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I use Everplaces to pin down the place, add some photos I later use on my blogs, write down some first notes.
If you are a person who loves organic vegetarian and raw food as we do and you are passing by Ubud in Bali (Indonesia), then this post about vegetarian organic restaurants is going to be the perfect Ubud guide for you. We spent three weeks and three days in Ubud, tried almost all of the organic vegetarian raw dishes in town and we were feeling heavenly and healthy!
For those of you who want to stay healthy on the road, we’ve created a list of the best organic vegetarian restaurants and cafes in Ubud. We’ve created a list of raw and vegetarian friendly restaurants and rated them from our most favourite to our least preferred one. We saw this chic place a few times when passing by with a scooter and it didn’t inspire us a lot. A wonderfully peaceful, open space, with a lovely atmosphere of sharing within a community. Despite the fact that this lovely, two-floor restaurant is located in one the busiest streets of Ubud, you’ll find your peace here thanks to comfortable chairs, very friendly staff and, of course, wonderful, healthy food for your tummy!
What looks from the outside to be a commonplace, small restaurant is actually a heaven full of pure tastes of dishes prepared with love. We loved the menu, but a couple of times we were not able to order what we wanted and we wished the staff had been more organized. As they state on their menu, they use organic where it’s possible, so make sure to ask not to add soy sauce or salt, which is likely from a common manufacturer. Amazing spacious, open-air restaurant with the best view of all the vegetarian organic restaurants in Ubud! Very friendly staff, meals arrive quickly and almost all together, which is not very common in Asian restaurants.
There are a few couches, but otherwise you can sit at the simple, black, wooden table with paper lamps swinging in the wind above you. The restaurant is a bit far from the center, but worth paying a visit for the delicious and nutritious food they will serve you.
The place is located just next to Hubud, a co-working space, and it serves fresh salads, sandwiches, snacks, and absolutely delicious raw cakes.
This place was one of the biggest disappointments for us when talking about the organic vegetarian food in Ubud. A 3 star accommodation with swimming pool, massage service, bicycle rental and airport shuttle.
Situated near local attractions, the hotel offers rooms with satellite channels, a mini bar and a shower. We hope this guide will bring you to some inspiring, organic vegetarian restaurants that will fill you up in the healthiest of ways.
Smith Street Deli, a mainstay in the Merrick area is now set to a second location in Bellmore. The Greene Turtle, a Maryland based sports bar and restaurant that opened in Franklin Square not too long ago is taking over the space that was formerly occupied by the long-standing Hooters in East Meadow. Margarita’s Cafe on Front Street in East Meadow has to be one of our favorite Mexican restaurants on Long Island.

La Gioconda, an italian restaurant located just across from the Great Neck Plaza LIRR station has closed it doors in 2014 and it comes as quite a surprise (to us). Jandi?s food is free of Cholesterol, Dairy Products, Wheat Products, Yeast and Refined Sugar.
Meet Patrick from Germany, a long-time blogger about organic food and sustainable consumption. Wherever I travel though I always look out for new organic or vegan places, restaurants, cafés, etc.
Years ago I used real paper city maps and I put little stickers on the places I found - in preparation of my travel or during my stay. Vego is one oft the best places to go for that, in a very nice area just around the Helmholtzplatz.
Well, with all its yoga studios, spas, budget guesthouses, luxury resorts, wellness facilities and the amazing Hanging Gardens Ubud, no wonder Ubud is literally PACKED with restaurants that serve some excellent vegan, vegetarian and raw food. We’ve been to eighteen of them, tried a lot of healthy, delicious meals, drank several liters of juices, coconut water and super boosting smoothies.
Moreover, to give you an idea of how much you would pay at each place, you’ll find the prices for beverage (B), appetizers (A), main meals (MM) and desserts (D) for each restaurant or cafe. But when we dined there one evening for a dinner, we were awed at the surprise that awaited us!
A cool little hippie restaurant with a nice staff, comfortable cushions and most importantly, great organic food! You can either chill out on a cushion on the ground floor or sit at a table looking out upon a small, green yard. Here you find good quality food and high vibes, as they proudly claim on their welcome sign. You will find various modern, wooden chairs, both massive and small tables, with a view of one of the main roads.
The only single thing that put a minus point for this popular organic restaurant was the slightly frozen raw cake we tried here. You can enjoy your meal either at your table or on a comfortable cushion, inside or outside.
Wooden furniture and lamps hanging above you give you a comfortable feeling, either you sit on a cushion, couch, or at the table on the first floor. It’s a place where a lot of people from yoga, alternative medicine and different spiritual workshops gather for a good, organic meal or a chat. The garden cafe, which is actually a big, beautiful patio, is literally nestled in a green garden of the Yoga Barn complex. You can create your plate either from the buffet options, or simply order a meal from the menu.
We ate there twice and have to say that salads were a bit over salted and the quinoa was not that fresh.
In Down to Earth you either sit on a long terrace with a view of a street or you can stay inside, at the table or on a cushion with a small table. Unlike Taksu Garden Cafe, which is located in a beautiful garden on a ground floor, Taksu restaurant is a generic space with no artistic taste between its first and second floors.

If we’ve missed any of the best organic- and vegetarian-friendly places in Ubud, please let us know.
A slight change to their name, going by Smith Street Deli South, this will move them down to a location south of Sunrise Highway (their Merrick location is located north of Sunrise near the Meadowbrook Parkway). While we visited their diner multiple times over the years (some for Restaurant Hunter, on FiOS1 and then on our own with friends and family), we were always excited at finishing up dinner with one of their legendary ice cream treats. This new location will fit in perfectly with both the residential community and the nearby Hofstra University students (especially those that are of age to enjoy their Mug Club). According to Newsday, Sacramone’s, an italian restaurant that is very well known for its delicious pizza and other italian staples will be closing their doors on August 15th, just a few days away.
A quaint, dimly lit and intimate restaurant and catering operation, we were surprised to hear the news of their demise as we have dined there numerous times over the past 7 or so years and each time that we had visited the restaurant was pretty busy. Nobody paid us for a single meal, all opinions are our own, or, of our foodies’ tongue, to be more precise.
Dim light, great music, a gorgeous staff, and so much beautifully presented and mouth-watering food. Dayu’s warung only has a few tables, and serves a range of Balinese, Indian, Mexican and Italian dishes.
Or you can just sit, work online and enjoy your meal and fresh, healthy smoothie or fresh coconut inside.
To get to Sari Organik is a small adventure: you’ll walk for about 15-20 minutes through rice fields, but it is totally worth it.
We visited this place only once and the food was not exceptional, as it was sweeter and more cooked than we prefer. A hub for digital nomads, who, if they’re not bending over their laptops, they relax on fat chairs in a small garden. We were also not crazy about the food that we ordered (grilled vegetables were not grilled at all and the wild mushroom ravioli stuck to each other). Hit up their Yelp reviews and it’s a mixture of 1-star reviews and some that are overwhelmingly positive.
If you’re thinking of going there on a weekend night, reservations are an absolute must. You can find raw, organic dishes, but also very tasty, cooked vegetarian meals, including an Ayurvedic menu. We know that you can’t please everyone, but without the social initiative that it takes to keep bringing in new customers, can they continue on this way forever?
Come January 20th the lines may get a little bit easier when their newest (and 3rd overall) location opens on Wantagh Avenue in Wantagh. The reliable internet connection, reasonable prices and very friendly staff made us into regulars. As she says, “Food is life,” and after eating in her local vegetarian restaurant, you will indeed feel revitalized.

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