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This course is specifically designed for people employed as Occupational First Aiders and those aspiring to be employed in this role. This statement of attainment is nationally recognised and workplace approved throughout Australia. Participants who successfully completed this qualification may be eligible for employment as: Occupational First Aider. A social care worker, like nurses, often incurs serious responsibilities in relation to both themselves and their patients in terms of minimising potential occupational hazards.
For the social care worker who is appointed as occupational first aid officer, continual learning and understanding of the human anatomy will prove advantageous to the self, the potential patient, as well colleagues in general and compliment their first aid courses. A common enough occupational hazard is wounds or bleeding, and occupational first aid officers need to understand the dynamics of blood science in order to diagnose and treat this kind of hazard properly.
An upsetting thing to witness; when someone you know, a patient or social care colleague, lapses into an unconscious state due to an accident. At Safecon, we pride ourselves on giving the best quality, value & dedication to our clients nationwide. Safecon offer courses in Occupational First Aid, Cardiac First Response, Patient Handling and Care skills.
If an employee suffers an injured at work, occupational first aid is the emergency Care & Treatment given to the person, before an Ambulance arrives.

This three-day course is aimed to provide participants with the life saving skills to provide first-aid care in the workplace. Occupational First Aid Training is a critical, function of every employer in order to create a safe, confident and productive workplace. First aid training can be a team building activity within your organization and can create an positive feeling among employees.
CEC Health & Safety assists clients by designing and delivering Safety Training Courses aimed to exceed their goals and create a safety, healthier workplace that conforms with Provincial and Federal regulations.
This course provides participants with knowledge and skill to confidently recognise and respond to emergency situations. Completion of the online eLearning is required prior to the face to face session and evidence given to the trainer.
Managing this responsibility is facilitated through knowledge in relation to their daily social care work outlay, as well as working in conjunction with a Health and Safety officer. This care given at a work place can be anything from cleaning and bandaging a minor wound to performing CPR until the Emergency services arrives. The aim of this course will be to develop the necessary skills to deal with all emergencies at work and give effective life support to patients. It is suitable for participants involved in the workplace first aid rooms or assisting occupational nursing staff.

Our courses may be eligible for Health Fund Rebate please check with your health fund for rebate and cover eligibility. This knowledge incorporates either directly or indirectly occupational first aid, be it direct knowledge or knowing who the appointed officer is. We have training centres based in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway at which we carry out regular public First Aid training courses at monthly intervals. The course is designed for individuals or organisations according to workplace or community first aid policy and procedures. A good and sufficient first aid course will help mitigate potential hazards during routine social care work related matters as well as prevent the occurrence of bad habits in the work environment.
The combination of the unit HLTAID008 Manage First Aid Services and Resources, along with HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation and HLTAID006 Provide Advanced First Aid, allows for the a€?Occupational First Aid Skill Set" certificate to be awarded. The aim for the social care worker is the prevention of occupational hazards, therefore reducing the need for occupational first aid.

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