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In the Huelo and Honopou area of Maui's north shore, many self sufficient homes are located down remote country roads with no electric or water service. As you can see, off grid homes are just like other homes for all intents and purposes, though more attention is paid to using energy saving fixtures and lighting, and utilizing the natural cooling effects of the tradewinds. Breath taking views this is your opportunity to build your off the grid home and live in a fantastic community with other off the grid property owners.
Off-the-grid southwestern gems: 2 lovely homes in the mimbres river riparian belt on 3+ acres.
Many might think adventure begins with leaving the home, but what if you could take your abode with you wherever you go? Created for client Marjolein Jonker, Walden Studio’s abode is the first tiny house to be legally placed with a temporary permit by a municipality in the Netherlands.
Even if you don’t plan on making a back country trip to Norway any time soon, these tiny cabins may give you a few ideas on how to create a tiny house that melds nearly seamlessly with its natural surroundings. The simple, little structures can be rented through a website that specializes in memberships for these types of vacation cabins. The koien rent for about 30 to 60 kroner (about $5-$10) per person per night and there are separate prices for members and non-members. I’ve stayed in the one fourth from the bottom (Fosenkoia) – great little cabin!

Amazing construction in some of these – naturally curved logs carved into mortises and tenons (sort of) and plugged together to make arches.
These are awesome, I look forward to seeing these each and everytime in amazement and hoping one day soon that I can one day I’ll be sending you my pic of my new Tiny Home dream house.
Custom off the grid log home on 40 acres surrounded by blm land and the owyhee river running through the property. We have uploaded 4 houses listings for this search in the last 24 hours, 11 in the past 7 days, 22 in the past 2 weeks and 24 in the past month.92% of the houses for sale have pictures. Dutch design agency Walden Studio teamed up with carpenter Dimka Wentzel to design a contemporary take on the tiny house that offers both small-scale luxury and the freedom of the open road.
Despite its small 17-square-meter footprint, the compact house creates the illusion of spaciousness with an open-plan layout and large glazed windows, two of which form the front door and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.
Koiene (pronounced koi-eh-n) are a system of tiny, convenient cabins scattered around the countryside of Trondelag, Norway for use by anyone who’s in the area for hiking, fishing, foraging, hunting, cross country skiing or snowshoeing. They are adorable, but are they mostly for use for sleeping and eating after a day enjoying the outdoors? You may also try something more original like Condo Albuquerque New Mexico or Apartments Casa Santa Fe. Built from bio-based materials, the beautiful mobile home is completely self-sufficient and equipped with energy-saving and -generating systems for 100% off-grid living.

Natural daylight spills into the home and reflects off the white-finished walls, cork floors, and birch plywood paneling. The cabins are named after the area they are in and these multi-syllabic locations are distinctive from each other: some are on a river or creek, some on top of a mountains, some by the lake or other larger body of water. All cabins have a propane or primus stove and are equipped with cutlery, plates, cups and pots and pans for cooking. They are located along Wilderness hiking trails and are also used by reindeer herders during winter. Many of the cabins have an outhouse, but bathing options are limited: you might have to jump into that local stream or lake.
You may also try something more original like Houses Marion Salem Oregon or Houses Sutherlin Oregon.

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