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Our passion for quality organic lifestyle led us to our first organic shop in 1999, when the term ‘organic’ was still new to Malaysians. Today, justlife™ is a name that stands for distinctive quality and inspiring Earth-friendly lifestyle. Our products are made of real ingredients without the use of any synthetic chemicals and genetically engineered ingredients. We strongly encourage values such as artisan that preserves sustainable traditional production methods, fair trade and animal-cruelty free production. Farming in harmony with the rhythm of the moon and nature, Sonnentor unfolds the full potency and therapeutic properties of its teas and herbs. Down To Earth demonstrated how fair trade is helping to end poverty, changing the lives of thousands of farmers and saving thousands of acres of lands from the pollution of agriculture chemicals. NUI’s Certi?ed Fair Trade guarantees fair price for the farm producers, helping them regain control and make improvements to their community. The Bites Artisan is the label for our handcrafted products, produced in small batches by dedicated people in small communities to preserve the authenticity and integrity of the products. Our StoryIt is our passion for quality organic lifestyle that led us to start our first organic shop in 1999 when organic was still new to Malaysians.
Today, justlife™ is a name that stands for distinctive quality and inspiring organic lifestyle. Green InitiativesInspired by our vision — to green every industry, justlife™ organizes programs and events from time to time to spread the green messages in various scales, reaching out to a diverse audience.
The Organic Farm have a lovely little farm shop, with fresh meat, vegetables and dairy from the farm as well as Fairtrade gifts. Cool Places celebrates the glorious diversity of Great Britain, promoting the very best places to sleep, eat, drink, see, and shop.

Sign up for Cool Places to find out about the very best UK hotels, cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops - and review them yourself. O'burger, the first organic fast food joint in Los Angeles, where the burgers and everything else are all organic.
Since we first opened our door in 1999, justlife™ has been a platform to inspire the love for nature and respect for life.
Since then, what remain unchanged are our persistent effort in cultivating awareness for an Earth-friendly lifestyle and promoting authentic quality products under our roofs. As genetically modified foods are usually not labeled, buying products with an organic certification is the only sure way to avoid them.
Buying products with an organic certification is the only sure way to avoid GM ingredients.
We particularly love the independent businesses that make the UK unique, from artisan bakers to farm shops, canoe trips to gastronomic tours, cool cafes to high-end restaurants and the tiniest B&B to the grandest boutique hotel. Well, "the buns, the sauce, the vegetables, meat, ketchup, mustard, fries and salad dressing" - it's all organic.
There are about 25 friends and family which get together, pitch up and spend the day playing games and the evenings by the fire pit. In the field there is a compost loo just inside the woods, which can take a bit of getting used to! Well the beef comes from grass-fed cows, the turkey burgers all come from free-range, grass fed turkeys and the veggie patties are vegan-friendly and made in-house from corn, oats and vegetables. The loo is the one reason I'd give the site only 4 out of 5 stars (rather than 5 out of 5). According to O'burger, "if its edible, its organic."For the meat-eaters in the audience, O'burger burgers come from Uruguay and are fed on 2 football-field sized areas of pampas grass.

I'd advise bringing a torch and a covering for the door as it is a half height door and not exactly "private" but as long as you walk to the toilet with someone, they can keep watch at the entrance of the forest so noone walks in on you! The burgers are lower in saturated fats and higher in Omega-3's, Vitamins A & E and antioxidants.Since its a food joint, they want the whole experience to be as tasty and healthy as possible, so they made sure their building is healthy as well. The owners could fix these problems by changing the door and putting a solar light in there but as the field is not their main income it is not a priority for them.
Whether you fancy a weekend woodworking workshop (or cheesemaking, or block print textiles, etc), a fabulous bolt-hole for a family weekend, or just a darn good cup of coffee, you must stop here. The prices are reasonable, the location of the field is very private and well worth considering if you are looking a peaceful and private group retreat! In fact, you could make Abbey Home Farm your whole weekend away and you wouldn't need to go anywhere else.
But to focus on the shop, everything's organic (bar the honey), and the owners claim that a weekly shop here can be up to 20 per cent lower than in supermarkets. They have skincare products, textiles, gifts and more, and much of what's for sale comes direct from the farm. It's proper old-fashioned shopping the way our grannies would have done, and you're sure to enjoy the experience.

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