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After a seminar on building a fire in wet conditions, Adam Dewey of Sandpoint applies the techniques to stoke a blaze on Feb. OUTDOOR LEARNING – A pair of two-day survival courses, involving a classroom session and a field day, are being offered in July at Eastern Washington University.
The courses, Primitive Survival and Outdoor Survival Skills, each pack a weekend with instruction and practice at building survival shelters, lighting a fire in various conditions, purifying water and traveling using basic navigation techniques. The courses, which are offered with or without college credic, will be taught by Paul Green, a former Air Force survival instructor and professor of outdoor recreation at EWU. Rich Landers writes and photographs stories for a wide range of outdoors coverage, including a Sunday feature section and a Thursday column. The year 2011 brought many favorable changes for Survival Resources, not only in product development, but in consulting agreements and private training.A  For 2011, we also committed to both sponsoring, attending, and teaching at the Dirttime Event in California, as well as the Pathfinder Gathering in Ohio. When we first decided to offer outdoor skills courses, we noticed that many of the available schools offered various extended programs of a week or more. At the 2nd Annual Pathfinder Gathering in Ohio, John taught a class on Survival Kits and co-taught a class on tarps with Steve Davis.
Seminars are offered as a part of an on going education for those who have minimal time or budget. We have conducted seminars for various groups and organizations, as well as provided custom seminars to certain corporate clients. Each evening , students sit around the campfire and discuss lessons and make pine needle tea.

We elevate the capability and resiliency of our students as they develop the essential knowledge and wisdom to be safe in the outdoors.
Trackers youth and teens become leaders of intelligent compassion by rediscovering their own connection to nature and community.
Through appreciation of nature and family, students return to study and train with mentors and friends year after year. We learn in wild landscapes through authentic adventure—places of old trees, deer in a morning meadow, coyotes hunting, quiet dawns and a sky of endless stars. Rovers immerses youth in the skills of Trackers Craft and starts them on a path of lifelong learning. Get hands-on experience in Folk Craft: homesteading, wild plants, animal care and restoration gardening. In Year Three, we use a thematic approach to learning to enhance and inspire the children’s learning. Programs can include overnight camp outs or field days for skill building and team development. Youth and teens develop leadership skills and a powerful relationship with nature while tending to the wild.
We train with the traditional wood bow of our Rangers Guild and also use modern laminate, recurve, compound, longbow, and more. This program also covers general shop and tool safety while working with your hands to make functional tools, blades, and other Artisan crafts.

We develop the children’s skills through our exciting topics, which include: Me and My World, The Wonderful World of Roald Dahl, World War 2 and the Terrible Tudors. Train in essential winter survival techniques as you battle the oncoming zombie hordes and save the world.
The instructor for this group of students was Nick Weber of the Survival School at Fairchild Air Force Base. We use role play areas for all our topics, for example a recycling centre, a Roald Dahl book shop and a World War 2 house and Anderson Shelter.
Within the role play areas, the children develop their maths, language, writing and creative skills.
Each week, we visit the Wildlife Area, participating in a variety of outdoor learning activities.
Guide your ragtag band away from the cities of zombie hordes and into the safety of the wilderness.

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