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Anyone walking into the largest general-purpose classrooms on the Oregon State campus may notice a bright red addition this fall. The new phone system is the result of a request by Oregon State faculty, who wanted a way to be able to contact campus police quickly in the case of an emergency. The new red phones add another layer of security preparedness to Oregon State’s emergency preparedness plan.
Oregon State students, staff and faculty are encouraged to visit the alert web portal to make sure their contact information is current, so that they can receive emergency information in a timely manner. There are already 14 blue emergency phones at different locations around the grounds of the Corvallis campus, as well as yellow emergency phones at the entrances of every residence hall.
This map shows some of the blue and yellow emergency phones around campus.In the era of cell phones, this may appear to be unnecessary, but that’s not the case, said OSU Public Safety Director Jack Rogers. Brandon Wells, Network Services operations manager in charge of the project, said that whenever someone uses one of the emergency phones, the police dispatcher is able to tell which classroom they’re calling from.
Due to the cost of installation and maintenance of the phone system, phones have been placed in the classrooms on campus that have the greatest use and hold the most students.

With the switch of a color-coded light, Glendale firefighters will now get a jump start on emergency calls before leaving the station.
The new system, installed in Glendale fire stations at the end of November, sends out a digitalized voice message and signals with a color-coded light, alerting specific fire personnel to the type of equipment needed to respond to a particular emergency, officials said.
Variations of the system were also installed at eight fire agencies throughout the region, including 28 fire stations that receive dispatching services from the center, he said. Glendale Battalion Chief Greg Godfrey said his agency has already seen decreases in response times. Some agencies have reported a 30- to 45-second improvement in response time, which fire officials said can be vital for residents in need of life-saving services.
Red emergency phones are being installed in more than 120 classrooms this summer, to make contacting campus police dispatch as easy as possible. Issues like the attack in 2007 at Virginia Tech and shootings at other universities have heightened awareness across the nation about campus safety, and Oregon State is being proactive in developing a plan to protect staff and students.
Another important part of the plan that’s been in place since 2008 is the OSU Campus Alert System.

This can be crucial in an emergency, when the panicked caller may be unable to recall what floor they’re on, let alone recall their room number. They will all be clearly labeled as emergency-only phones, and do not have any dial-out capacity. This system allows public safety officials to create emergency alerts that contain a recorded voice message, an email message, and a text message and send them to all employees and students.
Like those other phones, the new red phones are directly connected to dispatch, with no dialing necessary.
In crisis situations, the system will try all means of contacting each person in the database.
But the new red phones also allow public safety officials to call a particular classroom, block of classrooms, or blocks of specific buildings when an emergency alert goes out.

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