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Sekolah Bahasa Inggris–Poster adalah plakat yan g berupa pengumuman ataupun iklan yang dipasang di –tempat umum seperti halte, majalah dinding, maupun tempat-tempat umum lainnya. Pembuatan poster dalam bahasa Inggris hampir sama baik secara konsep maupun secara pengerjaannya.
Anda diwajibkan untuk mencari materi dari tema yang sudah ditentukan dan dikonsep sedemikian rupa sehingga apa yang anda buat sesuai dengan tema.
Contoh: Tema tentang seminar, maka materi yang akan anda masukkan ke dalam poster juga harus tentang seminar. Buatlah sketsa pada suatu kertas, sehingga ketika anda membuat poster yang sebenarnya anda dapat dengan mudah membuat poster nya sesuai dengan sketsa yang anda buat. Apa yang sudah anda kerjakan mulai diaplikasikan kedalam media kertas ataupun tempat untuk mendesain poster tersebut.
Ketika sudah selesai membuat poster, mulailah sebarkan poster tersebut ke tempat-tempat umumget sesuai target pembaca.
Contoh: Tema tentang seminar pendidikan pembaharuan energy, maka target audience nya adalah mahasiswa, dosen, dan juga civitas-civitas pendidikan.
Victoria Donnelly posted this in Conferences on July 24th, 2013TweetOn July 9th, we featured a CLA poster on electronic textbooks – today we’ve got another one that relates to mobile devices in the classroom. The University of Alberta led the way in 2011, being one of the larger academic institutions to initiate Google Apps for Education, offering faculty, staff and students virtual access to timetables, scheduling meetings, booking rooms, email, cloud-based storage, groups, calendars and the ability to collaborate virtually on projects. When it comes to libraries though – many students were unaware that they could access their school’s library through their mobile device. In support of Education First, the education in emergencies community came together and developed Education Cannot Wait, a call to action created to ensure adequate funding in humanitarian emergencies, protection of education from attack, and emergency-sighted education sector plans.
Given the need to consolidate the energy around Education First and Education Cannot Wait, and at the request of member organizations, INEE has convened the Advocacy Working Group.
INEE consists of more than 12,000 individuals and 130 organizations who promote education in crisis contexts. The poster creation workshop is now one of the most popular courses offered by IT Services.
We invite submissions from across the University for this category, and this year we had a record number of entries. Conference poster sessions can be an intimidating place to try something new; you don’t want people to focus on your poster design and not notice the research. The poster was designed to be eye-catching yet readable, using a blown-up version of the structural model shown in the introduction as a background.

As it is meant to be visually engaging and not content-heavy, it contains visual aids to direct the viewer to read the poster in a logical flow.
Look again: at any instant your mind picks a cube orientation, and the contradiction vanishes. Most information is stored in relatively large structures--books, text messages, DNA, computers.
Because of the principle of superposition, qubits, unlike the a€?classical bitsa€? in your computer, can be in both their possible states at once. Explanations of quantum information physics are interspersed with clear, detailed graphics and images. The Joint Quantum Institute is a partnership between the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Maryland.
The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to two physicists for fundamental discoveries in quantum information. The American Physical Society (APS) is a non-profit membership organization working to advance the knowledge of physics. Poster dapat berupa full animasi atau gambar tertentu dan perpaduan antara gambar dan tulisan. Tema poster dpat berupa Film, lowongan pekerjaan, pendididkan, seminar, lingkungan, budaya, dll.
Rancang materi yang anda buat akan diletakkan dimana, gambar harus seperti apa, dan penggunaan warna apa saja sehingga semua menjadi selaras. This poster “Mobile Education” was developed by Christina Hwang and Maria Tan of the University of Alberta. This should be seen as an opportunity for the library to promote awareness of the mobile access to library resources and services. Education sector plans must analyse, respond to, monitor, and budget for potential risks affecting the education system.
Protection of education spaces from attack, military use and occupation of schools must be ensured through strict observance of international humanitarian standards.
This poster succeeds in maintaining the poster ‘tradition’ while at the same time introducing an element of creative design.
Natasha is carrying out her doctoral research at the Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism in the Radcliffe Department of Medicine.
Examples include factoring the large numbers that are used to encrypt data, and searching through vast databases.

It was created in 2006 to pursue theoretical and experimental studies of quantum physics in the context of information science and technology. Jika ada niat dan mau berusaha pasti bisa dengan mudah membuat poster seperti contoh diatas.
What they found was quite definitive – of the students that were surveyed, 96% use mobile devices and the rest use a laptop. They must ensure that education is equitable, inclusive and relevant, and that education continues throughout crisis.
Laura, a DPhil student in the Department of Biochemistry, created her poster in PowerPoint after attending one of the ITLP’s poster design workshops. The structure of the poster was intended to help guide the reader from start to finish, reading top-to-bottom and left-to-right. She created her poster in Photoshop and Illustrator, for OCDEM’s public engagement event, “Unravelling the mysteries of diabetes” in June 2014. These elements help the infographic to bring information about a serious disease across in a manner more amenable to families and children. One example of this is illustrated by the picture at the top left of the poster: do you see 6 cubes, or 10? Measurement, meaning an interaction with the outside world, causes a quantum system to a€?collapsea€? to one of its component states. Inti dari poster adalah mengungkapkan informasi yang ingin disampaikan pada para pembaca sehingga mereka tertarik dan mau mengikuti apa yang kita sampaikan.
Academic Institutions need to offer their services virtually through apps that can be accessed via mobile devices. The results were divided and numbered into four boxes, reflecting the logical progression of the experiments.
The event aims to present the department’s research to patients, and this poster provides basic information about the disease.
Just as your mind can interpret the image in two different ways, quantum systems can be in multiple states at once.

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