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In preparation for our Op-Ed essays, it’s interesting to reflect on some of the conventions of the Op-Ed essay versus, say, the academic essay.
Maybe it’s because hip hop culture – which includes rapping, djaying, beat-making, b-boying, fashion, graffiti and film, among other elements – is able to express the everyday realities of “livin’ on a see-saw”. The Cuban rap duo Obsesion are one of the most innovative and long-standing groups in the Cuban rap scene. This song is about the life of Palestinians in Israel and their daily encounters of police harassment, displacement, and racism. This bullshit where they parallel Blackness to being an agent of the State; targeted for being ALIVE versus risk factors for a job. This site is part of the CUNY Academic Commons, an academic social network for the entire 24-campus CUNY system. Unless otherwise stated, all content on the CUNY Academic Commons is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
As most of us may have noticed, the congressional elections this past November resulted in a historically low voter turnout — just 36.4 percent of eligible voters participated, the lowest since WWII. Within days of the election, President Obama announced his plan to expand his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to include parents of young immigrant “dreamers” and allow them to avoid deportation by gaining a pathway to legal status via executive action — a policy position that 55 percent of millennials reportedly supported.
Just last week, President Obama unveiled a $60 billion plan to provide two years of free community college to anyone willing to work for it.

It is undeniable that the president has been publically reaching out to young voters across the political spectrum and has been directly offering solutions to their problems.
These are the political issues millennials are talking about while online with their peers.
I didn’t know why the song about an American ghetto struck a chord with me, a teenager growing up in a working-class beachside neighborhood of Sydney. The music appeals so broadly across diverse cultures, not because everyone shares the same situation chronicled in the genre, but because it gives young people an outline that they can color with their own experiences. In this song, Magia raps about being a woman in a male dominated genre, and how she retains her own unique voice as a female emcee. However, this is still 15 percent higher than eligible millennial voters, whose turn out came in at 21.3 percent, according to Pew Polling. This followed a summer flooded with “#dreamer” Internet testimonials in the aftermath of over 100,000 unaccompanied minors fleeing violence in Central America, particularly from Honduras. 10, the president publically advised the Federal Communications Commission to adopt stricter guidelines for Internet Service Providers that would treat the Internet like other public utilities, which is commonly referred to as, net neutrality.
The average student in America has $28,400 in student loan debt, and $23,854 in Louisiana, according to the Congressional Budget Office report this September. But why would the president consider the policy preferences of a group who stayed home four to one?

I see pro-amnesty stories and articles, explanations of net neutrality and its importance, and complaints about the cost of college every time I pull up a social network. Hip hop is a way for those on the margins to tell their own stories – in all their hybridity, pain, and humor – in societies where there is no other language or medium for these stories to be told. Younger voters instead took to the Internet and its various social networking sites to outline salient political issues and their favored positions in lieu of showing up to the polls. This development is considerable, because presidents almost never interfere with the FCC’s policy decision-making process since it operates independently and in a nonpartisan fashion.
The weight of this burden affects college students who are privileged enough to attend college and acts as a disincentive for those who can’t. Any politician who wants to appeal to young voters would naturally look to the Internet to identify and attempt to address these problems. This announcement also came on the heels of Internet users disabling the FCC’s webpage with comments supporting net neutrality.

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