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Since so many of us have fished at one time or another, it seems that a discussion of fishing in a survival situation is in order. There are many different species of small native fish to be found in canyon bottom waterholes and streams.
For those interested in giving Utah fishing a try, visit the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website- the target page is the fee schedule for licensing. If you have read our Survival Kit pages and packed a kit to carry along with you, then you might have all that you need for fishing- line, hooks and maybe even sinkers.
In canyon bottom streams, it is often easy enough to run the smaller fish into a shallow where they can be caught by hand, or by net.
Other primitive fishing options, more time consuming and probably more tailored to a primitive living exercise than a survival situation, are fish traps, fish baskets, and forked spears. Moving beyond the primitive skills basics a person could spend all their free time trying to master the more advanced skills such as flintknapping, the bow and arrow, and trapping.
While I do not claim to be an expert at making or using any of these tools, I have at least experimented with everything that I outline here, in some form or another.
For more information on creating primitive weapons, and primitive skills in general, take a look at the website for The Society of Primitive Technology and their bi-annual journal called Bulletin of Primitive Technology.
The atlatl has been around for many thousands of years and predates the use of the bow and arrow. Atlatl experts say that the longer the atlatl, used with longer darts, the longer the range of the weapon. I used the sawteeth again to form a shallow groove to tie on the 550 cord for finger loops, shown in the photo above and right. Next, to continue with the experimentation and really test the atlatl itself, we bought two 6-packs of bamboo stakes from Home Depot (we do not have immediate access to common cane). Primal Gear Unlimited is a company that specializes in ‘hunting, survival, camping and every day carry”. Frosting a freshly baked solar oven chocolate cake.What if you could increase your family's confidence and safety in seven days?
You will live what you learn during the Symposium course as the skills covered will be incorporated as part of your daily experience throughout the week.
Home made solar oven.Testing a freshly made solar oven.Explore the fundamentals of passive solar design and photovoltaic power, how to safely compost human waste, xeriscape gardening for arid lands, hydroponic gardening to grow food using less water, emergency food types and their proper storage for maximal shelf life, alternative cooking methods and fire lighting techniques, emergency sanitation, defining your urban survival priorities, what and how much to buy for supplies, survival psychology and fear control, alternative shelter, heating, and cooling techniques, water harvesting, storage, and disinfection methods, alternative lighting and communication options, home and office survival kits and much more!
There are minnow, dace, chub, suckers, and bluegill, and also crayfish, tadpoles, frogs, and water snakes. The Colorado Division of Wildlife website will give you all the information you need for fishing in Colorado.
If you have at least fishing line, hooks or gorges, also called skewers, can be made from hardwood twigs and small mammal or bird bones. Skewers are just straight pieces of material, sharpened on both ends, and turned sideways for baiting. These implements are specific to certain locations as well- fish traps and fish baskets require rather shallow, narrow, running streams.
Although it is quite small, I caught this channel catfish on the Green River early one morning just a couple of minutes after tossing the hook in the water. The journal features many very descriptive, easy to follow articles, photos, reviews, resources and reports on primitive experiments. The overall length started at about 30 inches, a bit too long for close in throws at sitting rabbits or squirrels. The photo to the right shows the notched end of the atlatl where the end of the dart will sit.

The dart probably should have been longer, especially in relation the 25 inch atlatl, but my goal was a quick, expedient, functional weapon. Although it is balanced properly, because it is a bit short, it still flew less than perfect.
Survival AR-7Henry Rifles has released a new addition to their line of survival rifles with the U.S. Discover select aspects of primitive living, modern outdoor survival, disaster preparedness, urban preparedness and survival, and homesteading skills designed for your loved ones safety and independence before, during, and after troubled times.
But even if you are not near a river such as the Green or Colorado, some permanent water sources in canyon bottoms have enough life in them to provide you with at least some little bit of food. Be advised though that there are many native species in Utah and across the Colorado Plateau that are protected or endangered. To use a forked spear for fishing or frogging you need a standing body of water with vegetation along the banks that attracts fish or allows frogs to rest.
But if the time is not really available, I recommend at least giving some of the more advanced skills a try at some point. I will tell you that some of the more advanced skills, such as flintknapping, can be intimidating and frustrating. A simple rabbit stick made in an hour from the proper wood with the proper shape is deemed just as effective as one that took days to create.
It is basically a board that holds an elongated arrow shaft, the dart, which increases the amount of energy and velocity of the shaft as it rotates around the throwing arc prior to release.
Traditionally this notch has a small knob or point in its center where the hollowed end of the dart, or nock, will sit securely. The next step was to try straightening them on a fire, using the techniques described by Tom Mills in the website linked above. Headquartered in Guyton, GA, they are the manufacturers of the Compact Folding Survival Bow.
Again, your goal is that your energy expenditure to procure this food should not exceed, at least by much, the energy you expect to gain. These include the humpback chub, the bonytail, the Colorado pikeminnow, and the razorback sucker. If you happen by a packrat nest you will likely find some small bones that can be used as well. The shirt can be unbottoned, wet down so that it throws evenly, and tossed flat on a group of waiting fish in the shallows. This would have been a perfect location to trap fish using willow sticks to channel the fish into the shallows. One of the main reasons for this is that in a survival situation, if you are in a position where the need to hunt for food arises, these skills can help get you fed. But with time and patience, and perhaps a workshop or two where you have the opportunity to watch an expert and ask questions, you will suddenly begin to feel comfortable smashing rocks together. The sawteeth on the back of the USAF survival knife blade serve well as a rasp for shaping the atlatl. We strightened a few darts, without any problems, other then a bit of scorching when they got too close to the fire- wait till you have a nice bed of coals if you can. This compact, lightweight takedown bow comes in 50- and 55- pound draw weight, though there are some confusing notes on their website that make it unclear if the 50lb draw bow is actually 60lbs. Is your home prepared to suddenly be a€?off-grida€? if the conventional power grid crashes? Also remember that the goal in a survival situation, in our scenario at least, where help is not expected, is to remove ourselves from the wilderness back to civilisation.

In the larger waterways, such as the Green or Colorado River, you might find such nonnative fish that are safe to catch as the channel catfish, bass, carp, and maybe even trout.
You may get only a few small ones this way, but if you are hungry enough, they will be welcome. The abundant beaver on the Green River had already created all the sticks needed for the trap, saving the time of cutting them- beaver cut willows were found floating along the banks during the entire 120 mile trip.
Keep this in mind as you experiment- your immediate goal should be simple, functional, easily reproducable tools, not perfectly balanced works of art. With or without the knowledge of the equations involved in its function, the atlatl makes the dart more accurate and more deadly. They are especially helpful in removing wood from knots where it is harder to control the amount of wood removed with the blade. We then gave them a throw to see if the longer, and possibly straighter dart corrected better after release on the expedient atlatl. Natural disasters, financial meltdowns, epidemics, power failures, civil unrest and disruptions in transportation can all bring normal life to a standstill. They are carved from splinters of deer leg bone and have leaders made from one strand of the guts from a piece of 550 cord. If you happen across crayfish, in shallower water you can approach them from behind, reach down slowly and pluck them out.
Be sure to crown your dart before cutting the angle if you use this expedient method- if it is not perfectly straight the cup in the dart should be up when it is parallel to the ground. In terms of expediency, it is not necessary to attach any type of point really, unless you are skilled in flintknapping and hafting and have the desire.
Sphinx SDP CompactSphinx Arms has announced that the distribution of its SDP Compact 9mm will begin the 1st quarter of 2013 in the United States. Once tied in place I burn the end of the cord to make sure that the square knot does not come loose.
It is easy to create and put into use and with a little practice is one of the more useful primitive weapons for hunting.
Some atlatl makers say that attaching a point, in weighting the business end, does add an increase in energy as well. Reclaim your sense of preparedness and confidence by spending seven days learning time-honored skills to increase your familya€™s self-reliance and peace-of-mind during emergencies.
If you have not eaten for days and come across a pond of fat sunfish waiting to be caught, by all means, stop and fish.
In looking at archaeological examples and reconstructions of darts, they appear to always be heavier in the fore end with a stone point which is hafted to a separate, stronger foreshaft. If you have a days walk left till you reach a highway, have water, and another Cliff bar in your pocket, continue walking.
But for expediency, the blunt end seems just as effective at knocking a rabbit or squirrel senseless, allowing one to approach and finish the job by hand. Wilson Combat Flat Wire Recoil Spring Kit – Compact 1911sWilson Combat has introduced a new version of its Flat-Wire Recoil Spring for 4-inch compact 1911s. The Go Primal website and Facebook page have several explanatory videos, including this one from Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School and another where Jeff Barber demonstrates the bow assembly and then chronographs the arrow speed. The Primal Gear Unlimited Compact Folding Survival Bow is made in the USA and retails for $129.00 on their website, where you can purchase replacement limbs, additional strings and even takedown arrows in sets of 3.

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