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White asparagus is less common in the USA than its green counterpart, but it’s the only way to eat it if you live in Germany. The Aubergine or Egg Plant is a member of the nightshade family, along with potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. There’s so much more to beetroot than the sliced, pickled variety you can get in supermarkets. Find out why it’s important to eat your purples as well as your greens, and grab recipes wherever you may. In season from early August through to late September, size isn’t everything when it comes to blueberries – often it is the smaller ones that are the most delicious.
Sprouting broccoli (usually purple or white) is a delicious spring vegetable that has a long season. This is a wonderfully healthy autumn vegetable and goes well in butternut squash soups, curries and bakes. Forget the stinky school dinners you used to have to endure, with over-cooked cauliflower slinking its way off your plate.This much-maligned vegetable is actually seriously nutritious and can be delicious, too, if you know what to do with it!
Careful, Men that eat celery ofter are more sexually potent and aroused more easily that those that do not partake!
Most people have heard of artichoke hearts and would recognise them on pizzas or in Italian pasta dishes. Leeks are in season over the winter and provide a useful source of fresh vitamins and nutrients when we don’t have any salad vegetables. Lemongrass is a traditional flavouring used in Thai food, to give that authentic Thai taste. Red onions are less common than white onions and many argue they have a more delicate flavour. Patty pans are summer squashes, meaning they’re more like courgettes than butternut squash. If we’re lucky, pears start to appear in our seasonal fruit shares (or ready for picking in our back gardens!) from the end of August all the way through to the beginning of February. Green peas are usually seen in their frozen pea form, but they’re readily available fresh, in their pods, from May to September. Plums come into season in late July or early August in the USA, and stick around being bloomin’ delicious until the end of September to mid October.
Radishes are in season from April to September, but are often available outside of this period.Radishes are usually red and smaller than a golf ball.

Raspberries are delicate in flavour and structure – their hollow core makes them very sensitive little souls, so handle with care when picking and washing. Red cabbage is actually nearer purple in colour.It has a sweeter flavour than plain white cabbage, though not as strong as savoy.
Spring onions are often thought to be immature white onions, but they’re actually a separate variety.
Rhubarb stalks are one of the first signs that spring is on its way.Forced rhubarb is almost always available from February onwards, and sometimes appears as early as December.
Chances are you’ll love your runner beans early in the season but might not be quite so keen by the end. So here are some interesting runner bean facts and a list of all the runner bean recipes we’ve tested. Spaghetti squash gets its name because, when cooked, the flesh looks like strands of spaghetti. They are delicious raw, obviously, on their own, or in smoothies, as a dessert or breakfast topping and in punch. Sweet potatoes are commonly eaten in the USA, but are less common in the rest of the world, where they can be harder to grow. White waxpod beans are a type of French bean and are rare to the USA  Some say they have a superior flavour to green French beans. Our good friends at Fry’s Red Wheat Bread have started making organic wood-fired pizzas on Sundays! Until then, at least we can eat bananas that are organic and taste better than store bought! It looks a bit like an overgrown cross between spinach and chard, but tastes more like savoy cabbage. Plus of course, you can always add grated fruit and veggies to bread recipes to make them even more delicious. It cooks quickly and is packed with nutrients, with a more delicate flavour than full heads of calabrese.
Tastes very similar, but in season at a different time and you cook it slightly differently.
Many people are put off by the fact you have to peel the skin and de-seed them before cooking, but this only takes a few minutes. They can be either sweet or sour, depending on the variety so check before you cook with them as you’ll need sugar for the sour ones! But, before you get too excited, it’s only fair to let you know that purple beans turn green when cooked – sorry! But relatively few people would correctly identify its source as the globe artichoke.This is a high effort veggie, but definitely delicious.

All cabbages have wonderful health benefits and can be enjoyed in an astounding variety of ways. They provide the same health benefits as onion and garlic, such as boosting your immune system and even lowering cholesterol, but you need to eat more leeks to get the same effect.
They are delicious raw, in salads, and can be substituted for white onions in most recipes. Podding peas takes a little effort, but the contents are so fresh and juicy that it’s a summer treat, not to be missed. They are widely grown in the USA for your box schemes, though usually under a polytunnel, as it can be difficult to get them to ripen outdoors, in our climate. We discovered  that there are thousands of varieties of potato grown around the world, and around 80 varieties are grown here in the USA. It tends to be around over the winter, making it a great addition to warming soups, stews and bakes.
It’s easy to cook with a tasty flavour and you can use it in place of butternut squash in any recipe.
Maybe it’s the sheer variety of them in all their amazing ornamental shapes, sizes and colours. They’re also great made into jam, grilled on a barbeque, and included in cakes and pancakes.
Its unusual appearance puts many people off trying it, so here’s a run down of what to do with it and some delicious turban squash recipe ideas. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these ebooks will go toward Share Our Strength's Great American Bake Sale program. Add it at the end of cooking, or the essential oils that give it its delicious pungent aroma will disappear. They have the most Vitamin C of all the berries, as well as being chocker-block with fibre and potassium, and ellagic acid which is claimed to help fight cancers.
But, alas, the season is short… Because sweetcorn loses its flavour so quickly, imported produce is normally air freighted, so best avoided.
You can either put whole twigs into a dish, to remove at the end of cooking, or you can slide your fingers along the twig to remove the leaves and chop these.
And, if you’re boiling it, adding it straight to boiling water, rather than cold, helps to reduce the bitterness. In many recipes you can use apple juice or orange juice instead.Remember: only the stalks are edible!

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