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Use the spaces closest to your house to grow the most usedvegetables. Planting in pots and on decks and patios. Grow heat loving vines like beans, grapes, kiwi, melons and squash on the side of a stucco or brick wall to benefit from stored thermal heat.
Perennial crops don’t need to be replanted every year so they conserve energy and the soil is not disturbed as much. How much water does your garden need each season? Plants need water for cell division, cell enlargement, and even for holding themselves up. Water only the root zones – have you ever placed a PVC pipe or upside down pop bottle with holes next to your tomato plants roots? By learning and using these four permaculture  principles – harvest the water, plant perennial food, using the edges and  producing no waste  – you are well on your way to increasing your yield and having your best garden yet. Permaculture is something every gardener should learn and implement into their gardening routine.
Whether you’re a fan of Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers or not, the latest episode showcased a prepper that labeled himself as a marauder. Tomato and Tobacco Hornworms may make you squirm but once fried, David George Gordon, author of ‘The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook’, claims their flavor resembles a combo of green tomatoes, shrimp, and crab! Waterbugs with udon noodles might be difficult to fathom, but in Taiwan they’re very popular. Generally Centipedes are preferred and tastier when compared to Millipedes, but Millipedes are the usual street food in China. We’ve seen nature documentaries where monkeys pick Lice off of each other and pop them into their mouths like tasty morsels. Combine Texas Katydids with green onions, coconut oil and Thai seasoning, then stuff them into mushroom caps and you’ve got yourself more than an exotic meal!
We admit, these critters are very ugly pests, but in the Philippines they’re called Kamaro and are very sought-after.
Often eaten fried is the larvae of a moth that eats it’s way through bamboo leaves before metamorphosing. Although Scorpions are poisonous, when fried in hot oil or stir-fried, the toxins are rendered harmless.
Also known as the Maguey worm, this larvae of the Hypopta Agavis Moth is included in Mascal bottles (not Tequilla) as proof that the alcohol content is high enough to preserve the worm.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Entry was $10, which also got me a pocket-size copy of the Constitution of the United States for me to keep on my person at all times. Stalls sold pretty much everything you'd expect to need to survive any kind of apocalypse scenario. As I went from stall to stall, I asked people what they thought was going to happen in the future that might lead to them requiring all this stuff.
I suppose for anyone that belongs to a group that is universally LOL'd at, being defensive becomes a way of life. It was while I was chatting to two men who run an emergency broadcasting network that I got to thinking about how massively unprepared I am to deal with a crisis. Even at the lower end of disasters, like getting fired or my apartment flooding, I would be fucked. America is a scary place, one that's always doing something to try to kill its inhabitants. I got talking to a woman who was working at a stall selling water purifiers and camping stoves, and I asked her if she thought she was going to require any of the stuff she was selling in her lifetime.
I intend to get just as much as I need to survive a small-scale disaster, but not enough to survive the apocalypse. Many of us are keen to try something new in the hope it will trim our figure down a couple of sizes. But can certain foods really help you control your weight and lose pounds in time for your summer holiday? What you already have in the fridge or cupboard could have a positive natural effect on your body which encourages weight loss. Writing for The Hippocratic Post, nutritionist Salma Khan, who has a biomedical sciences background and specialises in clinical chemistry, reveals some of her top picks for losing weight. Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, also known as ‘good’ fats.
According to research from Monash University in Australia, the hormone leptin may significantly increase thermogenesis which is thought to regulate the number of calories we burn. Celery is a thermogenic food – meaning it may raise body temperature allowing for more calories to be burnt than usual. Experts believe celery is another thermogenic food, meaning your body temperature may be raised, and as a result you burn more calories than usual.

Researchers report that both the time it takes for a person to eat celery and then to digest it burns the same number of calories as naturally contained in celery itself. In addition as well as being low in calories, celery is both high in fibre and water content which makes you feel full very quickly. The celery also has diuretic properties which encourage the flow of urine out of the body prompting an increase in metabolism, and consequently the break down of fat cells. Many research studies suggest that a compound found in chilies known as capsaicin may speed up metabolism, consequently aiding in weight loss.
Researchers at the University of Wyoming report that capsaicin may help burn off calories by stimulating the body to create heat through a process known as thermogenesis. Studies suggest that a spicy meal may temporarily raise a person’s metabolic rate by up to 25 per cent more than their average metabolic rate.
Interestingly, a Canadian study found that capsaicin may also act as a mild appetite suppressant. Researchers assessed a group of adult men who consumed hot sauce with appetizers prior to a meal.
These men ended up consuming an average of 200 fewer calories at later meals in contrast to another group of men who didn’t eat anything containing capsaicin.
Green tea has many health benefits, the tea is rich in free radical fighting antioxidants, and contains the amino acid L-theanine which is thought to help increase calmness. In addition, researchers report green tea may enhance weight loss by increasing metabolism. Interestingly, experts have found green tea catechins work particularly well to reduce fat around the abdominal area. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found people who drank green tea whilst also exercising regularly burned more calories than those who just exercised and didn’t consume any green tea. Much to the delight of dieters, research reveals the consumption of dark chocolate could actually promote weight loss. Scientists report that this exciting discovery is thought to be due to chocolate’s effects on stress hormones. When the stress hormone cortisol spikes, it encourages the conversion of blood sugar into fat for long term storage. Appetite may also be increased – so managing stress levels may allow for better control of what goes into the mouth by preventing emotional eating.
The consumption of even a small amount of dark chocolate is thought to increase levels of the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin, consequently helping to alleviate feelings of stress and boosting mood.
Participants in one study who consumed a small amount of dark chocolate daily were shown to have reduced levels of cortisol.
They do this to grow more food in less time, but by adding different things to the plants the food that is harvested is no where near as healthy as using the permaculture principles.
One of the basic ideas is that it provides easy access with minimum path-to-bed ratio – a “least path” design.
If your soil allows water to rush off of your property, then it is likely that it can become more absorbent. Being able to produce more food in less time without adding unnatural substances will produce healthy food and give you more food to make it through the winter. They’re prepared by boiling in coconut milk with ginger and garlic or simply BBQ grilled or fried.
Thai natives eat Wasp larvae roasted in a chili dip, while Emperor Hirohito of Japan during 1926-1989, favored adult wasps boiled with rice.
Not all of these critters are edible though, look for solid colored ones, black, green or brown. Centipedes, however have pincers and bite but once the head is removed they’re ready for cooking.
But maybe monkeys are not the only ones, in Mexico louse has been found in human coprolite or fossilized excrement that’s 826 to 2512 years old! Contrary to popular belief, Cockroaches are clean and tasty if solely fed fresh fruits and vegetables.
Nashville residents cook them with tempura batter and buttermilk or simple butter and garlic. Also known as sowbugs or woodlice, they’re crustaceans related to lobsters, crab and shrimp. Cooking styles range greatly, but most popular is stir-fry without any oil or flavoring to allow a light liver taste to come through.
They’re one of the most common edible insects in Thailand while being high in protein, fiber and low in fat.
Deep-fried or with BBQ, you can eat the whole thing, although some just eat the yellow meat inside which tastes like tofu and smells like raw meat. Restaurants in China serve them up and it’s said they taste like shrimp and lend extra protein.

My entire knowledge of them was culled from stuff like Tremors, Louis Theroux documentaries, and that one show on National Geographic on which the guy cried.
Also, probably, they have at some point posted in the same internet forums as someone who went on to be a spree killer. They were very keen to point out that they were buying this shit because it's best to be prepared, not because they think the world is going to end next week. People told me they were worried about socialism, about terrorists, about earthquakes and hurricanes, about Obama taking away their guns.
There are earthquakes and hurricanes and mass shootings and mudslides and SWAT raids over weed. Interestingly omega-3 fats are thought to improve sensitivity to the hormone leptin, which is thought to also act as an appetite suppressant.
On the other hand as the hormone leptin falls, metabolism decreases with appetite increasing.
Powerful antioxidants known as catechins found in green tea are what experts believe boosts the metabolic rate.
Using sustainable agriculture, landscape design and ecology you get more food in less time, without mutating the plants like the big farms in the United States. The horseshoe-shaped beds are sized so you can easily reach the entire area standing in the keyhole. Your yields might be slow at first, but these perennial edibles will produce for years in your garden. It can be channeled through downspouts and be collected in cisterns or barrels, for use in your garden. In Indonesia, they are caught by dipping a reed in sticky palm sap and waving it through the air. The crunchy insects are said to resemble the flavor of roasted nuts, hence the perfect cookies recipe idea! Have you heard of the concept that insects could “one day be the solution to food shortages”?
Interestingly looking like a crab, this bizarre food people say resembles crunchy crab meat too.
It’s said Cicadas have a nutty peanut or almonds flavor and they make yummy chocolate treats! Once cooked people eat them whole but most prefer to take off the unsightly claws, legs and wings!
Plentiful and a byproduct of the silk industry, they’re sold by street vendors and sometimes canned in most of Asia. Tribes in Africa saute them over an open flame, which results in a nutty minty wood flavor. The only common factor was a strong desire to point out to me that they weren't insane.
On my daily drive to work, I pass tsunami warning signs and buildings that had to be rebuilt after the 1994 Northridge earthquake. As the threat could come from anything from ice storms to wildfires, there's a lot to stock up on.
I can't imagine spending the rest of my life solely surviving, living in an underground box, with nothing to do but stare at the wall and shit in bags to save as fertilizer. Also if fried in wild pandan leaves, which is a popular Thai cusine, they have a popcorn flavor.
In Borneo and New Guinea, they’re cooked in Sago flour, and wrapped like a tamale in a Sago leaf.
It’s said that the large Hissing Roaches found in the tropics have a taste and texture of greasy chicken! The non-rolling sowbugs are foul-smelling and tasting, and the two could be easily mistaken..
Mosquito eggs are about one-sixteenth of an inch long and they’re priced like good caviar at $50 for a small bottle! In the past when there was no sugar or candy available, Honeypot Ants were the perfect sweet treat! Here is a fantastic article about creating a 6 foot keyhole garden from recycled paper and cardboard.

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