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Third Grade Angels is the new prequel to Jerry Spinelli's 1991 book Fourth Grade Rats, about Suds Morton and his friends Joey and Judy. This is a story about students taking over a classroom for a day when their teacher is absent. Suds is a good kid who not only wants to win the "perfect behavior" award from his teacher, but is also rather obsessed with being the first recipient in his class. This collection was recommended by upper elementary and middle school teachers who follow the Teaching Resources Facebook page and Corkboard Connections blog.

Most of the books also have audio book versions which are great for differentiating instruction, so be sure to look for the link to the audio book when you click through to Amazon.
As he and his classmates compete for perfection, Suds learns some good lessons about only being able to do the best that he can do, and about how being good can also mean being selfless, even when that is hard to do. Suds is prone to bouts of stress, which he combats by relaxing in a big, fluffy bubble bath (hence the nickname Suds!)--where he finds he can clear his mind and sort things out. Simms challenges the entire class to be the first one to earn the coveted class halo for "angelic" behavior.

Suds is determined to be the first to win the prize, but he soon learns that truly behaving like an angel requires being good even when the teacher isn't looking, being nice to your sister just for the heck of it, and more importantly, sometimes thinking first about someone other than yourself.

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