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One of the first things you notice when you meet Ta-Raw Hamilton, otherwise known as “Chef Hamilton,” is passion. Ta-Raw readily tells her story and recounts her journey from India, where she was raised as the daughter of a Punjabi priest, to Canada, San Diego, and finally to the Central Valley where she and her husband bought a vineyard so that they could have a park for their daughter’s wedding. After taking a course at the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, she began to take the relationship between food and nutrition seriously.
Through their blogs, Facebook presence, classes, farmers markets, and food delivery programs, they have tried to bring people together with foods that are delicious and nourishing at affordable prices. The Hamiltons consider themselves “farmacists” and “agitivists.” In the tradition of Hypocrates who said, “Let food be your medicine,” they are promoting wellness.
6.Everything is made from scratch and custom made for you using local, seasonal, organic veggies and you can taste the difference quality and love makes. KRL Adoptable Cat Captain Adventure, aka kitten 13467 was rescued from our local animal control agency. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
When you are as passionate as we are about the organic, local and sustainable foods we offer you as our valued Cafe patron or catering client, it can be a challenge not to get up on a soapbox and sing the praises of buying and eating organic food. No chemical residue on plants means no chemical residue in the soil and no chemical runoff to contaminate our drinking water. Organic growers grow with the natural cycle of their region, without growth hormones, stimulants or as mentioned before, chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
When you eat organically grown produce, you will find you have so much flavor in your food that you actually need less fat and flavor enhancement to get a truly gastronomical delight! Our hot and cold salad bar is a great way to try something that you might not know if you like or how to prepare.
We always focus on ways to make your favorite foods healthier-using cleaner ingredients, less fat, less sugar, adding whole grains, flours or functional ingredients, or just creating with better preparation.  We use the best organic and locally sourced ingredients prepared with love and conscious attention to detail in a clean, healthy kitchen.
At Papaya's it's all about local, organic and fresh ingredients so if this is what you are looking for, search no more.
This is a must-visit for those foodies, especially from the Bay Area, who care about what ingredients are in your food or like specialty food products. I am originally from Florida and was visiting some family in Winthrop, Washington recently. I recently moved to Salt Lake City and have found one of the best vegetarian, organic restaurants I've ever been to. I was a bit curious when I saw the flyer boasting this healthy organic fast food cafe in Las Vegas called Evo's. Thanksgiving tradition upgrade… order and enjoy cooking a delectable, pasture-raised turkey from Greens N Grains this year. Start planning your best ever Thanksgiving holiday feast with the finest possible main course available… an organic, pasture-raised turkey from Good Earth Farms.
These birds are lean, firm and flavorful because of the healthy and traditional farm environment in which they are raised – outdoors in fresh air with plenty of clean water and uncrowded natural pasture time that is part of their daily routine. Since it is intended that their birds spend the majority of time grazing outdoors in pastures, they only raise turkeys and chickens during the warm months of the year, maturing them by late September, when they are harvested and flash-frozen.

You can request a small, an average or a large-sized bird, with the average turkey weighing in at 14 lbs.
Turkey poults (young birds) come to the the farm in mid-summer and begin their days in a brooder. It is about feeding body and soul with natural, wholesome, and authentic foods, and giving back to the community. Soon they discovered that the land could provide more than just an idyllic setting for nuptials. After 72 hours on their recommended diet, Ta-Raw began to feel 100% better than she had ever felt before. Because of its location and confluence of motels and freeway, Parkway Drive is frequented by practitioners of prostitution and is often thought of as an undesirable blight on the community. Ta-Raw points out that it only takes half as much wholesome food to meet one’s nutritional requirements as it does junk food. His congregation, “The Fellowship of Joy,” is part of a larger collaborative called “4141 Ministries,” of which he is Executive Director & he is an active Toastmaster. He is a well-rounded boy who has great energy for play time adventure with his litter mates and is a cuddly little sweetheart when he tires of playing. It is also an opportunity to get as much or as little as you want depending on your hunger or your budget of the day. My cousin mentioned an organic restaurant called the Arrowleaf Bistro and the organic foods that they offer. Sage's Cafe is in downtown Salt Lake within walking distance from my house and I just love it.
The pasturing of turkeys and other poultry at Good Earth Farms allows their birds to live like nature intended. This is a warm place where temperature, drafts, light, and moisture are carefully managed to give the birds a comfortable and safe living environment.
There are no fences to limit their ranging, only their instincts that keep them close to their shelter, food and water. Organic Fresno serves vegan and vegetarian dishes, offering cheese from raw milk and cooked (but not overcooked) foods.
Ta-Raw’s husband is the “reflector” and deep thinker in the family who figures out solutions to big problems. She collaborates with people in the community who share her mindset, promotes local growers, and speaks with anyone who will listen. His soft, smooth coat is glossy as a polished stone, and his bright eyes shine with alert curiosity. We serve fresh organic juices and smoothies at our juice- bar, gourmet salads, soup, delicious desserts, cooked and raw entrees, and whatever else comes into creation in our kitchen. I have always been an avid fan of organic foods, and was happy to hear there was an organic food restaurant near my cousin’s home.
They scratch, eat clover and grass, chase grasshoppers and also receive a ration of Good Earth’s own organic feed mix.
Occasionally they run out of their natural pasture-raised poultry by Easter (especially turkeys) so it’s good to plan ahead.

The National Turkey Federation, states that turkey doesn’t technically freeze at 32 degrees F. The birds remain in the brooder until they have fully feathered, about six to seven weeks, and can handle a Wisconsin summer. They raise hen turkeys because you get more breast meat per bird when compared to toms of the same size.
According to the Hamiltons, “Whole Farms Revive Cafe is the first organic, raw, vegan cafe in Fresno.” They specialize in smoothies, fresh pressed juices, salads and entrees. The new restaurant has room for a farmer’s market, a store, gardens, and expanded classes as well as Ta-Raw’s ever growing catering business. One of their signature dishes, Pasta Puttanesca, seeks to honor the neighborhood with its traditional Italian sauce characteristic of what one might have smelled in long-ago brothel districts in Italy. She likes people and finds that when people are treated with respect, they respond in-kind.
Ta-Raw is involved in implementation and communication, often coming to the table with community groups and others advocating for positive change.
Captain Adventure can be shy around new people, but once he lets his guard down he warms up nicely. The organic foods they make contained fresh organic ingredients.As you would expect in organic restaurants, the menu prices where a little more expensive than traditional restaurants. That was a perfect side to their boasted tasty Airfries, their baked and healthier option of French fries (with half the fat).
The culinary team of Tara, Rachel, Kyal, and Ariana Hamilton are at the heart of Revive Cafe and Organic Fresno.
She wants people to understand the nutritional value of food and think about what they eat. Our goal is to provide delicious and healthy, common allergen-free foods with as much organic and local produce as possible! But it’s well worth it, considering the benefits of organic food, not to mention mouthwatering meals! Their menu has a wide range of options from burgers, wraps, soy options and even a healthy kids menu!
While the price was on the higher end for a cafe (versus sit down restaurant) it was worth having organic foods and healthier options.Finally, in terms of ambiance, it's a mix of hipster and futuristic. Overall, I was very pleased with this restaurant and recommend it for those individuals who are looking for a great organic food restaurant experience. I would recommend Evo's organic fast food and know they have locations in California and the East Coast as well. With 50-70% less fat both your heart AND taste buds will benefit, so don’t pass this up!

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