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Learn writing strategies and techniques for clear, concise and persuasive reports, e-mails, articles, letters and all types of business communications. Learn the rules of effective business writing and speaking from communications professionals and university instructors. On-site or off, from half-day to multi-program workshops, we work with clients to create customized solutions to specific communications problems.
And yet most business communications remains confusing, ungrammatical, unfocused or unnecessary.
For more than 10 years, we have specialized in teaching business communication skills to business, government and private individuals. Each program emphasizes practical skills and hands-on, participatory training sessions that make learning relevant and engaging. Learning to communicate more effectively improves productivity, builds self-confidence and inspires leadership. Jean Gross' keynote presentation to the conference is available as a download (it is a large PowerPoint file) with permission to use slides that are relevant to any presentations that you may make about The National Year of Communication - Hello Campaign.
Focusing on children’s communication can make a difference to a great many of your priorities as Teachers of the Deaf and Jean Gross invited BATOD members to join her in an exciting initiative. Many people have been arguing for greater support for children’s communication development for many, many years. There appears to be a general belief that communication skills develop naturally – with one in twenty parents believing they have no role in their child’s communication development , others thinking it is down to education. We need to talk to babies from birth, starting early rather than trying to fix problems later. As ToDs we have knowledge of the benefits of Sound Field Systems and can encourage their use in schools and demonstrate by example how effective they are at improving the listening environment.

The introduction of commissioning with GP consortia having financial control presents challenges in relation to health funding. The proposal of the recently launched Green Paper is a single education, health and care plan covering the 0-25 age range , and by 2014 there will be in place a right to a personal budget allowing parents to have a powerful input into what and how services are provided. It is not clear how this will affect ToDs – a cluster of schools may opt to buy services together.
Hello aims to make communication a priority for all children and young people in homes, settings and schools across the UK. The campaign is run by The Communication Trust, a coalition of over 35 leading voluntary sector organisations in partnership with Jean Gross, the Government’s Communication Champion. The Campaign aims to create a society where the critical importance of communication in our lives is realised.
The National Year will provide tangible improvements for the 1.2 million children and young people in the UK, with some form of long-term speech, language and communication need. Hello has produced several publications and posters that are freely available and the PowerPoint presentation that supported Jean’s keynote talk at the conference is available in the conference folder. To involve parents, settings have made ‘story-sacks’, ‘musical instrument bags’, ‘verb bags’ and ‘treasure boxes’. To reach young people and the many people who use Facebook and Twitter Hello has accounts that can be linked into. February and March Early chatter matters – from bump to birth and beyond Babbling babies don’t turn into talkative toddlers by chance. AprilIt’s not just about talking Children learn to talk by listening, taking turns and interacting with others.
May Good communication begins at home Learn how to turn everyday activities into fun communication opportunities.

I CAN’s Chatterbox Challenge is an annual activity for nurseries, children’s groups and childminders. Almost everything that we do as ToDs is about communication and developing communication skills. Many people have been arguing for greater support for children’s communication for many, many years. Our goal is to teach strategies that make sense and skills that can be applied immediately.
Developing turn taking (serve and return) learning nursery rhymes, sharing books, reminiscing about events, all need to be happening continuously in an environment that doesn’t have distractors such as background noise from speakers, TVs etc. At the same time, local authorities are holding reduced budgets, with schools increasingly becoming the commissioners of the future. Children aged 0-5 have fantastic fun and develop their communication skills by singing songs and rhymes. Schools will buy in services but there will need to be strong evidence and data provided by well managed services. February and March are the official Chatterbox Challenge months, but you can take part anytime that suits you best.

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