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An ODT file is a text document created with Writer, the Apache OpenOffice and StarOffice word processor.
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After an interesting afternoon with a friend who was a bit frustrated with the behavior of her translation assistance technology with an ODT (Open Office text) source file, I decided to have a look at how a variety of common tools handle this format.
Fairly clean, though the segmentation is a bit off due to the encoding of the space after the end of the sentence in the second block of text.
Update 9 January 2012: The developers at Kilgray have informed me now that this quirk in the ODT filter has been corrected and will be included in the next build released. Same segmentation problem as OmegaT, and examining the tags reveals where the issue might be addressed in a tweak of the filter. The main issue with this document file format is that it can't be opened with Microsoft Word, which is the most popular word processing application for Office and home users.
Este proyecto tiene como objetivo desarrollar un API que permita leer y crear documentos Writer de OpenOffice. Para comprender como trabaja el API, usted podria leer una entrada en Wikipedia que aclara bastante sobre como es la estructura de un documento ODF (Open Document Format), y en particular, ODT (Open Document Text). Abriendo el documento con alguna herramienta para visualizar archivos .ZIP, veremos los archivos y documentos que lo componen.

Moc.exe, Microsoft Open XML Converter, Microsoft Open XML Converter, Microsoft Corporation, Open, Save As Very High.
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I created a small test file which contained some of the troublesome elements and saved it as *.odt for testing. Of course SDL Trados 2007 was in fact installed, but when I upgraded to Studio 2009, of course it trashed my 2007 installation, and I had been too irritated to do anything about it for over half a year since I don't use Trados for anything more than file preparation and compatibility testing anymore, and I was still able to do that for my projects with the damaged installation.
Well, it works, but if I still used TagEditor, I would run, not walk, to the much cleaner interface of OmegaT for this sort of thing if I didn't have the good sense to upgrade to Studio or something else commercial. There is an ODT Reader for Microsoft Office, but this would mean having it installed on every recipient's computer, which is at best, unfeasible. En el estado actual solo permite leer documentos ODT, aunque ya tiene desarrollada parte de la creacion de los documentos. MSOO.EXE, Microsoft Office 2010 Anyone know how to open docx documents with graphics and formulas, edit and save the file keeping the format? However, memoQ did handle the space tag after "tool." correctly and start a new segment at "Here".
However, when I discovered that the ODT file caused TagEditor to run and hide without even saying goodbye, I sighed deeply and wasted half an hour reinstalling SDL Trados 2007.

Anyone who wants to try the test file in another tool (to compare apples with apples) can get it here. This file format is part of the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) 1.0 specification.
Better to save the original file in a format which can also be read by other word processors, which means either .doc or rtf format.
The problem here is the use of a tag to represent a space as you can see from the various screen shots.
The DOC format is compatible with Microsoft Office's Word and RTF (Rich Text Format) is compatible with most word processors. I trusted in God and my Windows Registry entries, and the location of my license file was remembered, so all was well. I got onto this particular test in the first place because Open Office was used to convert MS Word DOC files, and this often causes format difficulties.
I opened your test file and closed it again in Abiword and LibreOffice and compared the resulting tag counts as displayed in OmegaT on my system.

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