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You have an innate ability to be able to see things from different angles and your inquisitive nature means that you are drawn to anything surprising or original. At the end of the day, you are definitely an emotional spirit and you make really strong friendships. NOTE: I never claim any of these Strategies to be mine because my aim is to share these strategies thru these videos and I hope these might help others create their own strategies. This is a playthrough for I, Zombie Endless from streak 1 to 100 and the aim of the video is to help others create their own strateges for I, Zombie Endless. Note that I used the bungee trick in order to get more sun and to be able to show more formations and how I handle these formations. It doesn't really bother me if you think it's fake or not but my aim is to show the strategies and not really the streak. My Strategies for I, Zombie Endless focuses almost entirely on Coneheads and Diggers which explains why I would most likely use them eve if it is sometimes very sun consuming. This is a playthrough for Vasebreaker Endless which aims to show my strategy for Vasebreaker Endless and although this may not be as complete as anyone would possibly think ( 100 Streaks may seem a lot but with many more possible combinations for every 10 streaks then 100 Streaks isn't actually enough for me ).
The way I handle every round varies every 10 streaks because more Gargantuars may appear for every 10 streaks.
NOTE: at Streak 90-100 I get to have 9 Gargantuars and only 5 available squash which force me to make sure that at least one of those squash must hit at least two or even three Gargantuars. These videos show strategies I use for Survival Hard Stages that use only Instants and I call it "No Plants?, No problem." Strategy because these videos show that it is possible to begin a round with an empty lawn and end it with an empty lawn for every round. Almost the same as the "No Plants?, No Problem." Strategy but this time I don't remove the plants from previous rounds. I love experimenting different strategies but i NEVER claim these strategies to be mine or say that these strategies were executed perfectly.
Enlightened is an unlockable achievement on iOS, PlayStation Vita, and Android versions of Plants vs.
Completed Zen Garden This achievement is hard and very luck-based, as you need to collect all 39 plants in the Zen Garden (excluding the Flower Pot, Imitater, and Upgrade plants), plants dropped by zombies are rare.
Another way to get the achievement is to buy Marigolds from Crazy Dave's shop and use the Zen Garden Editor until you have all the plants.
Every ten levels of Vasebreaker Endless and every three levels of I, Zombie Endless will drop a money bag, chocolate, or present. In the iOS version, you can try to get as many coins as you can, then buy all the bonus coins in the "Get more coins" section. Turn on Cheat Engine for unlimited sun and 10.0 or higher Speedhack and overwhelm the plants in I, Zombie Endless for presents up to every 3 levels.
The fact that the achievement is called "Enlightened" implies that once one has collected all of the plants for the Zen Garden, they will have achieved a form of Zen enlightenment (considered the ultimate goal in Zen teachings).

In the iOS Game Center, this is the achievement that gives the player the most points, which is 40 points.
Unlike regular levels, the player is allowed to freely choose different seed packets to defend against the zombies every one or two flags (for normal and hard versions respectively) to continue building up their defenses.
Blovers can also work, but the player has to pay extreme attention in order to avoid letting a stray Balloon Zombie slip through.
The Survival: Fog and Survival (Hard) levels also introduce a new Trash Can Zombie in the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo DS versions of the game. This time, the player plays in the Pool and attempts to survive as many waves of zombies as he or she can, choosing new seeds every two flags. Alternatively, (depending on preference) the player could use Potato Mines and Imitater Potato Mines combined with Cattails to hold the zombies back while he or she saves up to go straight to Winter Melons, Cob Cannons or other powerful plants. This mode also introduces the Giga-gargantuar, a red-eyed version of the normal Gargantuar that has 300 health; enough to take four instant kills worth of damage before finally going down, which means it has double the health compared to the Gargantuar.
In all Survival Modes, a Trash Can Zombie occasionally appears, but only in versions which include the Trash Can Zombie.
After completing nine of the ten survival levels, the music tune that is played after beating a level changes. When the player loses, the losing message says, "You survived for {number of flags completed} flag(s) before dying a GRUESOME ZOMBIE DEATH!!!" instead of the regular "GAME OVER". Zombie Bobsled Teams do not appear in Survival Mode, even though Zombonis still leave ice trails.
Zombonis and Gargantuars (along with Imps) do not appear before the player beats the fourth and fifth flag, respectively.
Survival Mode, Quick Play, and the Zen Garden are the only game modes that are not unlocked from a present.
Although this mode cannot be accessed until after Adventure Mode is finished, it is possible to use the Limbo Page hack and select Page 0, which is essentially the Survival Mode menu. Forward-thinking in your approach to life, moving with the times is important to you, and you are not afraid to push a few boundaries from time to time. You're enthusiastic about life and an upbeat spirit who knows how to have fun and tends to value all which is fresh and new in the world. You enjoy the drama of a good movie as it captures your imagination transporting you to other worlds and lifetimes. You're a bit of an adrenaline junkie and love to head to the mountains and hit the slopes for a really exhilarating time.
I can say that these strategies are doable and is sometimes very fun to use especially if you want some challenging stuff every now and then. Make sure to have at least three GameCenter accounts, then restore all the bonus coins and buy them again.

For each wave of zombies passed, their plants and their sun bank remain unchanged, but any lost Lawn Mowers, Pool Cleaners, or Roof Cleaners will not be restored. The zombie concentration is effectively the same as in Adventure Mode levels, so these levels should be pretty easy.
This time, the player must survive ten flags (two flags per wave), with the zombies changing every two flags.
At first, the zombie density is the same as in the Hard modes, but it quickly starts increasing until it exceeds that of Column Like You See 'Em.
None of these are accessible without the Limbo Page, and it is unknown why these were cut from the final game. Whether you fancy yourself as Indiana Jones or Bridget Jones you know losing yourself in the big screen is just the ticket. You may then have enough coins to buy a lot of Gold Mystery Sprouts, and you can get this achievement easily. After each wave, the player is allowed to replace their chosen seed packets with others if they wish to do so.
In addition, upgrades for plants get progressively more expensive; for every upgrade plant that is on the screen, additional upgrade plants of the same type cost an additional 50 sun.
Players can also play other Survival: Endless levels through the Limbo Page, but only on the PC version of the game.
The player can only choose four plants. This is the only version of Survival Mode that features the Giga-Football Zombie, the strongest zombie from this version. At the end of the first completion of each Survival level, a trophy is received with a diamond, along with gold coins for any remaining Lawn Mowers, Pool Cleaners, or Roof Cleaners.
Winter Melons and Pumpkins are essential here, and both Cob Cannon and Gloom-shrooms are a must in almost all builds. You want to feel connected to the world around you and often seek out opportunities to get closer to nature.
Instant kills are very good here, although not completely necessary with the Cob Cannons, and zombies come in such droves that playing a half-hour of this will earn the player maybe $20,000 or $30,000 if he or she only clicks half or a third of the coins, given that the player is at least fifteen waves in.
The high number of zombies also has the effect of generating many diamonds in a short time; at its best a diamond may appear every four to five seconds. Plants vs Zombies 2 It's About Time: Dark Ages Part 2 Zombot Dark Dragon, ALL 5 World Zomboss Battle. The normal modes last five waves, Hard modes last ten flags (two flags per wave), and Survival: Endless keeps on going indefinitely until either the zombies reach the player's house or the level is restarted.

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