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Trackers Earth, Oregon's foremost wilderness skills school, seeks summer camp educators inspired to offer weeklong excursions for youth into the world of primitive survival. Our Rangers Guild is about walking the edges of the village, encompassing wilderness survival, primitive skills, stealth, archery, and tracking. The final component is the ability to perform in the unique fast paced workplace that is Trackers.
Considerable time is spent on each topic and each person will walk away with a wealth of handmade tools and practical skills. We insist on teaching real skills in camp and not simply playing games or discussing theory.
Many people are familiar with the throwing club in the form of the returning boomerang used by the aboriginal peoples of Australia.The throwing club is intended to to be used as a method of acquiring small game and water fowl. You must have the desire and drive to pass on the rudimentary basics of survival and form your team of children into a band of Rangers traveling within the wild (and not so wild) places.

We need mentors, people willing to help create thoughtful, challenging, and excellent adventures in outdoors, story, and folk wisdom. Thrown at the target with the intention of killing or maiming, the throwing club tends to be weighted heavily at the top to carry momentum through the target. We need emissaries who believe health and long life comes from connection to grand family and the beautiful land we live. Curved throwing sticks may be weighted or unweighted with the intentions of the curve to allow the throwing stick to bounce and skip across the ground at its target.Easily one of the most simple weapons to make or acquire in the bush, the throwing club could present the wielder an opportunity to actively hunt small game in a survival situation.
A stick may be used as a club as is, but to optimize the effectiveness of the club it needs to be shaped and weighted.First is to acquire the piece of wood that is wanted. I take off the limbs of the branch and cut it to around two and one-half to three feet.Next is to begin shaping the throwing club. I also add a pommel at the end for some flare as well as to prevent unintended slipping when using the club in a final blow.Beginning to shape upTo make the throwing club more comfortable, the wood may be sanded to smooth it out and prevent slivers entering the hand.

Some sand is sprinkled on the throwing clubAny number of carvings could be done in the stick to turn it from a tool to a work of primitive art. Having a few carved throwing sticks at the ready will greatly increase the chances of hitting the target as well as giving the chance for a followup shot.Happy Hunting! I am a wildland firefighter, wilderness medical first responder, and attended NMU for environmental conservation.I much enjoy practicing primitive skills, researching ancient societies and cultures, and focus a lot of time and energy on studying plants and fungi.

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