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For a lot of people (the lastminute lovelies included), the first week in January sees a return to the office.
Hot tip: The Glenmore has had a refurb and is well worth checking out, even if you have been there before, for perfect Harbour views. Hot tip: If the crowds at Bondi are a bit of a turn off, check out our other beach faves here.
Hot tip: Combine seeing Elle Wood and her Legally Blonde besties with a Sydney hotel stay with this stay and play package. Hot tip: Visit the ‘ANZ Tix for Next to Tix’ booth at bottom of Martin Place for tickets to shows on the day for $25.
Hot tip: If you want a bit more adrenalin in your sky-high adventures, there’s always sky-diving or learning to fly a plane – eek! Hot tip: A cycling tour will have you getting active while soaking up the sights of the city – bonus. Just one week from now on the 21st of August, Sydney will be hosting yet another exciting Organic & Green Expo.
Organic Beauty - Beauty chef Carla Oates reveals how to custom blend your own skincare products.
Subscribe to our RSS Feed, Follow us on Twitter or simply recommend us to friends and colleagues! Under cover means that you can get your goodies rain hail or shine and that is FABULOUS whichever way you look at it!
Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. One of only a handful left in the world, this innocuous looking vehicle used to coordinate military airstrikes. Jafe Jaffles rolls around Sydney and also tours around Australia and serves innovative twists on the humble jaffle, both savoury and sweet.
Way back in 1967 the iconic yellow ‘Kombi’ had a more serious job: ‘Telescrambler’ for the RAAF.
Agape Food Truck is an exciting new chapter in the life of Agape, Sydney’s largest certified organic restaurant and bar located in nearby Botany. Agape is breaking down the stigma that organic food is expensive, achieved by producing a food truck menu that uses local ingredients that are in season.
Dishes also use plenty of ancient grains such as spelt and amaranth, which are easy for the body to digest, and the delicious quinoa, a gluten free grain with high protein content. The Veggie Patch is unique collaboration between a design studio, TMOD and a restaurant, Yulli’s, to deliver accessible restaurant quality food with an innovative artistic edge. The enterprise’s whole foods philosophy extends on the ‘paddock to plate’ movement ensuring the delivery of minimally processed, full flavored cuisine aimed at reconnecting growers with diners.Determined to keep their environmental impact to an absolute minimum, the truck’s exterior has been made from recycled sustainable wood designed to resemble a farm barn house and cooking is powered by solar panels, while vegetable oil runs the engine. The menu of the day might include veggie burgers made with a zucchini & chickpea fritter topped with roasted tomato, beetroot relish, caramelized onions, dill mayonnaise, coriander and spinach on an ancient grain bun. Ancient grain zucchini and chickpea burger with beetroot relish, caramilsed onions, mayo and homemade tomato relish.Sweet potato and kale chips with herbed mayo,. Eat Art Truck has a strong connection to street art with a huge canvas on the side of the truck designed for street artists to express themselves.
Eat Art Truck will keep evolving from both a menu and an art perspective and will give diners something new to see and try every time they visit.

The menu, influenced by Stuart McGill’s time in some of Australia’s best kitchens and living in Japan, is centred around a BBQ theme and recreates some classic dishes from countries with a deep tradition of BBQ.
Stuart uses the elements that he most likes from Korean, Japanese and American cuisine and serves them in the way he thinks best represents Sydney.
There’s a very useful App for your smartphone (for Android phones and iPhones) to find out where the food trucks in Sydney are located with directions, the current menus and updates.
Discover a diverse range of quality late-night meals for when you’re on the go in Sydney. Please feel free to follow us Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and like our page on Facebook.
Serve thick slices of this loaf for breakfast or morning tea slathered with cultured butter or topped with creamy ricotta and stewed apple. Combine oats, coconut, dried fruit, sugar, syrup, egg, buttermilk and vanilla in a large mixing bowl. It’s easy to feel a little deflated that your summer break is over but don’t forget, there are still plenty more summer days to come! Discover the bar scene – Whether you go rooftop (The Glenmore Hotel in The Rocks or Sweethearts in Potts Point), or waterside (The Bar at the End of the Wharf in Walsh Bay or Manly Wharf Hotel) sipping delicious cocktails outdoors in summer is a must.
A ferry ride to Manly and ice-cream by the beach is one of Sydney’s simple (and cheap!) pleasures. Indulge your inner performer – If a trip to the cinema to see Hugh and Russell in Les Miserables this summer hasn’t scratched your musical itch, a dose of Legally Blonde: The Musical or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang should do the trick. Feel festive – With music, theatre, dance, opera and more, there’s something to suit every taste at the Sydney Festival.
Take to the skies – You’ve got to admit, seeing Sydney from above is a pretty attractive option.
Chase the food trucks – We heart the Sydney food truck movement and balmy summer evenings are all the excuse you need to indulge in a tasty alfresco meal. Culture vulture – Escape the summer sun and while away a few hours at The Australian Museum with the Alexander the Great: 2000 Years of Treasures exhibition or see one of the world’s greatest ballet companies without your passport, courtesy of the Paris Opera Ballet return to Australia with their performance of Giselle at the Capitol Theatre. She counts getting engaged in Paris, hiking in Cinque Terre, spotting a double rainbow over Uluru and landing on a glacier in Queenstown as some of her favourite travel experiences. Be blown away by a natural feast of organic beauty, organic foods, homewares and plenty of fun. It looks fabulous and the sweetness balances nicely with the spices, but you could serve it with rice or flatbread too. Luke Bridgeford and his team are serving your traditional Aussie pressed sambos, both sweet and savory, from the bowels of a rare, Cold War era, VW Kombi van. Fast forward a few decades, replace the shock and awe with ham and cheese and you’ve got Jafe Jaffles. Now because jaffles are about nothing but nostalgia and gooey good feelings, lets take you back to how this all began. As time went on and technology outran the van as a military tool, this very VW-van became one of the only two left.
Executive Chef and owner Simon Lawson first started cooking at a very early age in his grandmother’s kitchen where he developed a life long passion for food. At least once a month, a different artist will be invited to explore a theme on the side of the truck and profits from the sale of the artworks will go directly to charity.  Eat Art Truck’s first installation was painted live by Phibs, a renowned artist.

Perhaps they’re quite new, as I never saw anything like this when I lived back in Sydney, although I have seen a good variety of interesting food trucks on visits to the US west coast, New York and Vancouver, recently. Whatever its origin Khorasan is a uniquely buttery and rich flour with a caramel colour and mellow flavour. Fold into the wet mix with salt and pecans: it will be quite dense but try not to over mix (using a large, wide mixing bowl will make this easier). George Open Air cinema – Nestled in at Mrs Macquarie’s Point, it’s the perfect way to hold onto that holiday feeling after a day at work, watching new releases with the Harbour lapping at the shore. Soak up THAT view with a bite to eat at Opera Kitchen or Cafe Sydney (according to the fabulous Mrs Woog, the waiter she had added to the gorgeous view), book a Sydney Harbour Cocktail Cruise or tick the Bridge Climb off your bucket list and be rewarded with the ultimate postcard perfect view. Florentijn Hofman’s giant bobbing artwork Rubber Duck is going to be hard to miss at Darling Harbour! We recently sent one of our favourite bloggers Chantelle Ellem, aka Fat Mum Slim, to do just that and if it was even half as amazing as her photos looked, sign us up pronto. Cover, turn the heat down to low and simmer for about an hour, until the chicken is very tender. In this article some of the the most attractive and creative are being presented so you can visit them and try their delicious food when you visit Sydney. Brazen entrepreneur Luke Bridgford saw it’s potential and transformed it in to the state-of-the-art mobile food unit that is loved by many today.
Simon worked in Sydney’s top restaurants and after cooking professionally for over fifteen years, realized his dream to open his first restaurant and besides that and an attractive looking food truck.
Although it’s not gluten free many people who are sensitive to wheat and even spelt find Khorasan a much gentler alternative.
Get there when the gates open to nab your seat then have a drink and a bite to eat as you watch the sun set. If you’ve still got some energy, hit the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk or simply celebrate your surfing prowess with a meal at Icebergs. Nic’s gourmet adventures include eating her way through the gelato of Italy, indulging in the all inclusive food & wine at the World's Best Boutique Hotel, Saffire Freycinet, and the banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery. Stir in the garlic and ginger then add fennel seeds and powdered spices: stir until fragrant. Add a little water to prevent it drying out if you need to but try not to add too much as this will dull the flavour.
But before you start pledging your undying allegiance to Luke – you should know he is part of a trio with Cafe Lilliputian owner Marc Tucker and concept pioneer Hedge Zeppelin. Pre-purchase tickets are sold out but there are a limited number available on the door each night.
If the water is calling your name, kayaking will burn off some of those Christmas calories. Conversely, if the curry is too wet turn the heat up slightly and cook for the final 20 minutes uncovered.
Samantha Wills started out selling her gorgeous jewellery there so you never know what up and coming designer could be selling their wares.

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