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When making compost, it generates heat, properly maintained and large enough, it can generate lots of heat, usually this heat is allowed to bleed off into the air, that is wasted potential energy, this homesteader put that heat to work. An interactive map showing who wants to go off-grid, where they are, and who has land to offer.
With a properly sized Eccotemp tankless water heater, you will never run out of hot water and significantly reduce your energy consumption. If you dona€™t already have an indoor wood burning stove that heats your water, this is a great way to get unlimited a€?off the grida€™ hot water. We seperate different systems each with it’s own special features that should be adapted to our own specific needs and location, it is possible to use the solar power to just heat water to replace or support the water heater, but also heat a pool or even a building. A complete system looks a lot like a central heating installation but with different specifications.  for example an expansion tank may look the same, but in a glycol filled system the volume is a bit more and the maximum pressure needs to be up to 150PSI or 10 Bar.

In this system everything is intergrated in one system that is installed on the roof or just a sunny spot in the garden. To make sure everything work according to plan a differential controller is needed, this controller has a few temperature sensors connected and can switch the pump on and off depending on the settings made by the user. The pump is switched on, if the difference in temperature between the collector (T1) and the storage tank (T2) has reached the (pre-) set temperature difference. The pump is switched off again, as soon as the difference in temperature drops below this (pre-) set temperature difference or in case of 3 sensors, as soon as the temperature of the storage tank (T3) reaches the maximum (pre-) set temperature. The first case would mean the collector is actually not warm enough to extract heat since the storange tank has a higher temperature.
Most controllers also have an output to switch on an auxillery heater incase the storage tank never reaches the set temperature in a (pre-) set time-limit.

I must admit that this is a larger than usual compost pile, but I’m still impressed that they can get 140 degree F water out of this during the dead of winter.
This example includes a double connection to the collector, so in- and out-temperature are shown and it also includes a deaerator to seperate the air from the fluid. As soon as a value or faucet is openend, warm water is pushed out of the tank since new cold water is running in.

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