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Worst feeling in the world is knowing you did the best you could, and it still wasn't enough. Doe a Deery: On Transition, Clarity and Luck Winnie the Pooh author's quote on saying goodbye. As tired as I am every night, as I put my kids to bed, I make an effort to pray and thank God for all we have out loud. One of the first things I learned when I started CrossFit was the importance of believing in yourself. CrossFit incorporates Olympic-style weightlifting along with lots of other exercises that require pushing your limits and maximizing effort. Amazing work on the tire flips, as for double unders I’m still pretty bad at them too. This is why I am dying to try cross fit, I feel like it would give me the confidence that I need! Lots of the workouts are things I’ve never done before, and while there are modifications for every ability level, the goal is to work up to that prescribed movement. I can’t quite do full push-ups on the rings, but I can do them on my knees and still get the stabilization practice. And ring push ups – I did them in a tabata style workout (8 rounds, 20 secs on 10 secs off) and did about 40 of them!

After going to several sessions with him, I realized I’m capable of more than I ever thought I would be able to do if I had tried to do the workouts by myself. Look how strong you are ?? Honestly, it is always a mental thing…you can do whatever yo put your mind to! I know this is an old entry but came across it while googlig if it was normal to not be able to do a tire flip lol. I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that offering differing opinions can stimulate healthy discussion. Please always feel free to let me know what you are thinking, but please do so in a kind and helpful manner. Any Olympic athlete will tell you how much they visualize success (there is a chapter about Michael Phelp’s visualization process in the book The Power of Habit). And I can’t do 20 double-unders in a row, but I can get a couple and modify the workout for the rest. It’s such a hard thing to overcome but there really is no greater feeling than accomplishing something you told yourself you couldn’t do!
It feels wonderful that he has so much confidence in me, but I get so disappointed when I can’t actually lift them! With J standing behind me pushing me both physically and mentally, I”ve been able to accomplish things I would have never thought possible.

I just finished an hour long jiu jitsu session last night and thought might as well try my first tire flip. Any comments that are deemed to be rude or hurtful with no opportunity for positive outcome will be removed.
Sometimes I do surprise myself when he points out problems with my form and I can suddenly do things that I thought I couldn’t.
I honestly believe a large portion of working out is your mental toughness and motivation and that’s exactly what J has taught me and pushed me to do more than I ever DREAMED possible. It’s no fun to fail, but I love that he pushes me to at least try the harder option before changing it to something a little easier. It’s all about the power of positive thinking ?? Now I just need to tell myself that when he’s not around ?? practice what you preach, right??

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