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The Land Ark is a semi-permanent structure which allows occupants to enjoy areas of natural beauty without compromising their environments. Designed by Richard Carbonnier, this tubular arctic cabin on Baffin Island in Nunavut shifts with the permafrost. This Lake Muskoka cottage tree house was constructed with minimum impact to the environment.
The solar pod makes living off grid a cinch – you just transport this mobile rad pad to your desired location and soak in the sun. This green roof home combines the insulating properties of a living roof with green energy generated by a solar panel system for a completely net-zero home.
Nikki is an author and writer specializing in green living ideas and tips, adventure travel, upcycling, and all things eco-friendly. Nikki is a Toronto based author and green living blogger specializing in environmentally-friendly building technologies, renewable energy and all things green. Did You Know?Projects in 12 countries are registered in the Living Building Challenge and six other projects have been certified to date.
December 3, 2012By Steven CastleThis Net Zero home not only produces all its own energy, it stores and automates it as well. Yes, we’re thinking of Hurricane Sandy victims of a decimated power infrastructure, but also of the hundreds of thousands whose power goes out regularly in big and not-so-big storms and wait for days while large and overtaxed utilities try to restore power. And more and more, we’re seeing homes designed and built not just with net-zero (producing your own energy) in mind, but with storing energy as well. Six OutBack inverters (center) and a bank of 48 batteries (left) convert and store the electricity. The 72-panel solar PV array produces 16.6 kw, with 260 kWh of battery storage, enough for about 36 hours of use, says Snider. The home consumes about 100 kilowatt hours (kWh) of solar energy a day when the homeowners are in residence—some of that just from keeping the backup generators warmed and ready to go. The eMonitor display shows energy production and consumption at the circuit level with easy-to-read graphs and charts. AVDomotics created its own “modules” within the Crestron platform to enable the automation system to communicate with an OutBack Mate2 solar inverter control system. The Crestron system can also perform much-needed load shedding, in which it turns certain devices down or completely off to save energy.
After construction, the owners realized they could save even more by swapping their incandescent lights for LEDs (light emitting diodes).
When it’s time to leave for the season, the owners only have to push an away button on any of their Crestron controllers turn off everything. For added assurance, the Sniders and AVDomotics receive alerts from the eMonitor and Crestron systems if any circuits are on or if there’s a problem with a system in the home.
This article is based on a feature article in the July-August issue of Electronic House and can be found here.
Learn more about archery in Toronto by visiting the Toronto Public Archery Range Facebook pageor by joining the Canadian Toxophilite Society. There is an unlimited number of ways a person can design an off the grid home when it comes to architecture. Here are 25 examples of architecture being used to create different versions of off the grid homes. Live MuthatruckaMarch 23, 2016 at 1:05 PMI see similar glass enclosed living spaces at the zoo. My woodworking project this winter has been an experiment in how to make a homemade crossbow. As previously shown in an older post, here is my Tillering Stick that I made on the right. The apartments will be built from 180 modules surrounding a courtyard that will be anchored on a concrete caisson foundation.
Rather than putting entire cities on water, most of the proposals today combine water-based buildings with land-based architecture protected against water using flotation fixtures, raised platforms or anchored structures. Both employ a large hollow concrete cube at their base to provide buoyancy, and are "moored" in pairs to huge steel piles to keep them anchored in one place, the piles enabling them to withstand currents as strong as you would find on the open seas.
Water and electricity are brought in through flexible pipes that have been adapted to bend and move with the swell of the water.
Dura Vermeer is also developing what they term "dry-proof" and "wet-proof" houses, the former designed to prevent water intrusion, the latter to actually allow it.
Perishable art: What food could better express the fragility and shakiness of buildings in an earthquake zone than Jell-O?

If you're interested in bamboo as a sustainable material for building, or just love the look of it, you could happily spend a lot of time here. You are viewing a limited version of the website due to your browser, an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. Operating entirely off the grid, these homes match renewable energy sources with modern style.
On an island 20 miles off the coast of Maine, a writer, with the help of his daughter, built not only a room but an entire green getaway of his own. The entire cabin, including its refrigerator-freezer, is powered by the rooftop solar system from Solarwinds Northernlights. Entirely off the grid, this home on the Colorado Plateau is powered by four photovoltaic panels that supply electricity to lights, small appliances, and water pumps. The Watershed is an off-the-grid writer’s retreat that architect Erin Moore designed for her mother, nature writer Kathleen Dean Moore in Wren, Oregon. When she visits, Kathleen limits her writing accoutrements to paper and pencil. For this rural Ontario home, building sustainably was less about high-tech gizmos than learning to truly love the land. “There’s a presence to that place—it’s vast, and constantly shifting,” says architect Lisa Moffitt.
Completed in fall 2013 for just over $118,000, Jason Gordon’s off-the-grid, 1,157-square-foot house in Arkansas was designed to have as little of an impact on its environment as possible.
A prefabricated off-the-grid vacation home in eastern Washington references its rugged surroundings. Prefab units cluster together in this off-the-grid guesthouse designed by MOS Architects. Multiple sustainable features keep it cool and energy-efficient despite its New Mexico desert surroundings. The prospect of retirement doesn’t just signal the end of a career; it offers the chance to recalibrate and re-prioritize in life. Each week, we tap into Dwell's Instagram community to bring you the most captivating design and architecture shots of the week.
After last year’s collaboration, we were excited to team up with Monogram again for the 2016 Monogram Modern Home Tour. An angled deck transforms a backyard in Menlo Park, California, into a welcoming gathering spot.
Today, we kicked off this year’s annual Dwell on Design at the LA Convention Center, which will continue through Sunday, June 26th.
Two designers restore a low-slung midcentury gem in Napa, California, by an unsung Bay Area modernist. San Francisco–based designer Maca Huneeus created her family’s weekend retreat near Lake Tahoe with a relaxed, sophisticated sensibility. A Toronto couple remodel their home with a special emphasis on a spacious kitchen and a material-rich bathroom.
In Kansas City, an architecture studio designs an adaptable house for a musician on a budget.
By straightening angles, installing windows, and adding vertical accents, architect Aaron Ritenour brought light and order to an irregularly shaped apartment in the heart of Athens, Greece. A modest kitchen addition to a couple’s cottage outside of Brisbane proves that one 376-square-foot room can revive an entire home. Seeking an escape from bustling city life, a Manhattan couple embarks on a renovation in the verdant Hudson Valley. Anchored in a small San Francisco canal, this floating home takes its cues from a classic city habitat.
From the bones of a neglected farmstead in rural Scotland emerges a low-impact, solar-powered home that’s all about working with what was already there. An architect with a taste for unconventional living spaces creates a small house at lofty heights with a starring view. As solar panel technology boosts efficiency and the cost of panels goes down, more homeowners are opting to create their own, green eco-friendly energy which saves them money and ensures power even in inclement weather.
The 4Tree house, designed by Lukasz Kos, is actually built around the base of a tree and it’s three-storey slatted design allows visitors to be at one with nature. The solar pod is pretty self-sufficient and energy is generated from its super-efficient solar panels.
This Norwegian home isn’t an unusual sight in Scandinavia where living roofs are used to help insulate homes against the cold winters.
Learn to make fun upcycling crafts and furniture, make your own cleaning products, grow your own food and make ALL your own beauty products from face creams to mascara.Click HERE. They come from those looking at modest solar photovoltaic (PV) investments to power their homes with grid-tied systems and realizing that when utility power goes out, so does their system’s ability to produce power (backfeeding power on the lines is a hazard to linemen trying to repair a grid). A solar thermal system heats water for domestic use and the home’s radiant-floor heating system, and a backup generator and water heater for times when all the power from the sun isn’t enough.
The company also programmed the Crestron system to monitor the level of liquid propane and water available in their respective tanks.

When the house is unoccupied, for example, the well and septic pumps shut off, and if there isn’t much juice left in the solar system’s storage batteries, the lights dim to 75 percent. The thing that I use the most is checking on the PV system and seeing how much energy we’re producing, and I can do that from anywhere in the world,” says Tim. Twelve zones of audio and eight TVs, including a surround-sound system in the family room, are served by home control company Crestron’s ADMS Intermedia Delivery System media server.
White says it cost about $3,500 to replace the existing bulbs with Philips and Color Kinetics LEDs, but was well worth it, as the homeowners would have had to spend $10,000 more on solar panels to run the incandescent lights. AVDomotics may tie them to indoor and outdoor temperature sensors so they can turn on and off automatically. Then they can hop in the car, take a last look at their remote retreat, and press another button to roll down the aluminum shutters over all of the first floor windows and doors for safety and security. Emails are also delivered to AVDomotics twice a day with a status report of the system, which helps the custom electronics dealer proactively remedy a situation before it becomes costly or dangerous. They might design it like a log cabin, they might go ultra modern, their focus might be to make it a green home, or they might try a myriad other ways to create their own version of sustainable architecture. Like the luxury watercraft it actually kind of is, the 60-unit Citadel will rise and fall with the water, offering its residents wetland views and berths for small boats. For Olthuis, creating floating buildings goes beyond architecture and is about a new vision for city planning. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC. For full website functionality, please upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 (or greater), Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Green elements include a photovoltaic array, a rainwater catchment system, and a pier footing foundation that elevates the house over the land, minimizing site disturbance. Its steel cladding has developed a patina similar to the ochre-red color of bedrock found in the area.
Though we’ve been hosting this extensive event for years, this time around is particularly special. Declarations of grid independence also come from people who are fed up with losing power for days or weeks during storms that are becoming more prevalent and more intense. It’s powered by a large solar PV system, but it also stores the energy collected in a bank of batteries that are governed by a system to optimally charge them automatically—and automatically conduct load-shedding when power supplies are low.
Snider’s home is miles from the nearest power lines, so the home had to build to be completely self-sustainable.
A high-end Uponor in-floor radiant heating system, which relies on water heated by the roof’s solar thermal panels and liquid propane-fueled hot water in the backup tank, was integrated into the Crestron control system as well. Crestron’s DigitalMedia switching technology delivers audio and video content to different areas of the house via the company’s DigitalMedia fiber solution, with fiber-optic wires terminating at each of the home’s TVs. In essence, they have already received an immediate return on their investment, and then some. Living Architecture: This organization is taking aim at Britons' affection for traditional styles of architecture by commissioning architects to create unusual modern holiday rental homes in England.
Our project is a full solar house, a new generation of building that visitors have come to appreciate.” says the co-director of the project, Neil Gershenfeld.
Tim can also see how much power is available as stored energy in the batteries from Crestron’s touchpanels and apps. Its creative director (and a founding member) is Alain de Botton, author of "The Architecture of Happiness," among other works -- and also an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Inhabitat features three new houses in Bali's all-bamboo Green Village that illustrate the beauty and utility of bamboo. He decided to add 16.6 kilowatts of solar PV to the mix, even though powering the home with generators might have been cheaper. Green Village's website has a photo gallery, plus another under "Design." They're built by Ibuku, whose website also is worth perusing for the photo galleries -- one for architecture, another for interiors, and one for bamboo as building material. After all, if you’re going to power a home, you may as well take advantage of Arizona’s abundant sunshine.

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