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We are proud to to have the highest quality Gourmet Butcher and Organic Food Store as next door neighbors. Although some major grocery store chains do have a small section dedicated to selling "organic" food items, natural food stores can prove to be a better option when choosing organic in the long run. When you shop at your local organic health food store, you are generally buying the freshest food possible, all the while supporting local farmers as well as the private business owners who operate their natural market.
In addition to carrying a more sustainable and fresher selection of whole foods, natural food stores tend to be a source of raw dairy products and locally raised meats and eggs (something not commonly found in larger, conventional stores,) as well as a much wider selection of organic goodies and packaged products, specialty items, quality supplements, and even personal care products and household cleaning products. From City, to Coast, to Surf: Outdoor DiningDo you ever wish you could dine in the fresh air away from cigarette smoke and pollution? Miyako Japanese Cuisine is a Japanese restaurant that serves gourmet meals with a French influence. Melbourne city air can be pretty polluted at times, however, this outdoor dining area is tucked up above it all. This area is non-smoking, and the door joining the balcony to the rest of the restaurant can be kept closed upon request, which makes this dining area perfect for those who have perfume allergies or just prefer to dine outdoors in fresh air.
Jack Rabbit Vineyard, with its majestic views spanning across Corio Bay, sweeping on to the You Yangs, and then across Port Phillip Bay to the city of Melbourne, is the perfect place for a romantic lunch, a family dinner, or to marry that special someone.
A lovely one hour and forty minute drive up the coast to Anglesea, you will find McGain's organic cafe. This cafe is wheelchair friendly; and there's clear access via ramps to the disabled toilets. Think traditional home cooked meals made with local ingredients sourced locally and from the organic store next door.
In addition to organic and biodynamic produce, they also stock locally sourced fruit and vegetables and some conventional stock items. However, sitting out in the fresh sea air, nestled in the cafe hidden within McGain's nursery, and surrounded by coastal bushland is by far the best outdoor dining experience to be found on the Surf Coast. But wait, there's more: not only do they serve great coffee and delicious treats but they also sell plants in the gorgeous nursery surrounding the cafe and food store. McGain's is a popular place on the Surf Coast for locals and visitors to come and buy quality plants, get gardening advice, organic foods and ingredients, score fantastic coffee and enjoy delicious meals. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. With the up rise of healthy lifestyle in the recent years, healthy and nutritional food values are a must in most meals. All natural health food stores and organic markets dedicated wholly to selling organic, all natural foods have a tendency to stock produce and perishables from local sources, making them fresher and of better quality. Privately owned organic food stores are also staffed by friendly people who are quite knowledgeable about the organic food industry and their store selections, as well as tend to remember their customers on a personal basis such as their name, and individual likes and dislikes once you become an established visitor.

Some organic food markets may be smaller than others, and only offer all natural packaged goods and supplements with a limited supply of fresh, natural foods.
Because let's face it, often, outdoor dining can be near traffic, and smokers filling their ashtrays. If pollen is a problem or the Melbourne weather pulls one of its tricks, ask the friendly staff to pull down the plastic weather blinds enabling you to stay protected and still enjoy the fantastic panoramic view! There is the choice of a set menu, or of having it especially tailored for your special occasion or corporate event. In a plant rich open space, reminiscent of a French conservatory, quaint tables and chairs are set up, extending out into a pergola area covered in vines.
And, McGain's cafe is child friendly with a seating area set aside for busy young minds to get down with puzzles and books.
They realized their idea into reality after an inspiring visit to France, where they came across the 'Le Potager du Roi' kitchen garden at the Palace of Louis IV, at Versailles. After your meal, it's well worth taking a stroll around, if only to see the gorgeous fishpond. Thankfully this practice has also led to the growth of a chain of groceries and food stores selling health food, diet supplements, whole foods and importantly, organic foods.
Because natural food stores care about their clients and want to generate customer loyalty, many stores offer some sort of reward system based on customer loyalty generated by how often you shop and what you spend.
Others may be larger and more comparable to a grocery store, with a vast selection of meats, produce, and specialty items. Enclosed in a private balcony setting with panoramic views overlooking the Yarra River and the city; this is outdoor dining you won't want to miss.
Amongst the romantic scent of exotic Stephanotis, this is outdoor dining at its finest; because even when the weather's not kind, the combination of fixed glass, sliding doors and rollup clear blinds, facilitates an atmosphere that can be enjoyed year round. Since 2012, Pam, a dedicated and passionate cook, has aimed to serve customers the best organic foods available. And, every dish is garnished with flowers or herbs picked fresh from McGain's nursery, itself. This bean roaster is well known, having recently won 'The Best Roaster' in the Australian Coffee Awards. In this nursery you'll find all your coastal favourites, as well as many varieties of herbs and fruit trees, a huge selection of Australian native shrubs, trees and bushes. A natural food store is a place where you can buy food that is healthy, nutritional and free of chemicals and other deterrents like artificial sweeteners, food colorings, etc.
If you are fortunate enough to live in a large city or particularly urban area, many natural health food stores even offer organic grocery delivery services. Regardless of size and offerings, your local natural food store is sure to be a valuable resource.

Here are three outdoor dining venues set up amongst fresh air, and without an ashtray in sight. And as someone who visits there often myself, I've found that they've surpassed their goals, exceedingly. McGains professional barristers make premium coffee every time using locally sourced Shulz organic milk heated to the perfect temperature in their Lamarzocco coffee machine.
This can be a particularly convenient option for those who know exactly what they want but are too busy to find the time to shop themselves. It really is a sight not to be missed, especially since you won't be going hungry while taking the tour! When you walk into a natural food store, it is guaranteed that you will return with your health intact. Organic food stores of this nature can even have cafe's or juice bars within the store itself, making it an added convenience to grab a quick, healthy bite to eat. There are natural herbs, spices, whole food like fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, fish and poultry, health drinks, juices, protein and vitamin snacks and a whole lot of other ingredients that are nutritious, healthy and most importantly, completely natural and wholesome.Organic Food Store - Nutritions for SaleAnother good invention in the recent years is the organic food store. Shopping at your local organic food store can be pricier than grabbing a few items at your conventional, chain grocery store, but in the long run it can save you time and gas money if it is your one-stop shop for all your organic needs, with the added benefit of supporting and serving your local community. They not only offer wider choices to people, but also have the distinction of storing only superior quality food. It feels good to give back, and when you shop at your local health food store you are ensuring a healthier lifestyle for your family, supporting local business owners who care about their customers and the environment, as well as helping to give back to your local community. Organic food is known to be grown and cultivated without the harmful chemicals and pesticides that most farmers use.
For vegetarians and especially vegans, an organic food store is the safest bet and the healthiest option available because these food products are produced under the government mentioned organic food standards and regulations.
Processed foods that claim to be organic must contain only organic ingredients and must be free of artificial food coloring, dyes and other additives.
They must not be artificially ripened or even genetically modified, like some seedless tomatoes or bananas, etc. To be sure if the supermarket product you're purchasing is truly organic, do check the label and trademarks thoroughly.Organic Food Online - Easy and QuickIf it is difficult for you to hunt for organic food stores around, you can try surfing the internet for sources of organic food online shops. Many whole food corporations and organizations have stepped into the market with organic food items and have started online stores from where you can buy your choice of product and get them fresh and easy at your doorstep.

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