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Please prepare 2 photos as styled as above requirements to avoid any hassle at Vietnam airport.
In 2014, there are some minor changes in the regulations on Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians.
Thirdly, getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam directly is now complicated for Indian as the Embassy of Vietnam may required the pre-approved visa before stamping visa onto your passport. The current law allows Indian to enter Vietnam with 3 month visa as the longest validity type.
In 2014, there are still 3 international airport in Vietnam issuing visa on arrival for Indians: Noibai, Danang, and Tan Son Nhat.
For further information about Vietnam visa for Indians 2014, please feel free to contact us. Visa requirements for Israeli citizens refers to regulations pertaining to visas for holders of Israeli passports. According to Israeli law, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen and Iran are enemy countries and an Israeli citizen may not visit them without a special permit issued by the Israeli minister of the interior. Some controversial rejections of Israeli nationals include Tennis Player Shahar Pe'er who was recently denied a visa to the United Arab Emirates which would have allowed her to play in the 2009 Dubai Open.

People who make aliyah to Israel are generally not eligible for an Israeli passport until they have resided in Israel for at least one year,[5] and any oleh's (naturalized citizen's) passport may be revoked and replaced with a laissez-passer if he has not resided in Israel for 3 out of any 5 years.[citation needed] Until the residence requirement is met such new citizens are issued an orange[citation needed] "travel document in lieu of national passport" (Laissez-passer). Entry allowed only via Denpasar-Bali (DPS), Jakarta (Halim Perdana Kusuma (HLP), Soekarno-Hatta (CGK), and Surabaya (SUB). The National Procurement Commission (NPC) approved six contracts worth 490mn AFN on Monday.
Afghan government is undertaking a new visa provision scheme where foreign workers will receive their visa upon arrival at Kabul International Airport, now renamed as Karzai International Airport after the former Afghan president. According to the Foreign Ministry, the scheme is particularly aimed at investors in countries where Afghanistan does not have a diplomatic mission. The new scheme has also extended the validity period of the visa to three years, in contrast to the previous visas which were valid for only six months.
In addition to investors and businesspeople, the new scheme also applies to UN employees and members of other international organizations.
This is a vital stride towards attracting investment, as the nation is struggling to stand on its feet after withdrawal of the foreign forces and decline in foreign aid. Ireland Prime Minister Enda Kenny said his country would wean itself off emergency aid by December of this year. In case, you do not have time to prepare 2 photos in advance, you can get them directly at the photo store of Vietnam airport.
If you wish to enter Vietnam in 2014 and you hold Indian passport, few below notices are useful for you.

Indians can source a travel agent to request pre-approved letter granted by the Immigration department of Vietnam. A travel agent or a business company must act as the sponsor requesting visa approval for you, so the sponsor fee is charged. Thus, it is advisable for Indian to seek help or sponsor service from a travel agent and have them to request visa approval letter before getting visa stamped at Embassy. Travelers entering Vietnam via these airports can get visa on arrival at anytime even at midnight.
An Israeli who visits these countries, be it with a foreign passport or an Israeli one, may be prosecuted when coming back to Israel. Holders of this document may not enjoy the same visa-free access to certain other countries enjoyed by holders of a standard Israeli passport. The letter of visa approval for Vietnam can be printed out from anywhere as it is sent to you via email.
This also applies to most Arab residents in East-Jerusalem and the Golan Heights who are not in possession of Israeli citizenship.

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