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The roof of the solar barn was designed to hold twenty-four 8x10 thermal collectors at an ideal pitch for winter sun.
At the rear of the solar barn there is a generator shed containing two generators (Kohler and Onan) connected to a buried 1000-gallon propane tank. The control room houses the batteries that store power from the nine pole-mounted kilowatt PV arrays, as well as the inverters that provide power to the Natural Home and Hobby Barn.
This one-of-a-kind green retreat includes a 10-acre meadow, spectacular 360-degree views of two states, a half-mile ridge walk looking down into valleys below, the largest cherry tree in North Carolina, beautiful ponds and more than a dozen springs. The playroom was designed as a bedroom and can be used for an additional bedroom or craft room. The 3'x8' raised beds are designed to incorporate optional support for climbing plants such as peas and tomatoes. It also houses an equipment storage and maintenance area, a backup wood-fired boiler and wood storage area, a generator shed, a 60'x12' room that serves as craft space and storage, a three-car parking area, and a large gymnasium. There are two generators for fault-tolerance, so that one can be taken off-line for service. The power system consists of dual Xantrex 4048 inverters, providing standard 110 and 220 volt power.

This property is ideal as a self-sufficient family compound, retreat center, camp or working organic farm.
Wood for the home was milled on-site, including the structural members, decking, most flooring, cabinets, all trim and the solid cherry front door. The garden shed has an 8'x8' storage closet as well as two outdoor closets so that tools are always near at hand. There are redundant dual Outback inverters on standby so that power need not be interrupted should any part of the system require servicing.
There is a basketball goal, a climbing wall and wall attachments for volleyball net, a sports equipment storage closet and a yoga wall. Ginseng, Solomon's Seal, blue cohosh, and bloodroot are among the numerous edible and medicinal plants identified in the forest. Earthen plaster walls in the master suite and yoga room were made from all local materials. The structure also includes a vegetable processing counter and work table made of locust butcher block. The 5000-gallon thermal battery can also be heated by the covered wood-fired boiler at the rear of the barn, but this is only necessary in the heart of winter when there is unusually cold weather (below freezing) and a string of days without sun.

A six-zone radiant floor system and the triple pane Loewen windows keep this remarkable house warm in winter, while the home's elevation and design keeps it cool in the summer. During winter's coldest months, the house maintains itself at 62 degrees without requiring extra heat or power. Underground power connects to the 'hobby barn' and can power the entire retreat if desired.
The solar thermal and solar electric systems are sized such that the house is entirely self-sufficient. The interior of the home comprises  over 6,000 square feet of living space with four bedrooms, two kitchens, four and a half bathrooms, a yoga room, large mud room, and two office spaces that can also serve as additional bedrooms.
The control room also contains a water distiller that automatically uses excess power to distill water for servicing the 24 Rolls batteries.

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