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Add two tablespoons each of apple cider vinegar and honey to warm water and drink the mixture at least 3 to 4 times a day.
The active agent in garlic is allicin that has amazing anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties. Blessed with amazing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil proves to be an amazing remedy for polyps.
Ants and mosquito bites leave a stinging sensation on your skin with swelling and redness of the skin. The first thing you must do after you see the inflammation on your skin is to wash the area with warm water and soap. After rubbing the ice; you must use an anti septic cream or lotion on the area to disinfect the area and avoid the bacteria from spreading. What we may conceive as a tiny bite may turn out to be a hazard to our health and hence you must take all precautions to protect yourself.
Breast pain is a serious problem for the females especially when its victim didn’t get proper diagnose of this problem at earlier stages. If your breast gets swollen and giving extreme pain then you can opt for the cold pack treatment that delivers instant relief from breast pain. Massage with soap is another effective method that is very helpful in reducing the swelling and pain of breasts.
If you prefer to wear underwire bras then you must stop it wearing right now and start wearing support bras because underwire bras increases breast tenderness.
If you’re suffering from the problem of breast pain then apart from above home based approaches, you can also use natural herbs to get rid of this problem fast. Dandelion is a natural herb which is actually a diuretic and gives better result in getting fast relief from breast pain. For a woman suffering from extreme breast pain, evening primrose oil  proved to be an effective herbal remedy.
Pyridoxine is a water soluble nutrient which is very helpful in getting fast relief from the pain arouses due to breast tenderness. When the sinus linings develop watery overgrowth in the nasal area, the condition is termed as nasal polyps. Home remedies tend to be the chosen method to tackle polyps naturally because of their recurring nature.

Hence, increasing the intake of garlic during and after infection would not only decrease the swelling but also prevent occurrence of polyps altogether. Onions are natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that reduce swelling in polyps by accumulation of mucus. It not only cures existing polyps but also keeps future recurrences and infections at bay.You can apply some tea tree oil topically to the affected part for best results. While the bites can be harmful as mosquitoes pose the risk of spread of malaria; the itching and scratching as an after math can cause you to damage your skin by scarring transferring the itch from one part of the body to the other if you scratch it. The warm water helps to disinfect the area while the soap helps to reduce the itching and the formation of a rash. This will help to diagnose if there are any infections that you have contracted from the bites. But, only medication didn’t give effective result in curing breast pain because the medicine only eases the unpleasantness hatched by its sufferer hormones.
While taking shower, you need to first soap your breast followed by its gentle massage from your chest to your armpits. It is also recommended for you to war supporting bras even during sleeping because such bras reduces nighttime jostling greatly and make you feel comfortable when you’re in deep sleep.
You can consume this natural herb either in  form of tea made by using dandelion root powder or you can consume it directly in a form of capsule. Regular massage of swollen breast with evening primrose oil balances woman hormones due to presence of GLA which is an essential fatty acid to balance hormone and to ease cyclic tenderness on breasts.
It is advisable for a woman taking treatment of breast pain that she must boost vitamins in her diets especially supplements rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B6 to overcome this problem. Cool in the freezer and use to soothe or heal tender and swollen breasts, or help relieve blocked ducts. Otherwise you can add few drops of apple cider vinegar to pot of boiling water and inhale the steam.
You can eat at least one garlic clove, use crushed garlic in your dishes or eat garlic capsules if you cannot tolerate the smell. Castor oil treats the polyps by reducing its size prominently and helping it shrink down much faster. It is therefore very necessary for a woman suffering from breast pain to remain concern with other factors like regular check of fluid retention and her diets which are responsible for a breast friendly balance of female’s body.

You only need to wrap a towel around a bag filled with some ice cubes followed by applying it gently on each breast for at least 10 minutes. Gentle massage on chest with soap improves the drainage of lymph’s and carries the infection fighting agent through your body by improving blood circulation. If you’re not comfortable with your old bra and want to try a new one then you must give preference to the bra which cups your breasts without pinching. You’re advised to consume 2- capsules per day or to drink 3 cups of tea made from dandelion powder to overcome swelling and pain of your breast.
Also soothing during the weaning period.Warm in the micro for 20-40 seconds, or in a pre-heated oven (lowest temperature) for 10-15 minuters, to warm up your breast before nursing, stimulate milk flow and prevent blocked ducts.
Although nose is the most common target organ, polyps do form in the uterus and intestinal tract.
You can include onions in your dishes or drink onion juice regularly to keep polyps at bay. Therefore, castor oil is an amazing home remedy for polyps that tend to come back every now and then.
Here are some home based approaches that you must follow to get better and fast result in your breast pain relief. This cold pack treatment is very effective for not only reducing breast pain but also it works effectively in reducing swelling of breast.
At the same time, apple cider vinegar prevents further sinusitis infection and recurrence of polyps. Recommended dosage of castor oil for the treatment of polyps is a teaspoon to be taken daily.
Spray the solution into the nose and breathe lightly so that saltwater solution enters the nasal cavity.
If you’re not comfortable with the ice cubes then you can also us frozen vegetables to get relief from the breast pain.

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