participation in the Program and final vehicle pricing.
The blue oval has given the Escape a makeover this year with a more rugged design that draws familial resemblance to the bigger brother Edge. There is even a new Sport Appearance package available ($1,200) that spruces up the Escape with blacked-out 19-inch wheels, upper grille, front fender, fog lamp bezels, side vents, side rails, mirror caps, and darkened head- and tail-lamp trims.
The cabin feels much larger than before, especially with the addition of the large sunroof ($1,750).
Ford says that the new Escape is the quietest vehicle in the segment due to improved seals, acoustic glass, more aerodynamic side mirrors, and improved insulation, and we usually aren’t one to argue. The biggest improvement however is what lies behind that center display a€“ Ford’s new infotainment system, SYNC 3. The new four-pot is smooth and provides vigorous engine response with an abundance of low-end torque, making sweet overtakes and passing slow trailers on the one-lane highways of Calgary a breeze. Of course, four-wheel drive is available on all Escapes for an extra $2,200, with the ability to transfer 100% of torque from the front wheels to the rear, ensuring that you’re never stuck off the beaten path, or if you just want that extra sense of security. Finding a snug driving position in the Escape is incredibly easy, which isn’t something I say too regularly about compact crossovers. Adaptive Cruise Control makes an appearance, though we found that it wasn’t as smooth as other examples on the market. Back by popular demand is blind spot monitoring, hill-start assist, automatic high beams, and a hands free liftgate a€“ a swift hover kick under the rear bumper with the keyfob in your pocket will open it right up. An innovative new feature debuting in the Escape is SYNC Connect, an app that allows owners to remotely start their vehicle, schedule future starts, as well as lock and unlock their vehicles from their smartphones. As before, there are still three trims to choose from: S, SE, and Titanium, priced at $25,099, $27,599, and $33,799, respectively. Ford says the SE variant is the projected volume seller, possibly accounting for at least 70% of Escapes sold in Canada, and for good reason. Ford is adding a new, sportier model to the 2013 Explorer lineup called, appropriately, the Sport. As Mitsubishi is well known for its impressive looks, it is being hoped that with this launch, the carmaker will keep its promise.
The Sport will be powered by a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine with 4-wheel drive assuring 148 horsepower. With a variety of never-before features, the vehicle promises a different look, in a good way. Incoming search terms:outlander sport 20162016 outlander sport2016 mitsubishi outlander sportBe Sociable, Share! AccuPayment does not state credit or lease terms that are available from a creditor or lessor, and AccuPayment is not an offer or promotion of a credit or lease transaction.
Redesigned for the 2015 model year, the Edge entered 2016 without any major changesa€”which is fine by us, given the Edgea€™s laundry list of positives. An adaptive steering system is offered for the first time on the Titanium trim level and is standard on the Sport.
On higher trim levels, Sync 3 works with a pair of in-dash displays that flank an analog speedometer; the left-hand unit can be set to show trip information and offers access to vehicle and safety settings, while the right-hand screen can display navigation, audio, or phone shortcuts. The hood falls away, which, combined with the deep dashboard and thick A-pillars, makes forward visibility disappointingly pinched.
The interior features a standard leather-wrapped steering wheel and leather- trimmed sport seats.

That figure does not even count Ford’s other successful SUVs like the Edge and the Explorer. The biggest departure is from the front angle, with that menacing trapezoidal grill and sharper HID lights, but the rest of the vehicle could easily be mistaken for the previous model.
Think of it like the Night Package or Black Package from other automakers that substitutes all the chrome bits for glossy black bits, and we think it looks phenomenal.
Following customer feedback and complaints about the lack of center storage space for phones, bags, keys, and the like, they have switched the old clunky handbrake lever with an electronic push-button variant, helping to free up a ton of usable space. Angular shaped vents and unsymmetrical buttons and knobs adorn the cabin, but overall it works well with the Escape’s theme of ergonomics and functionality. We’ve written and tested it before on various demonstration vehicles, but spending hours behind the wheel has given us a great opportunity to appreciate all of its features. Gone is the four-corner design in place of this almost Apple-like design with large buttons and fonts for easy picking.
The six-speed transmission is also incredibly well tuned to match, with seamless shifts that mainly go unnoticed. The steering is well weighted, the on-center feel is average but it’s still eager to rotate back to the center after a turn. There is outstanding visibility from all viewpoints with the safety tech to match and outshine other competitors at this price point.
The ride becomes quite jerky when following a vehicle in front, as the sensors don’t allow the Escape to decelerate smoothly, rather it favours using the brakes instead. Bundled as standard features are heated front seats, heated mirrors, an engine block heater, rear view camera, remote keyless entry, and windshield wiper de-icer to thaw your wipers in thick of winter. As such, the list of standard equipment is extensive: dual-zone automatic climate control, heated power front seats, a backup camera, the MyFord Touch infotainment system, and a 12-speaker Sony audio setup.
It is believed that the change in the features is a major step taken by the company after Outlander’s first introduction in the market in 2011.
The cabin is spacious ensuring that the driver enjoys a pleasurable ride with good legroom.
Fuel consumption is expected to be low because the engine will be equipped with gasoline economic system. Another change for 2016a€”a sorely needed one we might adda€”is Forda€™s Sync 3 infotainment system, which replaces the old Sync with MyFord Touch setup that the new-generation Edge launched with last year. The overall setup is fairly intuitive and looks slick, but accessing and tweaking the vehicle settings via the steering-wheel controls can be fiddly and is best accomplished with the vehicle stopped. Several carry-on roller bags will fit, plus whatever additional detritus you can pile on top of them. The turning radius also is quite poor, necessitating multipoint turns in parking garages and too much neck craning to locate the vehiclea€™s perimeter.
We experienced a similar phantom EcoBoost malady with a 2016 Ford Taurus test car, as well as an engine stumble and electronic transmission ghosts in a 2.7-liter EcoBoosta€“powered Lincoln MKX, the Edgea€™s platform-mate, during a recent test. Other smart touches include metal-plated accents, mechanical stripe aluminum applique, illuminated scuff plates and ambient lighting.
With its inoffensive and handsome looks, well-built interior and functional cabin, the Escape is the go-to option for the everyday family, but crossovers and SUVs never used to be this popular. Well, you listen to customer feedback, maintain quality and safety standards, keep what has worked, stay modernized, and improve on the rest. That being said, they’ve still managed to modernize the look, taking cues from the family DNA and offering up youthful appeal to trending rivals like the Hyundai Tuscon and Kia Sportage.
It is a clever decision by Ford and a nice way to stand out from competitors like the CR-V and RAV4 that lack these aesthetic tweaks. Now there is also a handy front-mounted USB plug, bigger cupholders, a longer driver’s armrest, a repositioned gear shifter that allows for easier access to climate buttons, and a massive center cubby that Ford says is around 50% larger than before. A slightly restyled steering wheel also graces the driver, with a few relocated buttons and a meaty leather grip. In addition, there is less of a learning curve here than other systems on the market, with clearly marked tabs and unambiguous menu titles. It’s also nice to have the ability to control the swaps manually via the paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel.
Other notable driver-assist technologies making its way to the Escape is enhanced active park assist, which aids in autonomous parallel or perpendicular parking, and lane-keeping assist that alerts drivers when they are drifting out of their lane.
The aforementioned Sport Appearance Package is only available on the SE and Titanium trims.
Harnessing an appealing starting price lower than its hottest podium competitors such as the $26,290 Honda CR-V and $25,240 Toyota RAV4, the reigning champ may just be able to keep its belt a little longer.

The electrically assisted steering is quicker than that of lesser models, and the Sport adopts the new solidly mounted rack common to all ’13 Explorers. A dual-pane sunroof, 110-volt electrical outlet, power-adjustable pedals, power liftgate, power-folding mirrors, keyless access with pushbutton start, and a Class III towing package are available add-ons. Moreover, the all-wheel drive feature will let the driver achieve fast acceleration, even in tough weather conditions, and better coordination between the wheel drives.
The Edge has plenty of tech options, too, including Sync 3 touchscreen infotainment, a self-parking feature, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keep assist. Front-wheel drive is standard on most models, with all-wheel drive available or standard on others. That same menu affords access to the adaptive steering settings, of which there are two: Sport and Normal. The rear seat also reclines and has tons of legroom, and the general fit and finish, materials, and design feel top-notch. We found fault with the adaptive steering, which felt darty off-center, regardless of which drive mode was selected, and required lots of minute corrections on the highway.
The exterior design, with its bright beltline molding matched with chrome accents on the doors and wheels, is bound to turn heads as you arrive in style. Back in 2001 when the Escape was initially launched, its only competitors were the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and Subaru Forester. That’s just what Ford has done to their new 2017 Escape, and to show us what the hype is all about, Ford invited us out to Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada to test drive their new and refreshed king of the hill. SYNC 3 also comes standard with SIRI integration, so hook up your iPhone, hit the dedicated button on the steering wheel, and summon SIRI to do your bidding. Optional on the SE and standard on the Titanium trim is a newly revised 2.0-litre twin-scroll turbocharged EcoBoost engine that produces 245 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque, the highest output of any four-cylinder in its segment. Ford hasn’t mentioned pricing, but it comes with free activation for the first five years of ownership.
Notable standard equipment on the Titanium includes a 10-speaker Sony Audio system, leather trimmed seats, SYNC Connect, hands-free liftgate, and LED headlights.
The brakes are upsized as well, and the Sport is cleared to tow the same 5000-pound maximum of its naturally aspirated V-6 brethren.
The Explorer Sport can also be optioned with Ford’s Active Park Assist self-parking system, blind-spot monitoring and cross-traffic alert, and inflatable rear seatbelt airbags. Meaning, changing gears between front wheel drive and rear wheel drive should be jerk free. In the Edge Sport, the driver can set steering preferences for both the default drive mode and for when the shift lever is placed in S, effectively the Edgea€™s Sport mode. And a word of caution if youa€™re thinking about the $195 option for the rear seatbelts that have built-in airbags: theya€™re incredibly bulky and difficult to buckle.
Ford has yet to announce pricing, but we expect it will crest the $40,680 required for an all-wheel-drive Explorer Limited.
The dashboard, door panel, roof along with the steering wheel will be covered in soft material. In case, you prefer camping or often ride through forest areas, the Outlander Sport is your best mate.
We like that the choice of steering parameters isna€™t explicitly dictated by which drive mode is selected.
Slick Looks, Tons o’ FeaturesThere are links between the Sport and the Taurus SHO outside of the engine room, too, in the interior and exterior aesthetics.
Every Edge manages a comfortable ride with decent body control, but even the Sport isna€™t that sporty, evidenced by its modest 0.83 g of lateral grip around our skidpad.
The Sport’s brawnier six is backed by a six-speed automatic transmission, which can be manually shifted via steering-wheel-mounted paddles.
Buyers will have a choice of four metallic paint colors: Ingot Silver, Ruby Red, Tuxedo Black, or White Platinum.
The cabin is swathed in charcoal black leather, and contrasting seat inserts are available.

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