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Five years later, after buying and giving back about 50 units, nearly penniless, I discovered this thing called creative real estate. Instead of being a real estate entrepreneur, you must become a marketer of your real estate entrepreneurial business. Making this shift in thinking, in orientation, about who you are, focuses you on the singularly most important and financially rewarding aspect of business: marketing.
Accepting your role as a marketer is the thing that will move you out of the rut of occasional mediocre deals and up into a level of sustained success that would not otherwise be possible for you. Of course, this doesn’t mean you just market better and let your buying, negotiating and selling skills go to pot. The traditional approach which, for want of any better way to go, usually involves just going out after randomly selected sellers. With these five elements in place, you set yourself up to be called only by motivated, partially pre-sold sellers, continually, day after day! Most investors simply fail at their business because they don’t view real estate as a true business. Now I know some businesses are rather poor with understanding cash flow, so some businesses will not truly understand their overhead costs. If you really want to get paid with short sales or any other type of real estate investing, you need to correctly market your business.
Because the market possibilities are endless, I can’t give you ALL the marketing methods.
Depending on your target area, these signs will get torn down anywhere from weekly to monthly although there are a few areas in the country (only a couple) that they are so on top of removing these signs that yours won’t last a full day.
If you know anyone who works for a telemarketer, they typically spend 8 hours per day calling people and generating leads for the company. I kid you not, in the beginning all you have to do is spend 1 hour per day, 5 days per week calling FSBO ads.
If you do this single solitary act, you will generate quality leads and regularly close deals.
Remember that because the people already have the home for sale, they will welcome your call.
Remember, real estate investing is a business and marketing is the key to any type of business. Onsite management insures a totally hands free lifestyle or real estate ownership investment. If you will be reusing any images, please determine whether your application needs a model release and ask the proper owner.
Control without ownership, solving people problems, use your brain to buy property – not your cash.
You’ve got to be the very best property buyer you can be and run your office well too.

Pick up just about any book or course about real estate investing or creative real estate and you’ll find the choice #1 approach to finding motivated sellers, if any.
So now you can be freed to do the most productive thing possible for you as an investor: make offers to motivated sellers! There are many investors know all the proper techniques but then don’t have enough qualified leads to apply their techniques to. Believe it or not, because we are bombarded with so much traditional advertising on a daily basis, home made signs actually generate more attention than a more traditional custom sign. There are always more local directory sites like this that work in your local area as well. In the beginning, most people who start out real estate investing start out completely broke or close to it.
Even though you’re working like a telemarketer, the seller has a prior interest in receiving your call. Marketing will greatly improve business step #3 and change your timelines from knowing techniques and having only a few leads, to having more qualified leads close with you.
Consider this real estate investment of two rental houses already occupied by outstanding renters.
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I had an acute appreciation for it, given my (expensive, and painful) landlording odyssey, but it seemed even with all this wonderful knowledge, I was still in very much the same position I had been in when I first got started. But I’ve got to suffer through things like lackluster advertising results, cold-calling, talking to hundreds of testy uninterested people, and dead ends, before I even get the chance to talk to someone who is half way motivated to sell.
Knowing how to find motivated sellers is far more important than knowing 100 different ways to buy a house. The person or company who is most on top of their marketing, makes all the money, and dominates their market.
The marketing is automated, and it is an operating system that works whether you are there or not. What you won’t find anywhere in those books or courses is the choice #2 approach, which is direct response marketing. It sifts, sorts and screens your prospects so that only the most qualified and most motivated respond and get to talk to you. McDonald’s may not make the best hamburger but do you know what they are the best in the world at?
Go to your local office depot or equivalent store and buy big pieces of bristol board or some similar material. When you’ve made money from a few deals, you can pay some kids to do this for you and your business will bring you deals on autopilot.
Most motivated sellers are looking for the cheapest methods (and what’s cheaper than free?) to market their properties. Please try the following key words For Rent Mayfield Edmonton, For Rent Airdrie All, For Rent Calgary University. The pictures may be used for private, personal use (if they are not sold in any form) without these restrictions. The same position I stayed in, until I wised up, and the same position most real estate investors struggle with year after year because they don’t know any better. You see, your business (and therefore your life) is going to be frustrating, stressful and unfulfilling unless you find a way to create a non-stop flow of motivated sellers calling you, every day. But more importantly, doing what you do so well that people can’t resist telling others about you, is the purest type of marketing in and of itself. Direct response marketing targets a specific group of most-desired prospects that you have defined as those most likely to respond to your offer (e.g.
In short, it allows you to make more while working less, with more predictability, consistency and control than anything else you could do to find deals.

They certainly don’t offer sellers anything more creative than you are capable of offering. They sure know a thing or two about having the best system of business and marketing to deliver their hamburgers to the end buyer.
Now I’m not saying you will ever be received on the phone like a telemarketer, I just mean to point out that they treat lead generation like a business and so should you.
So DON'T MISS OUT - book for an inspection time today!If there are no times set for inspections for this property yet, YOU MUST STILL register and as soon as times are set, you will be advised of the newly set inspection day and time. Did you get really, really jazzed and pumped up by these simple (“not easy”) concepts that were delivered to you in parable form from the stage by a charismatic speaker?
I listened to tapes for about four days straight, then went out and bought an HP12C financial calculator. I spent a fun couple of weeks learning the courses and I knew more than most bankers because the guy on the tapes told me so. From there, I got into low income apartments and completely flushed myself down the toilet! Remember, it doesn’t matter how good you are if you have no Motivated Sellers to talk to. Now I usually tape these to telephone poles at busy intersections so it will probably need to be a tall and skinny sign to fit on a telephone and still be legible. Generally speaking, the cheaper the site is to list, the greater number of motivated sellers you will find advertised on it. Truth be told, we don’t care about the home yet but it builds rapport and makes you seem like a more serious buyer.
They may not give you the seller’s contact information directly but they may pass along your contact information which is just as good if you have built strong enough rapport.
Did you find yourself levitating to the back of the room, powerless but to slap down your plastic to buy the kits that were being sold there? With his astute positioning and relentless marketing he rode Microsoft up over IBM to the $80B company it is today. Buying houses from Motivated Sellers with little or no money out of your pocket is the name of the game, and marketing is the thing that brings in the Motivated Sellers.
You see, what I’m trying to point out here that there is a mental shift that needs to occur in your mind, a paradigm shift if you will, before you are going to make any serious money as a Real Estate Entrepreneur. Once you change your thinking to accept that you are a marketer first, and a Real Estate Entrepreneur second, you’ll finally be able to start making the kind of money you really want to make. The only thing that very successful Real Estate Entrepreneurs do better than anyone else is: Create a reliable, consistent flow of motivated sellers calling in each day! This is the number one thing people don’t do correctly when they are marketing yard sales and things of that nature.
It will probably get taken down from the site regularly and often, keep regularly posting it up there.
They often put time and effort into marketing their event and their sign isn’t visible from the road! However, you can automate some of this with a well directed and written email mailing list that seems as if it is personally directed to that broker. I recommend offering to pay them a $500 reward on closing but to actually pay them $1000 when the time comes.
It’s especially useful if that person has poorly written their own marketing material then you know selling their house may already be a nightmare.
If you want to change your experience in real estate investing from one of anxiety, frustration and disappointment to working less and making more, you’ll make the change.

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