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Occupational first aid training gives knowledge & practical skills needed to co-ordinate first aid at work environments. Occupational first aid activity and health and safety have a synergy about them in terms of common responsibilities. Most people know what is first aid, but occupational first aid might have them stumbling for a ready answer. Social Care Training Ireland provides an occupational first aid course module catering for compliance of the requirements in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Regulations 2007, as well as the associated Guide to these Regulations. Students who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Attainment recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. Our occupational first aid training course is designed to give trainees the skills to respond to first aid emergencies where specialist medical help may be some time away or where as a First Aider you may have to manage the workplace first aid room.
This course takes participants to a higher level of training and is designed to train First Aiders to manage patient care until the arrival of an Ambulance during complex incidents and emergencies. These certifications have a validity of three years, therefore your certificate must have been attained in the last three years.
This is a 3 day FETAC level 5 course which covers all the essential aspects of occupational first aid as laid out in the module D20188 and was introduced on 1 September 2008. Under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work ( General Application) Regulations 2007 employers have a duty based on a risk assessment to have a sufficient number of Occupational First Aiders trained in the workplace.

The course now includes Cardiac First Responder defibrillator training and the administration of aspirin for heart attack patients.
Accreditation:  Further Education Training Awards Council Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council. This three day course is designed to give participants sufficient knowledge and the appropriate skills to enable them to undertake occupational first aid in the workplace. Aid employers in the compliance with First Aid Regulations 1993, contained in Part IX of the General Application Regulations 1993. Have the necessary knowledge available to them to provide immediate treatment of any injury or sudden illness before the arrival of an ambulance, doctor or other qualified person. A health & safety officer and first aider will have opportunities to work together as a team for the benefit of the work place.
Students are required to be at a Provide First Aid level (or higher) to ensure we can impart all the required skills and knowledge in the time allocated. It is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide emergency first aid both in the home and in the workplace. This module covers the role of the occupational first aider in the workplace, the legal requirements and how to ensure the safety of the first aider in the workplace. After this module, the candidate will be able to do a primary survey on a potential casualty.

Participants will be capable of preserving life, or prolonging life for the benefit of paramedics or hospital ambulance arrival. We choose to re-issue Provide First Aid because we cover these concepts during the course at an Occupational First Aid level.
They will be able to take vitals (pulse, breathing etc) signs and treat a casualty with a suspected neck injury. They will be able to deal with head, eye and facial injuries as well as effectively minimising the consequences of internal bleeding.
The student will cover electric shock and how to manage a patient who has been electrocuted. We also provide training in: CSCS Machinery, Quarrying, Retail, Education, Transport, Agricultural and many more areas. Occupational first aiders will be capable of on the job nursing, whereby the situation is not life threatening or serious.
Because Provide First Aid has a validity of three years, our students have the benefit of having this certification re-issued, enabling three year validity.

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