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Sunset Magazine endorsed shipping container architecture at the beginning of this month when they unveiled the 2011 Sunset Idea House at their annual Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park. Hybrid Architecture has been working on a series of shipping container modular building systems, which they call Cargotecture®.
For the 2011 Sunset Idea House, Hybrid Architecture built the c192 Nomad, which is a 192 sq ft space with a galley kitchen, bathroom, built in storage, flex space and room for beds. Greens leader Richard Di Natale chose to go off-grid 10 years ago, largely because of the huge costs of connecting his then weekender and now family home to the grid. The utility wanted to charge him $15,000 to connect to the grid – even a decade ago, so Di Natale and his family decided to for solar, battery storage, and some back-up power on their 50 acre farm in the Otway Ranges near Melbourne. Di Natale says the biggest drawback of living off-grid is heating, but despite the initial anxieties about maintenance, equipment upgrades and some other ‘mild annoyances’ he’d always choose to live off-grid.
For the full story, and the details of his system, please go to our new website, focused on the consumer, One Step Off The Grid. Um dos modelos de casas que esta pegando a modo em todo o mundo sao as chamadas Casas Container. Bom dia Camilla, posso te fornecer casas como essa, e so entrar em contato no grupo Altona container no telefone (47) 3248 2000 e pedir por fabio. Gostaria de saber se ja tem no Rio de Janeiro esse tipo de casa para venda e com transporte e instalacao em Silva Jardim RJ, com 01 quarto 01 sala pequena cozinha e banheiro. Gostaria de saber se um conteiner e indicado para lugares quentes como Teresina-PI e no caso o que se deve fazer para nao morrer de calor alem do ar de condicionado?
New York City is probably the last place anyone would expect to find a one-story, prefabricated, shipping container home, but lo-and-behold one of these little gems currently sits at the corner of Charles and Washington Street in the West Village.
Founder, Michael de Jong came up the idea for the MEKA after years of building luxury homes in Belize, hiring Jason Halter and Christos Marcopoulous for the design.
Eco-friendly and extremely flexible, each shipping container is paneled in cedar wood over a steel frame shipping container, with doubled glazed argon-filled windows, a bamboo interior, slate bathroom, and 100% cedar cladding. Arriving 95% built (quite amazingly), the home can be setup with all the appropriate installations in less than two weeks, pending the foundation. Selling at only $100 per sq foot, the MEKA aptly responds to the issue of cost versus pricing in the discussion of prefabricated home production. The West Village prefab was set up less than a week ago, where the architects and MEKA’s founder sought to test out the construction and see how the public would respond, and not surprisingly, the trio have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Designed by Seattle-based Hybrid Architecture and built by One Build in Klamath Falls, the compact modular house made from recycled shipping containers shows off small space living.

Relocatable, adaptable and compact, these modular homes can be used for backyard offices, guest rooms, extra living space or sustainable and smart housing.
In this version of the Nomad, a pull out couch turns into a bed and a fold down wall unit becomes even more sleeping space.
The cut out container sides were used to create sliding exterior doors to close up the home when not in use.
We currently have a technology that’s challenging the existing business model, it’s turning it on it’s head and threatening the big power companies who have been these centralised sources of power distributed across the nation. From some of the stats I see for every job lost in coal there are at least 4 jobs created in renewables. Any real attempt to address climate change will impact on fossil fuel exports and no political party is going to take that risk. Nao sao espacosas e prezam por ser um local apenas para acomodar e dormir, mas isso nao significa que elas sejam mal decoradas. Claro que deve ter um sistema de ventilacao ultra moderno, mas uma casa desta no Brasil teria problemas com nosso clima tropical.
Gostaria de saber quanto custa em media uma casa dessas 2 quartos, sala, cozinha e banheiro?
Gostaria de saber qual a empresa especializada nesse tipo de construcao, com o endereco mais proximo da cidade de Sao Paulo. Gostaria de saber qual a empresa especializada nesse tipo de construcao, com o endereco mais proximo da cidade Maringa-PR. Designed by architects Jason Halter and Christos Marcopoulous, the 320 square foot MEKA Home (pronounced 'make-ah') is an incredible architectural gesture able to capture luxurious, modern living within an undemanding and unexpected construction.
Michael states, “Many prospective homeowners want to avoid the hassle, wait time and hidden costs of traditional construction.
However, with the case at hand, the prefab was setup on-site in less than two days (without installations or foundation). During our own visit we eavesdropped on a few conversations where visitors were already dreaming up alternative uses – NYC rooftop playhouse or pop-up party spot, anyone? The creative folks at Andrew Maynard Architects came up with an innovative new way to keep things fresh and unique, as they turned an old, boring structure in Seddon, Australia into a truly one-of-a-kind modern home. The bright yellow home is capable of sleeping up to four people, is powered by a rooftop solar system, and can easily be transported and relocated if necessary. The units are completely built in a factory then easily transported via truck for a one day installation on site.

Finally, a solar system mounted on the roof of the container provides power for the hot water heater, kitchen stove, radiant heater and lighting. We ourselves went off grid some 23 years ago and have variously used PV, wind and hydro as inputs.
Nas fotos abaixo voce podera acompanhar uma serie de casas feitas com este estilo mas decorados com muito bom gosto e estilo. Certainly attractive, durable and sustainably built - with more than 70% of its materials recycled - one of the most outstanding features is that one of these modules runs at just a mere $100 per square foot!
No one wants to wait a year and then find out the price of materials and laborers have increased by a third or more.
While this particular prefab has already been sold, it will remain at the Charles and Washington site for the next two weeks.
Taking what they term as a ‘deliberately incomplete’ approach to the overhaul, the architects used sliding walls, bi-fold doors, decks and an exposed steel frame in the courtyard to shape an inside-out look. The c192 Nomad was on display in Menlo Park on June 4th and 5th and will also be shown at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference from June 22nd to the 24th. I’m aware of a very large number of families living off grid by choice across rural OZ. Audacious and intriguing, the Cut Paw Paw renovation sure turns heads!The interior of the home seems to be connected with the garden outside at every turn, and the smart courtyard with a freestanding bathtub separates the public and private space while ushering in plenty of natural light. Hybrid Architecture is selling these completely built out housing units starting at $59,000. With a narrow structure, the home concentrates on passive heating and cooling techniques to reduce its energy bills.
Solar panels, a fish pond and plenty of natural greenery add to the green credentials of the home, while the banquette-style dining area flows into the garden outside. Colorful accents, warm wooden surfaces, accent brick walls and understated decor add to the beauty and brilliance of the home. Yet the Cut Paw Paw Residence accomplishes all this without sacrificing functionality or energy-efficiency at any point… A double-fronted weatherboard home that steals the show!

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