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Conservatives are right — no amount of money you throw at public school coffers can save the education system.
After decades, the law for compulsory and free education for all children from 6 to 14 years has been passed. Mumbai (AsiaNews) – The Indian Parliament had passed a Bill, on the 4 of August, recognizing the right to education for all the Indian children aged 6-14 years. The Bill makes it compulsory on the state to provide free elementary schooling to children in their neighborhoods. The common refrain about the poor quality of infrastructure and teaching in the public schools has also been taken into account. But education in India does not depend only from the central government, it is a concurrent subject, and everyone of the 27 states can legislate over it.
This law is a true and right beginning, but the increase of the standard of education, the training of enough and responsible teachers, the effort to convince the parents to send their children to school, and to improve the buildings and infrastructures will take a long time and a serious commitment.
The government yesterday blocked a group of 50 young pilgrims who had already boarded a plane bound for Krakow. The kidnapping and murder of a priest near Rouen (France) and the various attacks in Würzburg, Munich, Ansbach (Germany) were carried out by young people, who were indoctrinated with ease.

The constitution of India had already foreseen this right, but no law was passed to enforce it. India literacy rate and record are abysmal, with millions denied access to the elementary education.
It bans capitation fees, bars the screening and interviews of parents and students before admission and makes corporal punishment unlawful. In reality, it is seeking to "discourage" migrant workers from staying in the capital while the 2008 Olympic Games are on. Their final statement included guidelines and proposals to set up, within a year, a national policy on education: in schools, places will be set apart for marginalized children, more hostels will be built in rural areas and more attention will be paid to those with disabilities. Interrogated for hours by immigration, they were "admonished" and sent home with orders not to contact anyone abroad. It is desirable that the schools are made more accountable to local civil authorities including parents through the parents-teachers associations. There is concern about the future of the pupils, who have nowhere else to go to continue their studies.
Children are among the victims, many forced to quit school to make some money doing odd jobs.

Meanwhile, "young Chinese Catholics" hang around central World Youth Day locations in groups of five or six, with the task of spying on fellow countrymen. For this reason private schools and colleges are flourishing in India but only for those who can pay. Anil Sadgopal from Bopal, a member of the 2005 Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) said that “the Bill will help the private sector schools and in no way provide for equal educational opportunities to all. You may not reproduce, republish, sell or otherwise distribute the content or any modified or altered versions of it without the express written permission of the editor. It provides for 25 percent reservation to children from backward and economically weak sections. Photos on are largely taken from the internet and thus considered to be in the public domain. Anyone contrary to their publication need only contact the editorial office which will immediately proceed to remove the photos.

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