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Unlike regular levels, the player is allowed to freely choose different seed packets to defend against the zombies every one or two flags (for normal and hard versions respectively) to continue building up their defenses. Blovers can also work, but the player has to pay extreme attention in order to avoid letting a stray Balloon Zombie slip through.
The Survival: Fog and Survival (Hard) levels also introduce a new Trash Can Zombie in the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS versions of the game. This time, the player plays in the Pool and attempts to survive as many waves of zombies as he or she can, choosing new seeds every two flags.
Alternatively, (depending on preference) the player could use Potato Mines and Imitater Potato Mines combined with Cattails to hold the zombies back while he or she saves up to go straight to Winter Melons, Cob Cannons or other powerful plants.
This mode also introduces the Giga-gargantuar, a red-eyed version of the normal Gargantuar that has 300 health; enough to take four instant kills worth of damage before finally going down, which means it has double the health compared to the Gargantuar. In all Survival Modes, a Trash Can Zombie occasionally appears, but only in versions which include the Trash Can Zombie.
After completing nine of the ten survival levels, the music tune that is played after beating a level changes. When the player loses, the losing message says, "You survived for {number of flags completed} flag(s) before dying a GRUESOME ZOMBIE DEATH!!!" instead of the regular "GAME OVER".
Zombie Bobsled Teams do not appear in Survival Mode, even though Zombonis still leave ice trails. Zombonis and Gargantuars (along with Imps) do not appear before the player beats the fourth and fifth flag, respectively. Survival Mode, Quick Play, and the Zen Garden are the only game modes that are not unlocked from a present. Although this mode cannot be accessed until after Adventure Mode is finished, it is possible to use the Limbo Page hack and select Page 0, which is essentially the Survival Mode menu. NEWS Tech Reviews Up ?nh Vn-Zoom Di?n dan Video games Thong tin - Th?o lu?n Games Th?o lu?n Games Plant vs.
2- B?n dao d?t tuy co c?p du?c v? bi ngo nhung ph?i m?t 1-3 hi?p m?i ph?i thay v? m?i.( r?t b?n b?i co 2 h?u v? thep gloom do). 4- D?i hinh nguyen b?n con bao g?m 2 spikerock ? hang 2 va hang 5 tru?c 2 v? si Gloom, nhung sau toi th?y co v? khong c?n thi?t l?m, b?i c? b? b?n zombonies va giga garguantar d?p nat, ph?i t?n cong xay di xay l?i nen toi da quy?t d?nh b?. 5- D?i hinh co d?ng thuon thuon nhu may bay ph?n l?c, cang ra nh?ng hang phia ngoai cang it cay b?o v?.

8- D?i v?i b?n kh?ng l? thi vi?c xay d?ng d?i hinh r?ng nay s? kh?c ch? hoan toan s?c m?nh c?a chung.
9- Football zombie ch?y nhanh va thu?ng ?n nup nhung cung ch? ch?y d?n sat melon ? hang 1 ho?c 5 r?i cung b? t?c. 10- Dolphin rider zombie cung kha phi?n toai, b?i toi cung thu?ng xuyen ph?i thay v? bi ngo, khong c?n th?n chung an m?t cay nhu choi. N?u b?n choi survival endless pool thi cac b?n ch?n vao 1_13, roof thi la 1_15 (d?a vao b?ng tren ma tim) va rename l?i thanh 1 trong cac man zombie, ? day minh rename thanh 1_70 (zombie endless). Bu?c 5:b?n tr?ng spikeweed tru?c qu? bi ma b?n c?n d?t thang, sau khi tr?ng thi s? xu?t hi?n 1 ladder zombie ? v? tri minh v?a plant, va em no s? d?t ngay 1 cai thang len qu? bi ngo do,c? ti?p t?c nhu th? v?i cac cay b?n c?n d?t thang.
For each wave of zombies passed, their plants and their sun bank remain unchanged, but any lost Lawn Mowers, Pool Cleaners, or Roof Cleaners will not be restored. The zombie concentration is effectively the same as in Adventure Mode levels, so these levels should be pretty easy. This time, the player must survive ten flags (two flags per wave), with the zombies changing every two flags. At first, the zombie density is the same as in the Hard modes, but it quickly starts increasing until it exceeds that of Column Like You See 'Em.
None of these are accessible without the Limbo Page, and it is unknown why these were cut from the final game. S? d?ng m?t lu?ng kh?ng l? Cob Cannon va kh? nang chi ph?i h?p ly giup b?n g?n nhu khong th? b? danh b?i khi dung chi?n thu?t nay. Jack c?m nh?n du?c tin hi?u co cay du ch? thong qua vi?c b? lam ch?m b?i bang, nen khi b? lam ch?m Jack cang d? n?. Nhung, vi b?n kh?ng l? lau ch?t, nen sau khi 1 lu?t ra Jack b? gi?t h?t, thi cach 1 lu?t n?a b?n chung m?i ra. After each wave, the player is allowed to replace their chosen seed packets with others if they wish to do so. In addition, upgrades for plants get progressively more expensive; for every upgrade plant that is on the screen, additional upgrade plants of the same type cost an additional 50 sun. Players can also play other Survival: Endless levels through the Limbo Page, but only on the PC version of the game.
The player can only choose four plants. This is the only version of Survival Mode that features the Giga-Football Zombie, the strongest zombie from this version.

V?i s? lu?ng Gloom da du?c x?p ngay sat du?ng vao c?a b?n zombie co th? khi?n Jack n?, 80% la do c?m nh?n du?c k? d?ch, t?c la cay c?a ben ta.
B?i v?y nen thong thu?ng nh?ng th?ng nao lao ?m ?m vao thi thu?ng lan ra ch?t tru?c khi k?p n?.
Theo do, toi duc k?t du?c quy lu?t c?a Jack nhu sau: _ D?i v?i nh?ng hi?p khong co nh?ng zombie l?n nhu garguantar hay zomboni, cac bac s? d? quan sat du?c Jack dang ? dau. At the end of the first completion of each Survival level, a trophy is received with a diamond, along with gold coins for any remaining Lawn Mowers, Pool Cleaners, or Roof Cleaners. Winter Melons and Pumpkins are essential here, and both Cob Cannon and Gloom-shrooms are a must in almost all builds. B?i th?, 1 lu?t ra n?u Jack n?u b? gi?t ngay thi 1 lu?t khac co Jack s? ra li?n, nen ph?i kich ho?t ice shroom th?t nhanh.
Tuy toi d?t nhan d? la d?i hinh b?t b?i, nhung ki th?c Jack zombie khi?n d?i hinh nao cung co di?m y?u. Instant kills are very good here, although not completely necessary with the Cob Cannons, and zombies come in such droves that playing a half-hour of this will earn the player maybe $20,000 or $30,000 if he or she only clicks half or a third of the coins, given that the player is at least fifteen waves in.
The high number of zombies also has the effect of generating many diamonds in a short time; at its best a diamond may appear every four to five seconds.
Cac bac th?y d?y, ti?m l?c va quan s? zombie ngay m?t m?nh nen khong th? danh nhanh th?ng nhanh, gi?t ngay zombie trong nh?ng o d?u tien. Toi nghi r?ng, ngoai chi?n thu?t, cac bac con c?n c? oc phan doan, quan sat t?t, b?i choi endless thi cac bac nghi?m nhien tr? thanh t?ng tu l?nh con gi. The normal modes last five waves, Hard modes last ten flags (two flags per wave), and Survival: Endless keeps on going indefinitely until either the zombies reach the player's house or the level is restarted.
Toi khong dam noi phet, nhung do chinh la nh?ng y?u t? khi?n toi s?ng du?c d?n hi?p 653, ma khong HACK, va toi tin d?i hinh c?a toi s? v?ng vang trong nhi?u hi?p n?a. N?u bac nao khong tin thi c? dung d?i hinh nay, xay kho?ng 4-7 hi?p la xong, ma con c?m c? du?c lau dai.

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