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Make sure you like Amazing Recipes on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest to be updated every time we find a new yummy recipe. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Here are some healthy and organic baby food options so your child can learn to love good, wholesome food from day 1. It has been a few years since I had to purchase baby food for my own son so to update this page I asked a bunch of mommy friends what their favorite brands of organic baby food were. Here are some great cookbooks so you can make your infant homemade baby food and feel 100% confident about what your child is eating. I call this homemade baby food recipe “vegetable lasagna” because even though it’s a puree, it has the lasagna flavor that kids – and babies love. When my son was ready to start eating solids, I  began to wonder, how do I make homemade baby food? There is an increasing number of organic baby food options on the market today that are both healthy and delicious.
The addition of tomato paste adds a healthy dose of the powerful antioxidants lycopene and vitamin C.  Plus, you can pack your vegetable lasagna full of healthy veggies, even the ones that baby usually doesn’t like.

It was easier than I thought to make organic homemade baby food at home. I simply steamed vegetables, put them in the blender with a splash of water and poured the mixtures into ice cube trays. Not only can you get all sorts of different blends of fruits and vegetables, they are available in a myriad of packaging. I like to add any combination of eggplant, carrots, celery, kale, spinach and zucchini to the mix, depending on what’s available. For older babies who are accustomed to more texture, puree for less time.  I don’t recommend this recipe for a finger food, because the tomato sauce is super messy. You can also add garlic, oregano and basil.  Don’t skimp on the flavor, because even baby gets bored of bland food. Moms love the convenience of the baby food pouch (just tuck it right into your diaper bag) and the fact that you don’t have to worry about having clean spoon with you.
As I’ve mentioned in past baby food recipes, I like to use my Cuisinart mini prep for this task. As kids get a little older they can actually hold and squeeze the baby food pouches all on their own.
While it isn’t the best for a really smooth puree, I like that it takes up little counter space and is simple to clean.

To get a fine puree, you can take the additional step of passing the puree through a mesh strainer. There is also frozen organic baby food, as well as powdered options, and basic pureed baby food in a glass jar or plastic container. Once all of the veggies are tender, remove from heat and stir in the ricotta and Parmesan cheese. I recommend that new moms order a variety of options and see what works best for you and your baby.
Allow to cool and puree until smooth, adding the cooking liquid a little at a time until you reach the right consistency. Even if you plan on making your own baby food, it is nice to have some other options available too.

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