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Norkers are distant relatives of hobgoblins with elongated fangs and tough armor-like skin. One of the little characters you’ll find lurking in game rules between the charts and tables. That paradigm changed to the dungeon we see in video games, example here is Skyrim’s Bleak Falls Barrow.
It goes without saying that solving a maze and creating one are two totally different things. Emrikol the Chaotic (illustration from the AD&D 1st edition Dungeon Masters Guide, 1979).

John Eric Holmes was a neurologist and D&D player who managed to edit the original 1974 rules down into a single small volume that covered the most important topics more clearly. While this puzzle might take minutes or even hours to solve, drawing its intricacies can take a significantly longer amount of time. There are some good RPG Tumblrs out there but I started this one because I was finding too few posts about classic older games on the D&D tags and occasionally on the 80s nostalgia blogs. Whole sections of the dungeon could be missed and mapping was necessary to find all secret areas. The possibility of missing content is reserved for only the micro level, the loot items.

While there is some macro level content that can be bypassed, mapping is unnecessary, as the dungeon is no longer a labyrinth.

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