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Big cities aren’t for everyone… If you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors and a simple life, maybe its time to consider moving to an off the grid home. In rural parts of Scandinavia sod roofs are popular, and have been the design of choice for centuries. West Virginia has plenty of beautiful options of off the grid homes, imagine stumbling across this in the middle of the fields and forests. Valhalla California is a group dedicated to building an entire off the grid community in the heart of Los Angeles.
This off the grid cabin is set into the side of a private mountain ridge, surrounded by dense forest. The small family house in Spain was built by Alventosa Morell using six wooden boxes constructed in a workshop and then later placed on concrete slabs.
This beautiful off the grid hobbit home proves you don’t need to be an architect to build a cozy home.
Designed by Tom Chudleigh, Free Spirit Tree Homes are built for creative minded people who want to express themselves through their dwelling. This beautiful home is built by the Justin Capra Foundation for Sustainable Technologies and Inventions. Off the grid homes are gradually -albeit slowly- taking the place of traditional getaway homes, cabins and lodges. Constructed by BARK Design Collective, the All Terrain Cabin is a perfect example of a simple and classy off the grid home. The beauty of off the grid homes is that not only are you not reliant on other people and corporations but depending on the design and size, you can transport them from one location to another.
This was constructed from just one 8ft x 20ft shipping container with an addition of wood, glass and aluminium and contains about 480 sq ft of space.
It’s also fitted with an open air deck, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining, and living rooms, a biodiesel generator, solar panels for electricity, composting toilets, rain water collector and an equipment that recycles grey water for use.
Off the grid shipping container homes are generally cheaper to build and cost less compared to traditional or conventional buildings. And because of their ease of installation, These prefabricated shipping container off the grid homes are generally faster to build and put together.
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They offer amazing insulation, stabilize the home and look beautiful throughout the different seasons. This tree house style cabin is set along the Appalachian mountains and could be a hikers dream. This small cabin in New York would be great for a unique off the grid home to spend vacations into the backcountry.
The homes are not connected to electricity or gas plants and instead use recycled water, solar energy and even have a sustained food forest where they grow their own fruits and vegetables. The cabin overlooks a river in the valley below and some beautiful scenery and vast wildlife.
Simon Dale built this place with only $3,000, some simple tools and lots of help from friends and his father-in-law. While there are not many off the grid homes built from shipping containers, we feel the All Terrain Cabin example will suffice. Also, depending on the size of the shipping container and the number of containers used, off the grid homes built with shipping containers are relocatable. The Homes and Garden TV network has a show where regular couples and families looking for an adventure rent or buy a home completely off the beaten path.  Moving to a off the grid home, away from vital services such as indoor plumbing, electricity and garbage pick up may be a nightmare for some, but the benefits and experience is drawing people to consider their options. Generally, people think of hippies when they think off the grid but many families are choosing to make the change because it can save thousands of dollars every year. Each house is built with solar and photovoltaic thermal technology that power the home exclusively, making them totally self-sufficient. Some off the grid homes even have trees growing from their roofs of beautiful wildflowers and bushes.
This beautifully designed cabin is owned by fashion designer Scott Newkirk, who has no traces of modern technology in his home.

The eco domes are sturdier than normal housing and capable of withstanding natural disasters.
Half a dozen doors provide easy access to the yard and easy ventilation of the property in this three bedroom one bathroom home.  It is eco-friendly and took less than four months to complete. This house has nearly no visual or environmental impact on the surrounding landscape in Wales. They are wooden spheres that hang from trees or other surfaces in shapes that mimic the natural world.
The foundation is building other homes and the structure has a flexible nature to be able to make plenty of designs, shapes and sizes. In the event that they are constructed offsite, the parts are shipped to the site, assembled and installed easily. The cost alone is opening people up to spending some time learning just how easy it is for North Americans compared to some regions of the world.
Rainwater is collected in five gallon storage tanks and filtered for regular use and grey water is stored outside to water plants. The practice started long ago because materials could be purchased inexpensively, the installation was hard work, but families were larger and had plenty of manpower and friends helped much like American barn buildings.
Homes can be truly unique instead of the cookie cutter ones we are used to seeing, and who wouldn’t want to wake up to the mountains everyday.
The walls are made from cob which is a mixture of sand, clay and straw which makes it easy to make curved modern looking edges and is cheap and sustainable. The sun is used for heating and the insulation is made from local wood and recycled materials and uses only a quarter of the energy of a normal house of that size.
Even the landscaping is done using only native plants, and despite being off the grid this community is only 20 miles from the nearest city. Some of these places don’t have electricity but windmills and solar power are both commonly used for electricity. It took some imagination and alternative energy sources, but now Dale can live like a character from his favorite book. The house uses a blend of tree house and sailboat technology, using suspension and anchor points similar to those found on a sailboat. The modular unit is made in a way that if more room is needed in the future it can be easily transformed into a more functional, larger space. For a bit of rustic living, Norway could be a beautiful place to move to an off the grid home. After dealing with the stress of a busy work week, this looks like the perfect place to unwind and detach from the outside world. The green zero energy ‘soleta’ home can even be controlled by a smartphone device, making living off the grid an attractive modern concept. Its easy to see with these attractive homes why people are deciding to give it a chance, whether its the beautiful rural landscapes, gorgeous unique homes, or just to save a few dollars here are some of the most intriguing options. There are different sizes, some are small and confined like the inside of a trailer while others are built more like houses with many different rooms and even a second story.

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