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I like how they think that, if you feel you’re paying too much in taxes, the best solution is to make the IRS have to waste more tax money. So, creating fake people and wasting government time and resources ensures a better survival rate? Another way to drive a company crazy is to stuff scraps of paper in those envelops that cred card companies send you. My dad work for the PO and he says he sees thousands of them full of junk going back to them. This is the type of stuff that had to be put in an actual book before the Internet became widespread. I’m fairly certain I knew how to screen calls in the early 90s, without resorting to these kinds of tactics. David Liban on Post Apocalyptic Wallpapers March 2014:I was wondering if you know the artist of Apocalyptic City? With the deluge of post-apocalyptic movies like, “Book of Eli”, and reality shows like “Get Out Alive” with Bear Grylls, I thought I’d take a pragmatic approach to self-mastery in regards to urban survival. I know this is twist from my usual posts, but I wanted to address this subject so that you will have the ability to build your mental toughness and self-mastery skills when comes to urban survival. Over the next few weeks I’m going to write about this concept of the self-mastery and urban survival, I hope you find them interesting and practical. We’ve all heard of people who prepare for the end of the world as we know it and they are ready to go into the post-apocalyptic chapter of civilization, Mad Max style, with a gun on one hand and a survival kit in another. Most likely you realize this is farfetched and this type of character just isn’t you.  In addition, your family probably will never go along with you if you present survival with that type of image.
Sure, if it comes to you will need every ounce of mental toughness, but self-mastery for urban survival can be accomplished with a bit less drama. Find out exactly how mentally tough you are with a complimentary Mental Strength Assessment. If you feel this applies to you, you might want to look at this self-mastery urban survival guide for cynics. In this bag, make sure you have a pair of walking shoes, water (1 bottle, not half a dozen), an extra shirt, sunglasses, a bandanna, a flashlight, a small radio and some energy bars. So there you have it, a step-by-step guide for self-mastery in the event of a disaster.  When I lived in the Los Angeles area (prior to the Northridge earthquake) I shrugged off the idea of a survival kit. Then after the earthquake, I had an urban survival kit in my car and my home.  You may never think you’re going to need it, and I hope you never do, but self-mastery is being prepared for almost any situation that arises. Need some help with your self-mastery?  Check out Develop the Mental Strength of a Warrior right now! Mortgage payments becomes less important than stocking-up on Twinkies*.The issue of morality and economic systems in a post-apocalyptic world is so rich it’s hard to choose where to start. This is so fantastic, I may have to find it on ILL and suggest it for our ladies’ book club!
While you might be a skeptic about doomsday prophecies and are skeptical about the need for becoming the next Rambo, you want to make sure that you and your family survive any catastrophe that may come to your city.
Discuss the idea with your family, your partner or your roommates but do it rationally, calmly so that they don’t think you are off your rocker.
Pack a small bag with the things you will need in the event that disaster strikes and you are not at home. I’ll start randomly, a system of organization as good as any other and very dear to my heart.One of the first things that happens is the inversion of roles. After all, if and when you find yourself in that emergency situation, it is not as though they won’t need to eat and drink so they might as well listen. Just in case you get tempted and become wayward, we are talking about a small bag here, ideally something you won’t have to throw into the trunk of your car; something that will fit in somewhere in your office desk.
This is the bag that has the things you need to survive for three days but you still have to be very discriminating about the things you put in your bag. Good wipes, tissue paper, hand sanitizers –all these are necessities you don’t want to forget. If there is no electricity and cell sites are destroyed, your only way of getting in touch with people in other places will be a ham radio.

The people whose skill-set is most valued and the people with the least valued skill-set would switch places (the only exception being immediate health care specialists).
A rule of the thumb to follow where two items serve the same purpose, the lighter and smaller item gets in.
The age of chivalry is dead and people who faint get relieved of the contents of their pockets and bags. Yes, regularly, maybe once in two months check them out and change the ones that are too near their expiration date. Entertainers, professional athletes, highly specialized professionals, and scholars would see their value deflated. Once you are under pressure, it becomes easy to forget names of streets, the number of the exit you are supposed to take. The opposite would happen to professionals in the army, handy men, plumbers, electricians and the sort. This explicited for the first time (as far as I know) in World War Z – the book, not the movie. In the second moment of the zombie apocalypse, after survival to the first wave of zombies and the creation of a new society, famous artists were taught by plumbers or electricians a new trade. Imagine Jay Leno lisping “Oh, but this shit isn’t going down!”How volatile is this current system of free enterprise.
What we value today is decided by our society; the fact that Jay Leno gets millions of dollars for talking in front of a camera is decided by the people who want to sit and watch him.
Michael Jordan made millions as a basketball player because in the eighties and nineties there were enough people attributing value to tall men putting an inflated piece of leather through a hoop twice as large. They still do.In a free enterprise system merit is attributed solely to the person that better explores the current needs of society. A zombie-apocalypse is an extreme case, in which everything changes, but it can be an example that makes you aware of smaller changes, noticeable if one pays attention.
The leader in faxing machine sales or the beeper king of some years or decades ago, worked as hard, and had as much merit, as someone who is now collecting the benefits of inventing the new smartphone or the new app. Our brain can even tell our body to die, but if you check suicide methods, they always try to sneak past our bodies. Bullet to the head, sliced wrists, monoxide asphyxiation, hanging from a wood beam with a carved name on it. Make your body know that you intend to commit suicide, and your brain will flood with pain. Put your head in the oven, slice your chest with a saw or, you can even try this one at home, try to asphyxiate yourself. Mortgage payments will be the last thing on your mind when your oxygen supplies run short.It’s understandable that society is permissive when it comes to life preserving actions. The extent of what you can do is blurry though, and it gets blurred further if that life threating moment becomes your routine.
If a man comes swinging at you with a crowbar, it seems clear that a shot in the head is justifiable. They felt cannibalism was morally abject, and even more abject their lack of repentance (this very Catholic idea that repentance atones for wrong-doings).
According to their testimony, the rescuers interrupted their breakfast.Would cannibalism still be morally abject in a post-apocalyptic world? Unlike child molesting there’s nothing inherently wrong about it, it’s just morally intuitive. If you kill a person and eat it, the killing is easily the more reproachable of the two actions.
If you believe in a soul, it has obviously left the body and, if in a pre-apocalyptic world that body could be used by coked-up med students to train their scalpel use, it would certainly find a better purpose feeding a starving person.This appears to be a line never crossed, even in the direst of scenarios.
In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, the unwillingness to resort to cannibalism feels, to its main character, like the only thing that allows him to keep his humanity. We’re good persons.It’s a flimsy thing, the result of living in a society that says something is wrong. Or maybe, in the end, when left to face death, our moral decisions continue to be dictated by our body.

The Fore tribe in Papua New Guinea was almost wiped out from Kuru, a disease they contracted by eating human flesh.
Again, maybe it’s our body telling our mind that having an old friend for dinner might be bad for our health.The moral compass for people facing life-threatening decisions seems to be children.
Before they get used to this new world, and lose their naif sense of right and wrong, they question the adult’s decisions. An adult, even the good guy, will most likely let that person die so he can avoid risks and manage to stay alive.Adults and children differ.
Children take longer to learn this, and maybe they shouldn’t learn it at all.A baby deer will come out his mother’s vagina and, after some stumbling, spring to four legs and be good to go. A human baby needs to be breast fed and carried for a year, then it starts giving some steps and stumbling, into an oven if not watched constantly. This permitted us to create stronger bonds and develop a deeper emotional range, which makes us a sociable species*** – for the most part. The fact that they are still alive is explained solely by the human species’ unique trait of caring for their weakest (Shhh, Mogli and Tarzan! In this new world, children are reminded that they belong in the same category of the wounded man in the woods or the old men pushing a cart that weighs more than his 100 pounds.They’ll forget this when they get bigger and stronger.
By the time they stop depending on others they’ll lack empathy for people who can’t take care of themselves and it’ll come to their children to keep them humane.What I don’t see often is a word decades or centuries after an apocalyptic event.
I wonder if there could be such a word or even if that world would be worthy to fight for.One of the first dilemmas in the continuation of our species starts with giving birth in this new paradigm. For others it’s justifiable when it concerns teenagers giving birth or women being raped, and almost all agree that if the child would endanger the mother’s life, abortion is justifiable. In comparison, bringing a child to into a desolate, joyless world would almost certainly result in a great deal more of suffering than any of the other options. In The Walking Dead, Lorrie struggles with the idea of bringing a child into zombie-riddled Atlanta. As usual, the child is the light that shines on all their lives, the glimpse of hope for humanity, the… blah! The decisions are homogeneous in fiction, because what for me is an obvious truth, becomes too horrible to write. Lorrie had a normal childhood, average teenage years and a common adulthood, right up until people start snacking on their friends. She had lived only a year or so after zombies took over, which might have let her keep some hope that things will improve. Now imagine that baby, growing up surrounded by maiming, death, cannibalism, and utter ruthlessness by most people surrounding him – any glimpse of humane behavior would lead to probable death. Even if the people who care for him, have managed to build a precarious society, the chance of what we consider normal to be near being re-established are close to zero.
That baby, faced with the same choice will have all the more reason to think twice before bringing a new life into the world, because he’ll have faced all the trials that child would face.Extrapolate from this baby, to all the apobabies (post-apocalyptic babies). Zombies would nearly obliterate humans and fear for their possible offspring would either finish what the zombies had started or at least aid it.My question now, and it’s just that, a question, comes down to: is it worth it? To take humans to the depths of hell for the possibility of the continuation of the species.
For the individual, evading death it’s the obvious action but, for human society, is it really that obvious?
We’ll eventually fade into oblivion when the sun goes boom or an asteroid comes close enough, or a drunk Slavic president can’t deactivate a doomsday machine. Kim-Corean-Un could even do it tomorrow.—*If you type in twinkies your word processor is liable to point-out your mistake. This is based on bits of what I remember from some science special, meaning it’s probably a free interpretation of the truth.

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