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Purchase cheap Over the counter drugs and medication online from Canada & India at complete online pharmacy, and enjoy convenience of discount over the counter medications from our Licensed Canadian pharmacy & Indian Pharmacy . If you’re a man with erectile dysfunction (ED), taking steps to protect your heart may also improve your sexual functioning. Men with ED tend to have multiple risk factors for cardiovascular disease and an elevated incidence of it. A Mayo Clinic analysis published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, which included data from six clinical trials, confirmed that men with ED who dealt with such risk factors via lifestyle changes or medication had substantial improvements in sexual function.
Health practitioners, including doctors and pharmacists therefore need to educate their clients about medicine drug use, particularly individuals who are at risk of overdosing (e.g. The risks of overdose vary, depending on the type of substance consumed, the amount taken and characteristics of your body.
While overdose is commonly associated with illegal drug use, illegal drugs account for only a small proportion of overdose cases admitted to hospital inAustraliaeach year. An individual may overdose accidentally, taking the wrong quantity, combination or type of drug, unaware that it poses health risks. Illegal drugs (including counterfeits) and natural remedies are often manufactured in unregulated environments, meaning that the type, quality or quantity of active ingredients is unknown and the safety and efficacy of the products have not been tested. A drug overdose may also be intentional, when the person takes too much of a legal or illegal drug to experience its intoxicating effects, or to cause harm (e.g.
Although injecting drug users and users of illicit drugs have the highest risk of overdose as a group,only a minority of overdoses cases in Australiainvolve illicit drugs. In 2005–06, 6,358 Australians were admitted to hospital for unintentional poisoning with pharmaceuticals, accounting for 1.7% of all hospital admissions. One-fifth of all cases of unintentional pharmaceutical poisoning occurred in children aged 0–4 and a further 3% occurred in children aged 5–14. Pharmaceuticals are the most common source of hospitalisation for poisoning amongst children. Drug overdose or poisoning from pharmaceuticals is more common in all age groups than poisoning from all other substances (e.g. The majority (76% or 4,821 cases) of unintentional pharmaceutical poisoning cases admitted to Australian hospitals involved adults and adolescents (?15years). Other drugs acting on the autonomic nervous system (the section of the nervous system which regulates movement of involuntary muscles such as the heart) (4%, 228 cases). In 2005–06, 23,778 patients were admitted to Australian hospitals because of intentional self-harm and of these cases, 77% (18,385) involved intentional self-poisoning with pharmaceutical agents. Of the 4,430 people admitted to Australian hospitals with injuries of undetermined intent, the majority (76%, 3,375 cases) were cases of pharmaceutical poisoning.
The Poisons Information Centres in each state handle queries about potential poisoning and their call logs provide insights into the types of drugs people most commonly enquire about and the reasons for their enquiries.
Queries about pharmaceuticals were the reason for 38% (15,402) of calls to the Poisons Information Hotline in Queenslandin 2008. Paracetamol has been the most common source of enquiry to the Poisons Information Centre for several years. Herbal and natural remedies account for a small number of poisonings amongst children and the main sources of poisoning are supplements such as iron and vitamin tablets.
In 2005–06, 290 cases of unintentional alcohol overdose were admitted to Australian hospitals, the majority aged 15–24 years (40%, 118 cases).
A further 193 cases of alcohol overdose of undetermined intent were admitted to Australian hospitals in 2005–06. In Australia counterfeit drugs are a relatively small problem, however there was one case of hospitalisation recorded in 2010, after a man ingested counterfeit erectile dysfunction medication containing anti-diabetes drugs.
To prevent an overdose using a prescription or over the counter medicine, always take the dose prescribed by the doctor or, in the case of over the counter medicines, the dose recommended on the Consumer Medical Information (CMI) leaflet which comes with the medicine.
Some of the information on the CMI relates to specific groups of individuals, for example children or elderly people or people with health conditions such as liver, kidney or heart problems.
Prescription-only medicines should only be taken by the person the doctor prescribed them for. Be aware that poisoning often occurs during periods of disruption from normal routine, for example during holidays with grandparents who take medicine but do not usually childproof their medicine or when a member of the family is ill and needs to take medicine. Alcohol poisoning typically occurs after consuming large quantities of alcohol, for example during binge drinking. To prevent your children accidentally or intentionally consuming alcohol which may cause poisoning, keep alcohol out of reach and sight of children. For more information about alcohol and intoxication, see Alcohol: How to Help a Drunk Person.
Herbal and natural remedies are often perceived to be safe because they are derived from natural sources.
Like medicines, natural remedies may interact with other medicines you are taking, however because the composition of natural remedies is often unknown, predicting drug interactions which may cause an overdose can be difficult.
It is also important to be aware that products which claim to be herbal or natural remedies have been found in some cases to contain pharmacologically active substances. Like natural remedies, the manufacture of illegal drugs is unregulated and the active ingredients contained and their concentrations are unknown.
There are numerous cases of individuals overdosing after taking counterfeit drugs which contained unlisted ingredients in quantities toxic to the healthy body.
Drug overdose emergencies can be difficult to recognise and symptoms may differ depending on the type of drug involved. Alcohol typically causes mental confusion or coma, vomiting, slow or irregular breathing and hypothermia. If you suspect someone has taken a drug overdose or if you know they have taken more than the prescribed or recommended amount of medicine contact the Poisons Information Centre (131126) immediately.
If a person has taken an overdose and experiences symptoms of an overdose, it may be a medical emergency, requiring prompt treatment. It is important to know what to do if a person overdoses, in case one day you are the carer for an individual who has overdosed and become unconscious or started displaying other serious symptoms of overdose. Only once emergency services have been contacted should you begin checking the airways and heartbeat of the person who has overdosed. There are numerous tests which may be conducted in a hospital emergency department to diagnose whether or not a person has overdosed and which medication has caused the overdose. There are also numerous ways to treat an overdose and the correct approach depends on the type of drug taken. Following emergency treatment for an overdose, most patients require follow-up medical attention, to assess the kidneys and liver for permanent damage. Follow-up care is particularly important if the individual being treated intentionally took a drug overdose.
Chaubey SK, Sangla KS, Suthaharan EN, Tan YM, Severe hypoglycaemia associated with ingesting counterfeit medicine. The company that manufactures the popular erectile dysfunction drug Cialis is looking to get the Food and Drug Administration's approval to sell the drug over-the-counter in a move aimed at stemming the increasing number of black market sellers of the ED drug. The move, however, according to reports, is a major "what if" for the company and the potential of selling the drug without prescription.

Sanofi and Eli Lilly, two drugmakers who offer the drug aimed at helping men who are impotent or struggling in the bedroom, would be the first able to get the drugs on the market for purchase without a prescription. The drug was approved by the FDA in 2003 for prescription-only usage, and until now, the idea of moving it to OTC status has not really been in the forefront of the sector's mind. Lilly spokesperson Celeste Stanly was quoted as saying the company does not expect, even with FDA approval, to have a nonprescription counter version ready to roll out until 2018.
That would be vital for companies selling Cialis, specifically, as the patent protection runs out in 2017, meaning that generics would then be allowed onto the market, a development which could give the industry another boost. Cialis, and its predecessor Viagra, have largely dominated the ED business over the past decade, with advertisements regularly gracing television screens. The FDA has not spoken publicly on the possibility of Cialis losing its prescription-only status, and it is unclear whether the agency would be more likely or less likely to approve the drug for wider dissemination.
But as prescription drugs become ever more expensive for the average American as health-care costs soar, Ricks and the companies behind Cialis believe that by dropping the need for a prescription, it can reach a larger number of men who need it. When your nose won't stop dripping and you're coughing so hard you can't get any sleep, you might try any cold treatment to help cure your cold faster — and there are plenty of cold remedies out there.
How many times have people told you go to home and have a hot cup of chicken soup when you're battling a cold? Popping any decongestant, antihistamine, or cough-and-cold product on your pharmacy shelf may be a last-ditch effort in your search for a cold treatment. There are a number of zinc-based cough and cold remedies on the market today — including lozenges and nasal gels. Using a saline nasal spray or solution won't get rid of all the mucus your sinuses are producing (which is alternately clogging and running out of your nose). How many times have you heard your mom or your grandma tell you to "feed a cold, starve a fever" as they force plates of food on you, insisting it's the best cold treatment?
Echinacea is an herb touted for its healing properties — especially as a common cold treatment.
From our SponsorsEveryday Solutions are created by Everyday Health on behalf of our sponsors. If you have out of date or unwanted medicines, both prescription or over the counter drugs, don’t bin them or flush them.
You can take your unwanted or out of date medicines back to your pharmacy for safe disposal, and it’s completely FREE. Each year enormous quantities of unused and expired medications are dumped into bins or flushed down toilets and sinks. If you need to go into hospital, please remember to take all your medicines with you in a clearly marked bag. Please also remember that your medicines are prescribed only for you; it’s not safe to share them with anyone else.
Even if you never open them, once medicines have left the Pharmacy, they cannot be recycled or used by anyone else. I wish i should have found your website much earlier, treat me as your customer for lifetime from now. Overdose can occur accidentally when a person inadvertently takes the incorrect medication or dose, or when they intentionally misuse drugs to get ‘high’ or with the intention of self-harming (e.g.
However overdoses can be prevented by avoiding illicit substances and only taking the correct dose of legal drugs.
The majority of people hospitalised because of overdose have taken too much of a legally available medicine.
Taking legal medicines in quantities or combinations other than those recommended can result in an overdose. Male children were more likely to be admitted to hospital for pharmaceutical poisoning than female children.
Over half (63%) of the 4,700 children hospitalised annually are hospitalised due to pharmaceutical poisoning.
Women were more likely than men to be hospitalised for this diagnosis, however age data were not reported. In Queenslandin 2008, 83% of all calls involved queries about unintentional exposure to drugs or other poisons. Of the medicines consumers enquired about, two medicines available over the counter, ibuprofen (732) and paracetamol (1,758) were the most common. It is the most commonly used over the counter medicine, a medicine that children are often exposed to.
Data collected by hospitals about poisoning do not list herbal or natural products as a separate category. Never share prescription medicine with friends, family or another person, even if that person has the same condition as you do. To avoid all health risks associated with alcohol, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia recommends that healthy men and women should drink no more than two standard drinks on any day. However the exact amount of alcohol needed to cause alcohol poisoning differs due to individual characteristics and is difficult to predict.
If you use herbal or natural remedies, treat them like other medicines and consult your doctor about the potential for overdose and other safety issues before use. For example natural remedies for erectile dysfunction have been found to contain phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, the main class of drug used to treat this condition. There is significant potential for drug-drug interactions when active ingredients are unlisted. If you suspect someone has overdosed on drugs, contact emergency medical services immediately. If a person falls asleep and cannot be woken up after taking drugs, they may also have overdosed. This is a medical emergency and the first response should be to contact Emergency Services on 000, to arrange for an ambulance. If the person has an airway obstruction (something blocking their windpipe) you should try to remove any obstructions from the person’s mouth. Hospital statistics indicate that most young children (< 5) are admitted for observation as a precautionary measure, with only 7% requiring further medical interventions.
In these cases the overdose may have been a suicide attempt, a cry for help or evidence of an underlying psychological disorder. Guidelines for the management of paracetamol poisoning in Australia- explanation and elaboration. But the end of patent protection and rise in black market sales of the drug, which is also used to treat enlarged prostates, could have been a major tipping point to getting into the over-the-counter sales market. Although this common cold remedy has been around for ages, it's not really a cold treatment. But before you down a gallon of orange juice or pop vitamin C supplements in hopes of kicking your cold, first check your facts. Over-the-counter decongestants "may provide symptom relief, but they do not stop or kill the virus" that's causing your common cold, says Wexler. Studies have shown that zinc products can help ease cold symptoms, but researchers haven't yet determined the most beneficial method, dosage or duration.

But "saline irrigation helps to remove built up nasal secretions and can provide relief" from congestion, says Wexler. But this old wives' tale is just that — no amount or type of special food that will serve as a cold treatment. You may try cold remedies that boast "natural" healing powers from echinacea, but studies just don't back them up. View all.ConnectDon't miss out on breaking news, live chats, lively debates, and inspiring stories.
The effects on the environment and human health are unclear but evidence is pointing to the presence of chemicals from prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in soil, drinking water and the surrounding environment. We have discount generic OTC drugs which are bio equivalent of their brand name counterparts in dosage & active ingredient. Medicines purchased from a pharmacy are the most common source of drug overdose requiring hospitalisation, yet individuals who misuse prescribed drugs may not perceive they are at risk of overdose because their drugs are legally available and prescribed by their doctor.
For example, when you visit your doctor or pharmacist for medicines they may provide you with information about the correct way to take their medicine, such as the importance of taking it according to the doctor’s instructions. Most unintentional overdoses do not cause long term damage if the person receives prompt medical treatment. While the risk of poisoning remained low from age 5–12, risk increases after the child’s 12th birthday. Of all calls the centre received, 44% were enquiries about poisoning from drugs or other toxic substances such as cleaning products, while 14% (>4,000) were potential cases of overdose, referred for immediate medical attention.
Sixteen cases were recorded in children aged ?4 years, and a further 17 cases in children aged 5–14 years.
Data regarding the age distribution of intentional alcohol poisoning cases were not reported. Take some time to discuss the correct way of taking the medicines with your doctor or pharmacist, to ensure you understand how and when to take the medicine correctly. If you are taking any medicines listed in the drug interactions section of the CMI, you should not take the new medicine.
Always tell your doctor if you have another health problem so they can consider this when deciding which medicine and which dose is most appropriate for you. All medicine should be stored in a secure place, out of reach of children and kept in their original packaging.  The CMI leaflet, which contains information about how much medicine to take, should also be kept in a safe place or with the medicine. The manufacture of many herbal remedies is unregulated meaning that patients buy herbal remedies not knowing the exact composition of the remedy. PDE5 inhibitors are contraindicated in men taking some medications for conditions which are common in men with erectile dysfunction (e.g. Assessing the nature of such interactions is complicated, as the drug causing the interaction must be identified.
The Poisons Information Centre can offer advice about the likely effects of the drug overdose and whether or not the person is in need of medical attention. In these cases, you should contact Emergency Services on 000. If the person is violent, the police should also be contacted. If the person has taken too much medicine but is not experiencing symptoms, contact the Poisons Information Centre instead. However patients with a poor prognosis or signs of liver damage will probably be referred to a specialist liver centre for assessment. Still, there is certainly something soothing about the warm and comforting food — and experts think that an amino acid (cysteine) in chicken soup may actually help to thin mucus and ease congestion.
Studies have not been able to consistently show any improvement of symptoms when vitamin C is administered to people who have the common cold — despite a few studies that have shown some level of cold relief. It's important to drink plenty of fluids to ward off dehydration and, of course, eat healthy foods when you do have an appetite.
Although one species of the herb, Echinacea purpurea, might have some benefit in adults, most studies that examine echinacea's effect on improving or shortening the duration of cold symptoms have not found a benefit.
Join the conversation!Free NewslettersPersonalized tips and information to get and stay healthier every day. Our online pharmacy & drug store is one of the leading providers of generic drugs and Over the counter medicines. Alcohol, prescription and over the counter medicines, some herbal remedies and illicit drugs can all cause an overdose when taken alone or in combination. They may also provide advice about drug interactions which occur when two drugs are used at the same time (e.g.
Male children had a slightly higher risk of poisoning requiring hospitalisation compared to female children (241 males are admitted per 100,000 population compared to 208 per 100,000 for females).
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about alternative medicines which are safe for you to use. For over the counter medicines, read the CMI carefully and ensure you follow the instructions appropriate for you. There is also potential risk of overdose if an active ingredient is included in the counterfeit medicine in too high a dose. If the ambulance is called and turns out not to be needed the person who has overdosed will not need to pay anything. Here are some common cold remedies that may make you feel better, but definitely won't kill the common cold virus or make it go away faster. Because antibiotics only work against bacterial infections, they are ineffective as a cold treatment. But these medications are never to be used in children younger than age 6 unless recommended by your pediatrician.
Our Canadian and Indian online pharmacy store clients can chose which Non prescription medication they want and add it to their shopping cart. InAustraliahospitalisation due to paracetamol overdose is more common than hospitalisation for any other type of drug overdose. Note that alcohol is a drug that interacts with many medicines and it is often not safe to consume alcohol whilst using a medication. For example if you have a liver problem, use the dose advise which relates to individuals with liver problems. Because the medicines are not subject to safety and efficacy testing, the ideal dose has not been determined. To avoid counterfeit medicines which may contain the wrong active ingredient or the wrong dose, purchase all medicines from a pharmacy and be cautious about purchasing medicines online, as many online medicines are fake. In addition, taking them improperly can cause antibiotic resistance — a serious problem that can lead to the development of resistant and dangerous bacteria.
However if the natural remedies contain the active ingredient they are trying to avoid, the risk of overdose due to drug-drug interaction is serious.

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