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The seeds should be natural, which means that they should not be genetically modified in any way. As far as animals are concerned, they should have access to clean water and natural food sources. If you had an option between natural food and food laced with chemicals, you’d pick the former if you cared about your health because organic is logically a better option. Because it is grown in a healthier environment, organic food ends up tasting much better than conventionally-grown produce. Research has shown that exposure to chemicals from the foods we eat, even if the amount is limited, can hamper brain functioning.
Since organic food has a short shelf-life, the farmers have no choice but to sell it in markets that are close by. Advantages of organic food range from health benefits to environmental rewards. The term 'organic' refers to the way foods are grown and processed. People have been running to their local Whole Foods and other markets packed with organic foods and supposedly healthy products for many years.
A study’s results published in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal, blew the roof off of the most important information comparing the two foods, according to the Daily Mail. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Firstly, the studies failed to show any 'consistent' differences in vitamin and mineral content between organic and non-organic food, except for higher phosphorus in organically grown food. To add insult to injury, only 3 of the 17 human studies actually looked at clinical outcomes in people eating organic foods compared with non-organic foods. My other problem with the study lies with the actual 2 findings that the study was able to produce. They report a 30 percent reduced risk of exposure to pesticides when consuming organic foods compared with conventional foods.
Now you may or may not be old enough to remember, but once upon a time, smoking was considered healthy and acceptable, but now we know that not only is smoking harmful, so is passive smoking. Also the study found that organic pork and chicken had reduced content of antibiotic-resistant bacteria compared with conventional pork and chicken. So if you don't mind consuming foods with higher levels of pesiticides and riddled with multi-drug resistant bacteria sure go ahead and state that there is no evidence to suggest that organic foods are safer. It seems a bit crazy to me that the authors of the study came to the complete opposite conclusion. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is basically liver disease where there is fat and subsequent inflammation of liver tissues. We all want to live free from disease, so consider how conventional food is grown as opposed to organic food. The fact that conventional food comes laden with synthetic and harmful chemicals throughout the growing process, diseases are much more likely to manifest in folks who eat it. I mentioned above about how conventional food clogs your body and brain with all kinds of stuff it needs to filter out before dealing with any nutritional value in your food. Recent CommentsOrganics Blog on Mother Nature’s All-in-One, All-Natural, Cure-All, and Multi-Purpose Life Elixir: Apple Cider Vinegar!Tawny on Defeat the Dark Actapple certified on Dr. Eating Organic Food has a positive effect on your health, in addition to the well being of environment and future generations.

Organic foods contain more nutrients, cancer fighting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals than conventional foods, studies show that organic farming boosts biodiversity throughout the food chain. Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. That’s probably why you hear the term ‘organic food’ a lot more today even though the idea has been around for centuries.
Dena Bravata and co-researcher Crystal Smith-Spangler and other colleagues from Stanford University Medical Centre, California, found no clear evidence of any significant added health benefits.
There was no difference between outcomes, although the studies were looking at different outcomes (allergic outcomes and bacterial infections), so combine this with the fact these studies were short, it is not surprising there is 'no strong evidence' when there is actually an absolute lack of studies actually looking at health benefits of organic foods. I don't know about you but 30 percent reduction in anything scientific is a large enough number for me. Does it really make any sense to suppose that lifelong ongoing exposure to pesticides is safe just because it is within specific limits.
And if you think that 3 studies looking at health outcomes for consumers of organic compared with conventional food is really an adequate measure of the health benefits of organic foods, then you can say there is no health benefit. Associations of Serum Concentrations of Organochlorine Pesticides with Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer in U.S. Did you know when conventional farmers are using their chemicals and synthetic pesticides, that they are potentially causing great harm to others?When those harmful chemicals go downstream, they can cause issues with the non-farming folks on the receiving end. When you begin replacing conventional foods, laden with chemicals and genetically modified organisms, with organic food, youa€™re doing more than simply becoming more healthy.Youa€™re actually reducing stress in your braina€¦youa€™re becoming a more positive and relaxed individual. Research shows that there is clear evidence that organic foods contain higher nutritional levels. Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Many people use the word organic without really knowing quite what it means apart from knowing that it’s better than non-organic food, and even then they are not quite sure why exactly that is. Livestock is fed with chemical hormones to make the animals grow faster; they are also injected with very strong antibiotics (harmful for humans) to keep them from falling sick. What’s more, you’ll be supporting local farmers, which can never be a bad thing since that is what leads to sustainable lifestyles for the community and, therefore, the individual.
They performed a meta-analysis, which is the scientific term for aggregating data from all the appropriate studies on a  particular topic to discover the benefits of a particular treatment or comparison. Generally in scientific literature, in order for something to be 'scientifically proven' it has to be studies and then replicated in multiple studies.
The 17 studies which aimed to look at health benefits of organic food were dismally short in duration, ranging from 2 days to 2 years. But the study authors state that because these levels were within the allowable 'safe limits' then that makes it okay and so they minimise the potential health impact of this finding. For example, when you arena€™t eating conventional foods anymore, youa€™re allowing your mind and body to perform at their optimum capacity. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others. Organic food is a vast field and the definition will have some variations depending on who you ask.
So when you eat meat or any animal by-product, you ingest the chemicals and antibiotics too.

Yes, you may argue that all food is essentially dead since it is no longer attached to the root.
In order to find any long-ranging health effect, especially when it comes to chronic disease, these studies need to be much longer and ideally 10 to 20 years in length. What we do know from other studies that chronic long-term exposure to pesticides is related to increased rates of parkinsons disease, lower fertility rates in males and an association with higher prostate cancer rates,  and increased respiratory disease in children, children exposed prenatally have lower neuro-development and increased rate of leukaemia. There is a worldwide increase in anti-biotic resistant bacteria and also a growing number of out-breaks from bacteria in food.
Through the digestion of organics, your body doesna€™t need to waste energy and resources filtering out and digesting GMO soy or corn, hormones, fluoride, gluten, high fructose corn syrup, bleach, toxins, various artificial sweeteners, and so many more unhealthy and dangerous items. Ita€™s because when your mind is free from chemicals that promote disease and confusion, you begin to feel and think more positively. However, there are some basics that are accepted by all parties and that’s what we’ll be looking at today. Organic means working with the earth’s systems rather than forcing a solution on the process to get the results you want. But research has shown that the enzymes in food that has just been plucked off the plant are still very active. They conclude that the literature 'lacks strong evidence that organic foods are more nutritious than conventional foods'.
Fill them up with high fructose corn syrup and chemicals or organic food that isn't using these types of ingredients or growing agents?Obviously, healthy and disease-free children is one of the best organic food health benefits we could ever discuss. Your brain and body are full of nutrients that allow you to function at an optimum level, allowing you to be more productive in whatever it is you do in your life.
So when you’re looking for organic foods, it means you want them to adhere to the following criteria.
Especially as even small quantities of exposure pre-natally and in growing, developing children are shown to have these effects. Eating organic food is a way each of us can begin minimizing the effects of these dangerous farming methods.
Isna€™t being the best you can be, feeling powerful, and becoming more productive one of the best organic food health benefits you could ever think of?Go organica€¦better your life. But if you switch to organic, you will notice after a time that non-organic seems to lack something. This can come from all the a€?whitesa€? you may eat, such as white bread, white pasta, white flour, white rice, and white sugar. Non-organic foods have little to no enzyme activity when they are finally consumed because it has been so long since they were harvested plus the chemicals used in the production process tend to diminish enzyme activity to a great extent. This means more nutrition, more vitamins and richer mineral content that you will simply not find with non-organic foods.

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