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When it comes to cigarette smoking, erectile dysfunction is just one of the negative impacts.
Smoking over 20 sticks of cigarettes per day could result to over 60% risk of erectile dysfunction than men who don’t smoke. Men who never smoked only had 12% erection problem, which probably due to stress or other unhealthy lifestyle. Before getting into ways of quitting smoking, first let us know how cigarette smoking causes erectile dysfunction.
Quitting smoking undergoes similar process and if the person don’t seek assistance from people who really know the consequences to undergo during the quitting journey, one might thinks quitting is a torture. If you’re really serious about quitting smoking aside from doing research knowing on how to quit properly and what are the possible effects along the way, seeking a support group is really helpful. Probably, the next thing you should do in order to support you during quitting after consulting a support group is to consult your doctor and ask professional guidance to quit. The doctor also can assist and give particular temporary solutions to ease the intense cravings for instance, but usually cravings usually last for 5 to 10 minutes and when you can get over it, it will be gone.
As mentioned earlier, NRT or nicotine replacement therapy can be helpful during times when intensive cravings for cigarette occur. On the other hand, according to PHE(Public Health England) as reported by The Guardian, e-cigs is safer when compare to real cigarettes.
Upon switching to e-cigarettes for the purpose of quitting, don’t divert the attention of quitting. On the other hand, just recently this month of August 2015, another news heats up the internet and various media outlets about e-cigs. I guess we’ll leave that to the authorities for control and regulation for the use of e-cigs. In addition, emerging products such as e-cigarettes, e-hookah, and other electronic products are becoming increasingly popular due to pervasive advertising and marketing, the perception that these products are less harmful than traditional tobacco products, unique flavors, and the ability to use the products in some locations where traditional tobacco products are not allowed. Support the Quit is a quitting competition for Sailors and Marines who wish to quit using tobacco. According to a different study, simply quitting smoking can improve erectile dysfunction condition in considerable proportion of men who smoked. It seems the body is showing bad signs upon quitting, but in fact, it begins its restoration for the damage being made through smoking for years.

So, with that, here are three ways to quitting smoking that might be able to help anyone who wants to put an end to his or her smoking career.
Normally, there are quit smoking support group from all over the country, not just in the United States but from other countries as well. Throughout the quitting process, your doctor can also monitor the changes specially negative changes being notice, yet it’s the body starting its repair process for the damage tissues through years of smoking. NRT helps in reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms by giving the body just a little nicotine but not too much where to a level similar to smoking. Quitting should still be prioritize while using e-cig to ease the intense feeling of cravings during the process. Do not use e-cig when there is no cravings happen and it is important to keep in mind always to minimize using e-cig and only use it when cravings are unbearable. Most people are using e-cigs as a replacement to cigarette and when that happens, these people maybe able to quit real cigarette smoking, but replace it with another, which is e-cig. This time it’s about teens using e-cigs who will likely to smoke tobacco according to an NIH funded study. One recent study as reported by ABCNews… More Teens Using E-Cig Devices to Vaporize Pot. On the other hand, using it responsibly and accordingly for quitting smoking purposes can helpful.
Another study also found quitting smoking can significantly enhance sexual health looking at long-term perspective regardless of the baseline for erectile problems.
Moreover, many who have tried cold turkey but eventually relapse and return to smoking again. Doctors may recommend some kind of nicotine replacement therapy which comes in various forms including patches and gums. Through this method, the body experience a gradual decrease of nicotine dose and eventually eliminate it from the body. Keep this in min always, if you fail the first time, it does not mean you’re a failure. And, although some people who already quit smoking through e-cig found it helpful, it should be use accordingly. And, as mentioned earlier it contains numerous harmful chemicals not healthful in the long run.

Checkout the tips about on how to use e-cig for quitting smoking and stay on track on your goal until you are a smoke-free and gain back your health and wellness.
This means, men who smoke and quit smoking enjoys a boost in erection quality, and so does men who don’t smoke enjoy similar improvement in the quality of erections and even sexual satisfaction. Knowing exactly what’s going on inside the body during quitting provides more confidence, and eventually the constant high motivation to keep on track. Try again and the second time you try it, be more confident you can do it and seek more support and seek ways that can divert your attention when cravings for cigarette comes along.
Early studies found e-cigs contain harmful chemicals just as those found in real cigarette.
The graphics are intended to be used by the Sailors and Marines who choose to quit, or by colleagues, friends, or family who'd like to support them. One trick of quitting smoking is somewhat a blessing in disguise, which means after quitting smoking, there is no much positive changes notice. In the beginning of the repair there won’t be any order as traffic jams are everywhere, and people are angry due to heavy traffic, and add to it the dust and noise it causes during the construction process. Among the NRT that do not require prescription include NicoDerm CQ, and Nicotine Transdermal System that are both in patch form. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office on Smoking and Health, 2014.
In fact, most of the noticed changes during the first phase of quitting smoking are negative like coughing, intense craving for cigarette and among many others. Now the reverse is happening…feeling sick during quitting but the body is doing its job to return to a healthy state. According to gaspforair.org, there are over 40 chemicals identified in electronic cigarettes.
The winning team earns special bragging rights and a certificate of accomplishment from the command.
It is now better and it just a matter of time when the road opens again for traffic and people experience smooth travel.

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