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Local guides are available to guide you through some of the most amazing landscapes in the world!  That includes the many off shoots of the scenic byway: The Burr Trail, the scenic highway:  Highway 12 (2nd most beautiful highway in the world), and the amazing Grand Staircase National Monument! Desert DAWN is pleased to provide nature experiences steeped in the camping and woodcraft traditions of outdoor Americana. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Learn the ultimate outdoor survival skills from various indigenous people from around the globe. If you are looking for a spiritual Indian sacred type of experience along with all the wilderness survival skills you will learn Tom Brown’s Tracker School is perfect for you.
As with anything do your homework and your own research, ask questions, and make an informed decision. Recent PostsHow to Talk Prepping – Six Tips for Having Difficult ConversationsAbout Barry J.
DAD PrepperHow to Talk Prepping – Six Tips for Having Difficult Conversations November 8, 2015How to Talk Prepping – Six Tips for Having Difficult Conversations Barry J.
This is one of the most difficult subjects to write about as I still wonder to this day what in the world was I thinking years ago? I signed up for this course through BOSS also known as Boulder Outdoor Survival School, located in Boulder, Utah, United States.
I had to fly over to Salt Lake City, Utah, and then take a shuttle down to Provo, Utah, where it was the initial meeting spot for everyone unless they were planning to drive there. After the introductory orientation, we were all split up into 2 groups and then we proceeded to check our gear to ensure we had everything we needed otherwise it could be bought.
The first day was not too bad as it consisted of just hiking but without any destination in mind, the weather was warm, not much wind, in fact, I was wearing shorts the entire time.
The next morning was not too bad with the exception of the growling stomach and then I realized that we were running out of water… and fast! The fourth day was a lot better as we woke up warm and on the plus side, we got to eat something, but in a different way.
After a few days at camp of learning basic camp skills, we walked more miles up and down hills and mountains to where I don’t know remember too much after this as our guides taught different ways to live with nature such as start a fire, set up shelter, and a lot of hiking. There was an interesting part to this school which was being alone for 3 days in the wild with no human contact whatsoever. Once the 3 days were over, everyone came back together and then we were off to our next challenge. After a few days of navigating, we got to the final meeting point where we were told that we had one last task at hand.
On the final day, they handed out these diplomas or certificates or whatever you want to call them. If you’re up for the challenge of going to survival school, I recommend that you do it and learn more about yourself than you ever would imagine to. Learn how to make bow drills and how to find food after greedy brain hungry zombie’s have eaten it all.
People who are over weight and well into their senior years have completed this wilderness survival school. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. Why did I pay to go to survival school and starve myself which ended up in me losing over 15 pounds of muscle?
I have read and heard of great things about the BOSS 14 day field course and I decided that it was time for me to do it. We were then introduced to each other, had a safety briefing, and then both groups went their own merry-ass way.
We just kept walking, walking, walking… right into the night until our guides just simply stopped and said, “well, we’re here, so goodnight!” and just like that it was time to sleep. I drank from both canteens completely dry and we had hiked for miles and it was getting sunny and hot. We just kept hiking all the way into the night and then our guides said the same thing the previous night, “goodnight” and just left us there in the dark. Our guides told us that we had to slaughter a sheep that was tied to a tree in order to eat its meat. It wasn’t too bad being solitary in the wild to where I could pause and think and philosophize about life, my direction in life, and its priorities and so on.
We were going to be alone again but this time without any of the guides; we had to stick together as a group as there was this point where we had to hike on our own for several days, cooking our own food, navigating on our own with a map and compass, and fending on our own. How do you know what might save someone??s neck, and what will be totally useless in an emergency?Don??t despair; we??ve got you covered with everything from the best knife for the job to the app that will make your friend glad he brought his iPhone on his hike.
Come learn classic woodcraft camp and trail skills – including knife, axe, rope and fire craft – and then use these skills to make your comfortable camping home in nature.

I am excited and fascinated about learning wilderness survival and teaching it to others after I learn it. Well, not exactly if you are in the wilderness there won’t be so many zombies when all hell firsts breaks loose. Prior to going to this school, there was a list of gear that I needed as the people there do not let people go out there virtually naked. Our group of 9 (not including the 3 guides) was driven off in a van while the other group of 11 (not including the 3 guides) hiked off-site. Then we immediately stopped at a watering point but this was a place meant for cows to drink out of. This time we were better prepared and we all immediately went to sleep snuggled up to each other with some cushion on the ground. I guess it came with differences in thinking and behavior especially after that sheep slaughtering incident. The only problem was because I had to use the moon to guide myself at night, I didn’t know where I was going.
I found some cool stuff out there while hiking like finding an elk antler, deer antlers, animal tracks, and various other small animal skeletons. While riding in the van, I did learn that 4 people in the other group quit, leaving only 7 to remain while all 9 of us in our group finished together. Join us as we explore the sweeping landscapes of the slickrock desert, riparian canyons and forested mountain eco systems within the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument and the Dixie National Forest.
If you are a prepper or a survivalist you know these skills will be life saving in a SHTF situation. Then a van came by to pick us up and took us down to Boulder, Utah, where it would all begin. It was basically a big tub of water with bugs, algae, and bacteria in it and our guides told us that this was our source of water – scope up the water, put some iodine drops in it, shake it up, and then drink! The one thing that got me was how hungry I was during this entire time despite eating plenty at meals and at the same time pushing myself to hike more and more. It was in the middle of the night and they didn’t tell us how far we had to hike to get back to where we all started on the 1st day, the place where we had our introductory orientation. But chances are, in a survival situation, the matches won??t want to light and the fuel is all wet, so a simple act like starting a fire can take on a whole other level of complexity.
If you have a skill you would like to share leave a video title and  link in the comment section below. SolomonJade Helm 15 Sucks Balls Or Is It For Our Safety April 24, 2015Jade Helm 15 Sucks Balls Or Is It For Our Safety Barry J.
Some training was also needed such as hiking and running as this was going to be a very physically demanding experience as well as a spiritual, mental one. Once we all got there, there was a welcoming session to introduce us to the guides who would lead us, guide us, and teach us about what we need to know and learn from the experience. SolomonWhy Posse Comitatus Is Now Outlawed April 5, 2015Why Posse Comitatus Is Now Outlawed Barry J.
Afterwards, we had a running test to ensure that we were all in good shape and that not of us would drop dead on the first day (for insurance and lawyer reasons). I guess that’s why they called this session, “Impact.” It was to impact you into getting your mind and body shocked.
Then one of the guys found the source of the sound – there was a mosquito flying around in a canteen! Upon arriving at my hotel room back in Provo, I took the longest shower I could, trying clean all the dirt and grime off my skin and in my hair.
Solomon2 Essential Tools For Promoting Your Blog April 2, 2015These are some cool tools you can use to promote your blog posts and start driving traffic online. I must admit that I paid money to go do this experience of other-worldly, harrowing, starving time in nature.
And they did a good job of it because gosh, that was one rough night and it wasn’t about the food part. I thought it would never end as I cursed myself out wondering why in the hell did I do this?
I suppose it was in my blood to do this no matter the cost and to prove to myself that I can and will do this. If you figure that the area would be warm during the night like it was during the day, well, you’re dead wrong. I don’t remember what happened afterwards but I think the person just drowned the mosquito and pulled it out.
I ate a big steak to celebrate along with 3 cones of ice cream (for some odd reason, I could eat like a bottomless pit for weeks after that school).
But a first aid kit is one of those things which really ought to be in everyone??s bag, just in case.The Survival Medic kit from SOL includes an emergency blanket, a survival whistler, duct tape, a compass, antiseptic wipes, gauze, and bandages.

I couldn’t be a pussy in this but instead, I was going to take the worst of it and make it into a positive.
Later on, one of the guys told me that someone had died the year before which was why they had all of these medical waiver forms needed to be filled out and signed. After several hours into the night, it got cold, damn cold to where I had trouble sleeping.
Others followed and later on in the day and for the rest of the trip, none of us would have any second thoughts of scooping up any kind of muddy or standing water and drinking it with drops in it. I also weighed myself to see the results of what happened to me: a loss of 15 pounds, mostly of muscle. Sure, I had a blanket but I didn’t have it then since it was going to be given along with some other gear after “Impact.” In fact, I had to walk around just to warm myself up.
No problems at all; just had to get over the shock of it and we did that pretty much immediately.
This is why I stress the importance merits of hunting and fishing so you know where and how difficult your food comes from and it’s not just from the supermarket!
That’s when I decided, okay, I’m moving elsewhere for shelter and moved to the side of the hill looking like a small cave.
I don’t think it was until months later that I understood what the guides said it would take. Users can read and learn while not in survival situations, in order to prepare them for when they are, and in the event that they have their phone with them, the app could be the reference they need when the time arises. After a miserable night, I later found out in the following morning from the others that they had issues as well of being cold and miserable. After getting some water, we hiked some more and saw some spectacular sights that the place had to offer.
And just as nightfall came, we came upon a camping site with a fire site and these teepees made of sticks, pines, and foliage.
Anyway, one of the guys cut its throat and everyone cried about it except me where I wanted to go ahead and eat something! Those days were some rough days as it got really, really hot and at times, it also became pretty boring. One great choice is the Bear Grylls Essentials app, from the survivalist and host of Discovery Channels' Man vs.
After talking with each other for a bit, our guides found us and proceeded to tell us how well they slept last night. You think about how much technology has improved our lives in comparison to the past and how television, computers, video games, and other electronic device entertain us. Everyone congratulated every hiker for succeeding and accomplishing the difficult, but the only thing I wanted was some food (which I got some fruit) and to sleep off the pain and misery which I immediately fell asleep after that hike. I finally understood this after going on trip months later going to Colombia on a scuba diving trip when the electricity all of a sudden cut out and I had to sleep naked during the night because it was so hot.
They showed us their way of sleeping which was retrieving pine needles and other foliage to use as cushion against the ground and then spooned each other to share warmth with each other. Afterwards, we skinned the animal and separated the meat out from the bones and skin and made a meal with sausages and other cuts of meat and prepared to cure the excess meat for jerky which would be used for our future trips.
In the end, I guess it was worth it for I am no longer disturbed with primitive living conditions ever again like using porta-johns, no running hot water, or sleeping in crappy beds. The Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) has been operating since 1968, and their field course is one of the best around. That’s when I realized that their way of teaching was give the test first and then the lesson afterwards. There were bananas hanging by a string and as well as tea and we were allowed to consume them! Case in point, when I was in Peru I once saw a llama pissing in a creek only to see a girl 200 meters downstream drinking water outof it.
Students are led into Utah's mountains, mesas and canyons with nothing but a blanket, poncho, and knife.They learn the skills of local Puebloan cultures, and head home knowing not just how to survive, but to be at peace in the natural world. For the techie-minded survivalist, a small GPS unit, like the Get-Back by Brutnon, makes a great gift.This scaled-down model is about the size of a stopwatch.
Supposedly, we could only eat 1 banana as our stomachs have shrunk in size due to not eating. I have to say that was the best banana I ever had in my life – I still tell people about this story and how wonderful it was to have something edible in my stomach.

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