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Psychoanalytic Theory Freud asserts we are motivated by psychosexual forces Childhood experiences and unconscious motivations determine our adult thoughts and behaviors. Psychoanalytic Theory Carl Jung – Our personality is decided by the past and what we hope to become. Humanistic Theory Carl Rogers – People have at their deepest core a positive goodness and will express that when accepted and trusted. Eastern and Native Cultures If you enhance the well- being of the group through unification, you will have individual well- being.
Behavior Theory We behave the way we do because we were reinforced at a young age to do so through rewards and punishments. People are motivated by a) how they value and need a goal b) their expectation of achieving the goal. Personality Development, Trait and Self Theories Personality Development Theories –Psychodynamic Approach- Freud –Adler’s Individual Psychology Theory. Understanding Personality ? Chapter Focus: ? Factors that influence personality ? Overview of personality theories ? Criticism of those theories.

THEORIES OF PERSONALITY FEM4105 Psychology of Personality & Human Dynamics BS(PM)-PJJ Week 3-4 INSTRUCTOR: SITI NOR BINTI YAACOB, PhD. Self-Awareness “Becoming a person means that the individual moves toward being, knowingly and acceptingly, the process which [s]he inwardly and actually. Personality The organized combination of attributes, motives, values, and behaviors that is unique to each individual.
Abraham Maslow – Growth is not automatic because people are motivated to act only when a set of lower needs are satisfied. SOCIALIZATION Socialization refers to the lifelong social experience by which individuals develop their human potential and learn. Birth to one year Dependent Trusted, will feel secure of the world Not trusted, will not feel secure of the world. Trait Approach ? Aspect of personality considered to be reasonably stable ? Hippocrates ? Gordon Allport: dictionary of. Chapter Outline ? Becoming a Person: Biology and Culture ? The Concept of Self ? Theories of Development ? Early.

Eric Erikson – There are 8 stages of psycho-social forces that motivate us and determine if we grow or not.
Rollo May – The past doesn’t determine the present or the future—we have freedom of choice. Personality: the patterns, feelings, motives, and behavior that set people apart from one another 5 Major.
Overview Counseling Theories – Person-Centered Therapy (Carl Rogers) – Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (Albert. Alfred Adler – Self- actualization only occurs when accompanied within one’s social group and support is available.
Despair These stages, if satisfied, move us to the next stage or we will stagnate and live in misery if we don’t satisfy them.

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